Soul Town – Art & Poetry Collaboration –

This is a full work by Chirskira Caillouet I know place y’all Where the grass is greener than emeralds and the stars sparkle like diamonds at midnight. Folks on the night shift smile and ask you to stay while and maybe, just maybe if your nice,
Momma Bessie will cook you up A nice plate of Al Greens with a side of hot grits and Black Eyed Peas. And if your pants don’t fit.
You can always stop by my favorite seamstress Ms. Rosa Parks. She’ll stitch you up so quick you won’t even have to worry about missing your flight at Otis Redding Airport. Or, you can take the bus but don’t sit in the back because that’s where all the niggas are. I’m just playing ya’ll!
Ain’t no niggas here in Soul Town. You can check out Stevie’s Hall of Music and Shop of Wonders Hear the boys harmonize to the sweet sound of gospel music and conscious rhymes. On the corner they call it Holy Hip Hop. And the word on the street
is that new Hill Harper joint is Hot. I mean HOTT!! Just the other day I was passing by Wheatley’s bookstore heard some brothers say: “Yo, Yo, Did you check that new Hill Harper joint?” “Yeah, page 137 was FIYA!! I just love the way he uses those similes and metaphors.” “I can’t wait ‘til the next one comes out!” We got some smart chil’ren ’round here. Just the other day I was talking to Keysha.
Said she wanted to be a doctor. You know the kind that take care of babies before they come out the womb. Yeah, I definitely see her working over there at Drew Medical Center On Sam Cooke Lane. Now brother… Keyshawn… He fine like May wine and smart as a whip. Said he wanted to be an architect. Build buildings higher than the Sears Tower or that one in Malaysia. I can see it now.
A new Babel Tower on Sam Cooke Lane. So high that it touches Jesus, Joseph, and Mary. Mary sings in the choir to take her higher than a kite. Church acts right so no one gets left behind There are no jails here because we have too many jobs for Peter to rob Paul And watching the sweat fall from the boys as they play ball Is worth more than the Bentleys and Rolls Royce. Here we have a voice!
We shout it from the rooftops to the polling places. I, I know your face.
It’s a lot like mine. You’ll find this place in your heart
And in your mind. I, Iknow a place ya’ll Where growing in school is so cool
That it makes icebergs jealous. I know a place ya’ll. I took you there. Welcome to Soul Town.

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