Southpaw @Champion Brewing Company: Breeze The Poet vs Habeeb

[Applause] a heavyweight bout the rematch between Point Breeze what a fighter it's going to be on hoppy top around one hold it down it's someone happy I said Joe as I write this round I noticed this black pin don't trust this paper no more shit I'm having a hard time trusting anything anymore see you are a manly have become known for toxic personalities got such for drama and let that gash you for a quick field takes a co-worker behind a pack but really mad and I'm southpaw frontiers see what I write in my sheets made me come out of my shell this wasn't a safe way to make the best card and since I couldn't put that mark on rape I guess she would when I put the X on this is do it to the fire and I brought it this is still to the fire and I brought Hilda's fortune what's up blow my god to a god flow and holy water we don't wrap the same and I don't care what you heard but I come back battle against me you do not deserve with some verses in slow right and still can't blow up first cow vs. Lux prop get to know a hearse none your girl get blue opal get to know us mercy this is why I came in my bag it's not a hearse this is why I came in my bag it's not a murse this battle came with a tag here's what it's worth see I'm not a jeep listen listen I'm not a jeep a cool kid and I ain't trying to pretend and you like me because once you see this box that I got you ain't trying to fit in but then again but then again who is this they do not 32 the one round left the body in a ring I heard at the top they still spraying cans for breeze sheesh listen what brings listen listen I heard at the top they still spraying cancel abbrevs sheesh you came here to show how tough you are I came here to prove they ain't got nothing but lyrical skill and I got it wild cuz I checked the body that's why I be lying at a point to it like the lowercase letter I see you came with rounds for what breeze for a rematch against me and I believe progressed since but that's okay because I know you got something to get off a little bit to vent you go talk about my girl how she might not be outside my race when you can't run with this this is how I beat and I got something that you can come up against I've been schooling and look I came here for the day and I've been proven but you've got everything approved just know that you got to speak to them and I've influenced round one do it what upbeat I heard you the feasting King also heard you ran with the loves Lucas battery dare talking like you was beating me but I'm here now hungry is fucking you too full of yourself to compete with me so all that way out to be deadly nigga obesity you probably you probably sleeping on my pen since I've been missing like the sets you got me some shit to praise but I know different but time I witnessed you undermine my greatness and read a rock get the picture hieroglyphics okay I'm confused away I'm bustin his bone he don't even appear amid the gods and me on second to none what the Night Watch service reps nigga that's how you gonna cook me tell us America God chill bitch nigga your bill quits y'all gonna stop getting sucked in praising this boy what up stop Wawa I'm back let's Lumi I mean baby breathe I mean happy I mean you can look stupid in the face all you want nigga but to my see come tell everybody how you got introduced to the lead I'm literally the blueprint of what got you on the scene from BC begging me to take you with no experience to me wasting balls with you and we got no shot or LLC oh thank you guys just hope the strength of battle and breathe motherfucker don't push me you ugly bitch pussy nigga you only here cuz I took one for the team I'm God you nigga so so to yelling at city your battle is blasphemy just take that Frisco Jesus title and let it be because everything you gained your battle rap nigga its Marvin Sapp you never would have made it without me [Applause] [Applause] bitch respect me in such little nigga make the cheese box online go and oppressing you carry it and have it nigga give me money somebody better tennis floor nigga can steal his pie cuz I'm I even filicide ah it's gonna be a fucking filicide slow my god villa side the deliberate act of a parent killing a child oh shit this is another world I'm double-fisting double gripping forward in nine but the drop the kids oh this for colic girls maltese malti strength or 3.12 do get to my like bah-bah-bah there's a ah nah put three in the third eyesight yeah I be the only conscious brother alive right Willis fools goal is to make ya'll think as he talk smart and beanie nice nice but he really just painted flaky rounds full of flow my god 3.14 fool's gold flaky rounds bullet ain't that pyrite [Applause] so Plato I put metal on to your players rubber head and the stick got bodies spinning that around like a foosball table so what you doing B I see you cracked under this kind of scrutiny so I'm really wondering what the fuck you think you gonna do to me you look mad cool it be that these brand-new deus new for me this globe it's key got your body out of nowhere in like puberty so what's going on [Applause] only another champion a southpaw the most because they know I'm chose co-main event Haiti the Undertaker its this.j more of a big boss the noose around his neck until he choked those are WrestleMania 15 boss other people shit you up it blows hey it's time the son of People's Champ you have the globe they got me he'll 3:16 ah no man I'm stone-cold ok to give you is two other brothers that box they Klitschkos so everything I had yeah I came to give you and two other brothers that box the Klitschkos so everything I had for one one before you knew what he was in for I'm borderline schizo that was a hot hot need to call back plus I came to body you and just set for this act so if the homie thinking we fair road he do it bear with the scat I am a minister rent look my literature is sinister watch me finishing