South African Poetry: Puno Selesho: I am an African -Spoken Word – (Part 1)

I am an African typical lines with it comes tradition and religion you sit there with expectations of rich soil beautiful grasslands people with extreme African dark tans well I have concrete and pits of sand monkey skin surrounding me my stars move with flight and out of my townhouse windows I see them then quickly out of sight clicks and bits you desire to roll off my town but instead you hear evidence of previous colonies formed by British sons you desire my eyes to feast on John Magazine but I'm holding my fair lady similarly I'll ignore generations for Glee my plate is not filled with sampan beings but sushi be fill it's all trimmed and lean close to MasterChef regime I chuckle as my fellow shaded brothers and sisters say fun and I'm long go huh I tell them to translate what they convey the mockery continues in Vernick it's like a membership in the black united communities what I lack am I not an African too has my upbringing in the suburbs made me lose my roots I've lost my label or black and a coconut is what I've been tagged but today I refuse to allow your pencil to draw a picture of Who I am for I am as African as the music in life the beat the melody and the tune I have a twinkle in my eye that reflects the sub-saharan moon I am a daughter of this land I am a child of a Zegna I love my country and I celebrate my modern culture so today I remove these limitations and I claim my identity back because an African is exactly what I am

25 thoughts on “South African Poetry: Puno Selesho: I am an African -Spoken Word – (Part 1)

  1. Her words sent my heart beating hard and almost out of my chest… with PRIDE!!

  2. What's up babe ?phineaspoeticdynasty is my web . You are so talented babe !!!!

  3. WoW! Amazing. Help me please. We will celebrate the United Nation in our school this coming Monday October 30,2017. I need this spoken poetry words for my talent because the country I present is South Africa. Give me the words of this spoken poetry.. Please. Thank u

  4. 1. What mockery is Selesho talking about?  2. Why does she speaks English?

  5. Hey ! Awesome Spoken Word!!
    I've watched so many and got inspired to make my own!
    If you have a chance check out my Spoken Word

  6. Beautiful. Please educate South Africans not to fight Africans in South Africa.

  7. Indeed you are an African. However, let us not downplay and undervalue the importance of fluency in our respective mother tongues.

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