22 thoughts on “Sorry Song – Dave Carroll

  1. Gibson? Hey, where is the Taylor? Oh, I forgot, United broke your Taylor guitaaaaarrr!

  2. Leave it to a Canuck to write a song about being #sorey.

    Nice Gibson. Where's your Taylor? 😉

  3. Excellent lyrics and tune. Should be compulsory listening for Air Canada executives.

  4. Dave, keep doing the Good Work. Just discovered you and SofM; sent the videos to everyone I know; so your and your bands' work is still getting fans! I will be buying the cds and book when we get back home. Helps so much during my recovery from breast cancer surgery. Dr. D&E

  5. I Love this song, I hope if you make a mistake you own it and say "Sorry"…

  6. Sadly that's the advice they give if you get in a car accident too. You can ask the other people if they're hurt or need help, but you're not supposed to apologize because then you're admitting fault. Like, you can't just be sorry it happened, regardless of whose fault it was? Like, when someone tells me bad news my immediate response is always "I'm sorry" and then thy're confused because you can't just be sorry someone is having a hard time without accepting fault these days. I think that's really sad. I know that the point of this song was FOR companies to admit fault in order to start making amends, but I just thought this would be a good forum to say this piece too. That I think it's sad you can't say sorry to someone who is having a hard time without them thinking you're accepting blame for their situation.

  7. So Canadian! And that's a good thing. But also it's excellent practical advice for entirely too many companies worldwide.

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