with that I will knock you out this stomp on your spine don't wake up feeling like a midget on your back look that kind of work play you can't win against just don't call this a rematch cuz you want to let the begin with this begin with this begins when this begins with me hitting the radio for an opponent that I could breathe food so radio thought that I've told them the brain Greek I see you I see you used to come to battles with the fedoras something but nuts just right dripping that Freddy Krueger beetlejuice yes for agency pain you probably rap better to was beaten to come off it I'm all business quite thick me and my people all underground like Trump's wall finish I'm hospital it is what happened with God this time to make the war Titian statue that's why I came with three rounds with no cap just like a bad joke and I start slowly losing respect if you don't get them in I'm about to drop 44 my dear Holmes of all my people that send the breeze watch me spill this old English the meanest dick I play take your ops flag just to throw it up on your turf I'm Willie Beamen if I had to describe how cold me and breezes if you were getting your ass beat I will watch for five whole minutes then once they seem tired for while in now I'll come in and stop the beat like you can see the position I could even write like you what was babbling my inner demons hey radio no more matchup like these this is bought a lot of treason I know y'all believe in this Rex erection but I came to prepare to body better than nicotine but oh speaking a pharisee a martyr at his best a mouth like a queen with a c-section not the era of doctors they hate everything that I'm about look I cook all the material like watch your mouth back up or your application when I'm actor have to say doing that cloud or why oh wow look I'm gonna destroy you in my original form that's whoever they put me near gee whether it's gangsters or I gotta take down our body or freeze I'm gonna make this clear jeez see look [Applause] and this water battle rap is hard not to notice between the balls of performance there's been created a safe haven for Liars bitch niggers impose the spoken word artists is my job to find the truth in exposing ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen my next piece surviving hobby the raping of a culture breeze the poet it's crazy how you think you could bring this bullshit to me like you stay the shades maybe you forgot so let me remind you who the fuck I am breeze the poet the actual fucking Pope let's let the statue infer oh my slam team number one in the nation I'm king of the south regional champ six times running and I'm ranked top 10 individually in the fucking world the point I'm making as I know your angle you were I was made from the cross you fabricated your style with your absolutely just a whack ass slam poet I beat those niggas like you all the time bitch we talk fast he talk fast and use a lot of big words hide the fact that he racked lyrically and then he asked some little black light in his balls to keep you listening Vinnie I'm Ranko some black mothers names in there to keep it interesting they cover the fact he lacked creative thought he liked original thought in creativity this shit's lame I mean look at his battles and check out how many times he mentions Sandra bland Mike Brown for land your I ain't playing this shit's insane he just stepped on stage and try to win rounds losing dad black people name tell the team Bravo listening I got funny when this whole fucking style Poetry Slam for Gunners I mean it would be cool if you was really trying to raise awareness of injustice but you just disrespecting the dead trying to grab some acceptance example Bravo radio verse I beat you said Michael Davis Peters was shot so close to your home – it felt personal okay Marcus Davis PD was shot so close to y'all in this shit salesperson ten seconds later you're pulling a little pump warrant radio if I was princess blended or anyone in this family you were getting smacked for that bringing up the killing of a black man then figuratively killing a black man directly after that this shit's wild up they just hide it they just hide him he's just hired hypocritical shit in his boss just nigga y'all shared for us a motherfucking for example exactly breathe first moon I told her I took the gun buck to the head to make sure my man straight I beat Mercedes he said and confessed I only used violence and my boss to appease my opponents fanbase nah [Applause] nah son I told y'all I'm hope to this nigga he only godson I'm an expose are you playing on my sister take oh and you get ether flow my god oh god son take over the language coded language they think what he's saying his height but he ain't living he witnessed it from his folks pay screw put in his notepad shit and created his life nigga this Richmond with a middle man sitting survivor the only anger the logic there's a tow bar situate live because another niggas face might like it I bet you went to dr. Umar school to get your doctorate three cheeseburgers and so on stage looking like a hole tap starter kit all this black power from this damn cowards need to stop cuz I ain't goin back this bull we're bitch niggas Harriet with a shot about action bitch jail respect all the references you make the Kapernick but I'm on Michael Bennett or the Seahawks who played but raised the black fist over everybody he was tackling and that right there sums up the difference between me and this nigga cuz you respect Anila I respect the hitter bitch madness clef the top around 300 the day I'm hold it down hold it there y'all want that church coat no no what really really happened with that first rehab I kicked his ass BC hit my life set bro you nice you need to battle I said worry he said I know what do name breeze the poet he good let me get at him he gave it go two weeks later I'm hearing my name held no wait breeze got an eagle you told BC because I had no