SOUTH ASIAN HERITAGE MONTH opens with readings of Meena's Multilingual Poetry Rogers TV

alright welcome back to the show guys that was very interesting yeah on top of space i hope they remember to give us a shout out from say can you imagine i don't know if they don't know if they well but i hope moving on to something completely different from out of this world to in this world the branson library celebrates the opening of South Asian heritage month that's coming up very shortly and today we have one of the poet's orgrimmar chip participating at this very interesting events mean the short buzz with us a shop rock I should say is with us right now just be sharing some poetry with us thanks for coming back I know you've been here before welcome back Mina so this event is about connecting cultures through poetry correct yes thank you very much for having me here again no problem and yes this poetry always connect speak so this event is about that well you you read a bit of your poetry last time you were here let's just talk a little bit about the poems that you write and how you try to connect different cultures through your poetry now my poetry primarily this poetry is in Hindi I have been a writer of English prose sometimes but poetry mainly but somehow I started writing in Hindi when I arrived in Canada maybe Canada touched my base because of its beauty here I was totally mesmerised by the Sun sets and the beauty around the fall is last time you were here actually you said that the the temperatures here in our country again leave us with some beautiful flora and fauna which is what inspires you sometimes mention those sunset and the stars do we see from here well I think it's so great that of course you're translating this work here in Canada but your work is actually being heard all over the world yeah and now or coming back to your question so art is at the base of it and poetry is inspired from the nature ridden without and that's how you know that is why it connects people because it is at the base you know we've talked so much about how mississauga on the peel region is just a very multicultural and I've community how was your poetry first received it is written in in Hindi how was it received very well because people people from India are here and secondly you know the book is in Roman script and also all to script so people who cannot read in the can always read it in Roman script and Roman script can be read by everybody English script is read by everybody and there was a lot of demand by people who read or to script so that's why it came into it that whatever you do you read top to bottom left to right and you I don't know is it is it I mean it Bolin English reading yeah you want to say that yes it is like that it's it's on the other side you read will do from what we call back is front for them ok and is and it's a differently which ones in which language you enjoy writing in the most I am NOT a writer there is a poetess in a scene science she wrote it in a row she wrote it for me in 02 and I light in d that's my language I do you like that more than English right not true I cannot see because I do know because I think Canada touched my base and I went back to my first language mother tongue that was in D so I I really enjoyed writing I do enjoy writing in English also i'm very curious because i don't know very much about the Hindi language and i'm curious when it comes to descriptive words and when ways to you know adverbs and ways to describe things is it easier to do it in one language versus the other defined there's more words that can communicate what you want to express in one language versus the other not necessarily it's only a really difficult to say but it's where you are comfortable where you are comfortable all the languages are rich in their vocabulary but sometimes you know it's the words that are resonating with you they are resonating in Hindi sometimes they are resonating in English I don't know it's a process which I have been trying to analyze and perhaps then you know as you're choosing which language to write is very similar to choosing perhaps what pen to write with or or what color even service i would say that at times I just couldn't feed like writing I just being so that's another medium so even because booty languages were introduced to meet right in the picnic so I'm comfortable with both languages and sometimes the words resonate English words listen it's I feel like writing in English in South Asia mentioned off the top this is the event is going on on a second it's the opening of the South Asian heritage month let's talk a little bit about your South Asian heritage she mentioned you are from India what was the process like coming to this country do you go back often and and how does Canada really support and foster folks who have South Asian backgrounds okay then i came to canada I was it was great because there were many communities of consultations a large number of citations which made me comfortable but I wanted to interact with so many other communities now coming back to how can it has Ahmad supports Canada is truly multicultural and which is very encouraging the way the book was received in central library when we had the launch was amazing and and the number of people came on the of that day was the last day of Olympics and hockey match was going on still we had a large number of people over there who supported the language and the width can Canada opens up and embraces is just I mentioned it in my book on so in my now I mentioned that you could as hear your poetry see it in many different places in Kenya aren't working you tell our viewers about some of the worldwide success at you but it's going on I have had in the past I have had that success my points have been translated into german they have been in European countries but those were English points now these are Hindi points and we are yet we have yet to see how far it goes still the book has just come out now we've got about a minute left do you have anything that you can have for us quickly yeah one thing is that people can get this book from the library sits in brampton library as well as in Mississauga library and if you want to eat up your turn 30 seconds or minutes okay I'll read a short poem which is called future and it comes from my hometown that is many time which connects me to canada in the poem goes like this the drain server the Crown's of mannitol I stepped out a sultry morning glazed me I stared at the passing time Bobby my little daughter held me tightly I heard her say ma where the hell are you can I have a Pepsi my little flesh was wrapped in the future of plastic water very nice thank you so much for sharing that and and if you want to hear more poetry of course Mina will be after the brampton library on Sunday May second we're going to put that information up on the board all to celebrate South Asian heritage month so we'll be back after break folks are you

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