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  1. Dig out why in the Quran says with water WE create life and what did the Japan Scientist found out about Zam Zam Water in Mecca.

  2. Jesus stood up and cried out, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’” John 7:37-38

  3. It’s very important to realize the one who created the water (Allah) God . Instead of giving the power to the water. Allah is the only who created the water.

  4. Jesus spoke to the sea which was chaotic because of a storm and the ocean listened and calm down.

  5. Call her the water Goddess. There is water speaking to humans respect water and water will give you a healthy life.
    The world needs the original religion of respecting nature.

  6. You communicate with spirits of under waters speak the truth !! !! You make sacrifices to them so that you can be able to hear from them this is ritualist not spirit of living God ..you don't pray or worship any other God than creater of heaven and other ..you need God mama 😕

  7. When the ved said the same thiu people never believed… Now the people from University saying the same by reading all from indian ved now it's acceptable… The world will pay heavily in upcoming times for all the damage disregard being done to india.. the disruption of its greatness the torcher the invasions … Turning tables… Destined

  8. Thank you so much for this reminder. Talking to water is so sacred, and effective in life 😍

  9. She is called OSHUN/ OSUN in our African IFA teachings. She is the goddess of sweet waters and her sister is Yemoya: mother of all salt waters and oceans…Aseooo'🙏🤲

  10. This some crazy ass shit. I'm sorry but water isn't sentient. It holds life sure but doesn't have it. All for respecting the planet and all but this chick is cooked.

  11. Whyd youtube recommend me this? Now that i thought it was funny and watched it they gonna give me more shit like this

  12. It was because of this reason a few drops of water is served in indian temple as amritam because it stores vibration of mantra and energy so that everyone can benifit from it….

  13. Deceived woman,

    Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life.

    The spirits which are causing the water to try and overtake your house are evil and you are choosing to speak to them through the water. Thats called a "medium" and is evil in the sight of The Lord.

    Change your mind about what you believe, or that water you worship and idolize will be burnt up by unquenchable fire and you along with it on the day the Lord Jesus Christ returns

  14. The Creator of the earth and everything else including the water is God – We pray to God and not to the earth. Understanding matters. [ John 7:38-39 "He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, 'From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.'" But this He spoke of the Spirit, whom those who believed in Him were to receive; for the Spirit was not yet given, because Jesus was not yet glorified. ] The Water Of Life is Jesus Christ.

  15. Check out Hanky Panky by virtue scripts real feel good track and this lady is amazing

  16. What a beautiful video. Thank you so much for sharing. Touched my heart so deeply. 🙏🙌🧡✌

  17. Water gives me peace ..I always love going back to the beach on my home island..it soothes me.

  18. This is the most amazing video I’ve seen since I don’t know when.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    You are amazing!

  19. Now think of what it does when people hunt whales, or do traditional dolphin slaughter like in denmark and spill blood into the ocean. Its just one aspect to things but the world is in trouble and it needs healing. Way too many atrocities are sending mad vibrations around. Align with life and respect each other as a different perspective of yourself. Learn to forgive. Send ripples of appreciation around and it will come back. We need each other! Praise life!

  20. I always find my best meditative form in the water. Especially in the pool .

  21. Western society wants us far away from these ideals thats why people who believe water has consciousness or people who feel strong connections to earth and things like that are separated from "normal"people. Something about water mesmerises me i can watch rain forever seeing each individual droplet fall into a big puddle… Something about that speaks to me i believe theres a metaphor im not catching that life wants to teach me

  22. Omg! My mom used to talk to water. She used to say ” water sweet, water is everything ”

  23. The other day I sat in a spa full of water and prayed to fill me with love and to bring forth my husband. Currently im single and waiting to receive my husband that God has prepared. According to this video the message must have reached him since the water evaporates. What a beautiful video!!!

  24. Caution! Nature worship comes from such thought process. Focus on the creator. Commune with him.

  25. Nice.. not only Water can speak.. all 5 elements can do the same . Try it too

  26. Gracias! Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts on water. "It's always been the same water because we live in a closed system, so it just changes form". Wow! Long live the Native Americans. There's only 600,000 Native Americans in New Mexico USA in a world of 7.5 Billion. God bless the wisdom, spirit, faces of this beautiful culture.

  27. They say water has a memory..Say pozitif things in a clean water and drink it .. It is good to know ..
    Be well everyone .

  28. The silver lining to the historical mistreatment to America's indigenous people may be that anti-sanctimonious skeptics may not be so quick to pounce on expressions such as these and pour their derision all over; and thus is preserved more opportunity for the rest of us to enter into mythic thinking and a spiritual approach to life.

  29. I always dream about water , and stream of water ,also water fall falling on me , can anybody tell me what it means?what message?please

  30. Each day thank mother earth for
    Providing us with a beautiful place ,planet in which we live.
    I am ever grateful to and for mother 🌍 earth.

  31. Water has energy and so does the earth God is real y’all pray and give thanks

  32. This explains why I love being at the beach. I feel so at home when I go there…to any beach. Its so peaceful.

  33. Hello I am chief white buffalo. When I do ceremony I am chief white buffalo man many feathers. . Hello sister your story os tell u the water .has to clean up your people there been to much that been hidden from you your people from the leader .n spiritual leader. N pipe carrier eagle whistle sun dancer gost dancer needs cleansing .yes water is life n water is death which experience do u want life or death . One is huge wipe deep long empty n then there ullu love when one uses ullu love then u have found life

  34. Ullu is short .
    Unconditional love
    Love unconditional love
    Is true balance harmony safe place sacred holy freedom free spirit from our first breathe claim your freedom ullu love. Our ancients fought for ullu love freedom free spirit from our first breathe claim your freedom ullu love your true essence form oneiness spirit body mind one whole consciousness pure holy sacred

  35. Thank you so much for this beautiful lesson and your heartfelt feelings and thoughts. Namaste. ❤

  36. Warka Water towers harvest drinkable water from the air

  37. I've studied water and got hooked, it has memory, responds to sound etc. It's exclusion zone potentials and reactions to light and so much more is really of the charts. You should look into it.

  38. Hi Pat, Hyda here, thank you for sharing your experiences and connection to our sacred waters, so beautiful. Please check out the video :water medicine wheel with Hyda Maria

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