views that's the reason we weren't gonna have that fight and it both our ponies backed out and it was fate that you still had to look God in the eyes I wasn't impressed me I wasn't impressed in I wasn't impressed in and I impressed now size him up he can press around like listen Frederick oh you won that North Carolina Poetry Slam we'll watch and see how you can slam down oh you're gonna talk about your host for the Eagle like it's a caged bird that's cool but lies I begged you really don't get to down like Maya Angelou's in this battle onion [Applause] I improve that with poet meets rapper and equals cast it and this is proof that when poet meets rapper it equals rapture hey look who's the savage eyes take a rap Savior when they fight me I stop the bullets they come put their guns down I really am neo in the matrix look like a kid sneaky candy behind their parents back I'll leave a rapping in the basement but this ain't basic I got the math the Malcolm rebels little killed by any means helicopter taking off look what I chopped in the breeze please believe a bunch of shit chocolate Bob crunches shit look up new grill he can't even pay for it a bunch of shit Joyce what's funny you know what's funny is that child talking how breeze wasn't to prepare for our first battle so it wasn't there forgot that it wasn't planned for me neither and I still proved I was a better emcee when I was there we were at the time you mean to tell me you couldn't go off the top you just didn't care your name breathe but only one of us left that night with a I swear I am the copy that God favors with so when you see God you see more he probably pays a stick of dangerous your punish your opponent's wait what one fatal mistake your opponent's made one fatal mistakes but I bring one fake gun part of rat board plus that's the power of poetry I'm in a bag like a rich pool if your honor was trashed I spent news i'ma finish you my robbery took care of your dog we not please I'm not a club user or black shoes I'm gonna top that spot move then I'll put a little poet on the low heat how cool you fuck you fucking fuck this is the breeze that made my wave current but it's tight had to be a bunch of fake-ass persons this couldn't be about who's a better writer you think I care about all your laughs who I am I don't try to use pride to defy truth besides that's the problem of conscience by rappers that's what they say right you spent all this time looking inside everybody else but don't worry if he did eyes rolled to the back of his head look inside Wow enjoy the fact that my round is through I'm here to bless that report you gonna go into that round I'm here so you can step your shit up now cuz you've been acting different I mean getting all these bit of names and children I mean you're slacking pimping I mean that's dynamo game jr. I had classics with them they stepped in shit up because they know either way it was a bag that is gonna have to get in so yours are mine either way I'm goody I'm unbothered cuz none of them games you playing push me and you think you gonna wait ha pussy so pathetic loaded question nigga ain't that much luck to the great hood hmm I like rap and rap shit oh that raggedy rap shit you gonna need more than that to beat me little nigga performance boys presence efficiency Lord nigga until you getting in yeah you shouldn't speak to me nigga cuz I'm fired about the flame-broiled this nigga this little microwave you all can't even hate the me nigga i put the beats on you peon so be smart nigga i'm put the beats on you be on so be smart nigga cuz on the fucking books you read I see food ballet brache feast on niggas they got fish-out-of-water battle in the streets all niggas radio this is niggas y'all give the place and once he's been shitting sweet you must be desperate to get ahead [Applause] and keyboard real shit I'm wondering why they think people want to see egging this pussy to work when he can't keep his fists tight but that's a Kegel let this nigga really speak either this when you literally couldn't match it which with niggas I had classic swing slow my god look at him trying to hide his expression in such a sad case it's been over a year and you still can't fix your man face yeah hold on flashback copied verses every nigga Tennyson show fuckin soul that match how I flip these styles believe this way wasted y'all warning I'm hitman so on finding bullets I'll change the aim of statements that's it make me holler so fucking ugly hey make it your radio you choke slam in the middle of your battles nigga do it this time and your tombstone gonna read death by strangulation that's how about even the score and ain't no light and strike it right there gonna bring you back to life bitch call me Undertaker you are getting in that casket my nigga [Applause] come on you are kidding and that passed it my nigga so wrap your little heart out so I can spit out it and close the coffin want us beating on the floor flow my god young man face see them here you got them you just looking miserable cuz I'm telling you without telling you just be in your ass with everybody that was telling you come on fuck that y'all paid me to catch your body but sending a spirit I've got a charge extra now is this fucking I've been dead since exhale second round over overkill one is ho ass nigga I'm going extra round put the butt on a knife on his mind better fine are you a smart

2 thoughts on “Southpaw @Champion Brewing Company: Breeze The Poet vs Habeeb

  1. Breeze was just plain ole Nicetasy disrespectful lol…..

  2. Rd 1 Habeeb did one of the worst 1st rounds I have ever seen… Breeze took that easily, Rd 2 Habeeb decided he wanted to battle so he came a little harder and Breeze still took it. Rd 3 Habeed just wasn't prepared. Breeze clearly hurt his feelings and he got all emotional because he knew what we all knew… he was dead on arrival. Breeze without a doubt… 3 to 0

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