SPLAT | 13 | Minecraft CTM – Underground Secrets

welcome to the sticking you out without dinner no it's fine I just no consistency welcome back it was a train engine it really did sound like one Oh God Oh anyone else loved loved the blackened archive well yeah you totally can pull her up to the top but do you really consider that to be fun yes yes are you kidding me can I defend myself here I looked over table and said no that's gonna kill me and then saw Jake do it I'm like I only jumped out cuz I've been here I haven't died in liked episodes come on boy just murder this what do you have to say for yourself I fixed it guys oh I'm gonna get all the good stuff yeah you are I had like 25 levels I was waiting to get 27 you suck oh my gosh what a jerk wait where's all my stuff where's Jake you're just not dying consistently enough what did you kill ice – well he followed you my helmet moved on that fall break everything great everything takes damage I'm so sad oh oh if you were if you were putting in weight Jake you would die a lot more weight does Jim just so regular infinity bow I had an infinity flame I know I mean do you give one to you because my infinity bow is gone hell no Jimmy helmet in midair I think I know yeah the infinity boy you gave me I made into this punch flame one okay it's all good this is players that's players you can take these mat and probably these that's pretty much all I had it's gonna give you all the other crap that I have worst friend I've ever had the spider eyes those are tasty come on look you guys get all your stuff back I used to keep those on you one of my great chestplate eyes he stole you followed you oh yeah what did I have then I don't know I had a chest plate – I do I need to change it iron chestplate like a lot of things disappear when you did that when we did that how I don't have any of it yeah but it's still your fault I agree that me killing Jake was my fault but you following Jake to his death yeah it was your puppy well I it's not like I waited for you to die I was like let me do that too now you know why are the torches all through here because I cleared it Oh yeah well there you go I couldn't get the next level it was hard yeah oh yeah this is not happiness to the spawners people I got two other spawners oh it's not the efficiency 5-stone yeah it's nice I had an efficient a 5-iron until I died and it disappeared when I fell down there yeah that's why I'm thinking into the void these guys have punch oh my god be careful well blocks from the void oh that's bad see that yeah hey God that one gotta be careful guys there is void here we have to be careful of you for that watch out for that right in the middle oh my gosh I was just too focused on looting to even notice that diamond horse armor who cares about that apples cookies here Jake you have a you have your armor back that's kind of regular just with what did you my armor just play blast protection one yeah no I don't know this yes thank you feather falling boots other falling diamond boots Sam what else on a pair sure following diamond boots ring blast fire protection diamond boots I'll be falling for that's nice crappy my boots feel pretty crappy so there there's do you have oh yeah there is ice cube the chakra box with you know that would be terrible i yeah no I mean like I it had an anvil in and I want to combine these boots with my boots oh there's probably stuff inside here no why would we why would we want to do that oh do be knock off yet oh do you go up to the next level yep I hate flame on my bow honestly I won't back down back down I got all those spawners I think nice oh my god oh my god good they knocked me back down to level 1 and I landed on a wall I had a hat part there a heart and a half I have half heart right now I don't know what I'm gonna do but I was dangling over the void oh yeah wait no these platforms are getting smaller if anything yeah they of creeper blew me over the edge now whistling if I eat and regain health because I have enough for hundreds what's up here okay guys he was too old yep oh there's a nice chest plate in here ice okay I hear a witch yeah it's level above us there are zombies no they're zombies everywhere and creepers I don't see it yes please it wasn't their default but it did you get them okay here on the ground oh I think poets old one doesn't care on the ground following the signs of poet that's right sorry ice Oh yep which is I got one spawner Oh both the spawners I didn't know he followed me you just said oh no and ran away oh my god I'm so sorry I'm sorry I was shit I don't and you hit a break using my base side all your stuff is safe oh yeah I guess no wait where are we going poet oh no no bad bad mistake I forgot that went through walls that other tunnel is a lost cause super charged creeper spawner that's what end of it there this is ridiculous which spawner should never be a thing I think I killed all the witch spawners on the next floor oh really I'm pretty sure I went up there and got a bunch of them yes I will watch over it with the Guardian – there's definitely more witness why didn't kill all of them okay okay I think I just got the spawner even then I might not have oh my slowness finally wore off so now I have speed when I get that got it supercharged Cooper spawner is gone there was a super charged creeper spawner yeah there was Oh where's my stuff oh it was a it's on the level where it's all on this side the other side what is this epic bone level 3 Oh any enchantments yeah what bane of arthropods 1 fire aspect to knock back to alluding to sharpness 3 smite 1 that's a nice bone so funny it is a nice bone you're right alright well now that I got my bone are you guys we're going back yeah we're going I guess towards the witches now oh you did get all the way spawners left ok yep everything's good you really just got a boat spam them and then they die pose bones spamming them honestly the spam with that thing pretty nice nope I got I got one of the spotters throw a potion down if you can I have zero potion I'm just gonna make sure I don't travel myself off the edge drop will this go fight a wither he did oh wow oh my gosh the skeleton is owning me I almost just attacked you Jake I see yeah I was gonna ask you that if is that all good okay there's no creepers on that little right that's fine keep my way so yeah it's a zombie wearing literally all of Isis stuff I will keep them here yeah it's new I will make him battle him yeah upload schedule still better I shouldn't watch you can here what do you think new ice new ice is kind of bitey your lease is kind of normal no more than old haste was yeah yeah why are they just diamond boots on the ground I see them there don't kill me don't kill it don't kill it nice this is gonna do him for the honor of his armor here's the seal ya know they can pick up shields I don't think they can use them I swear are you I'm coming it takes a long time to get there one two three four at least he's dead he's dead ice new ice is dead no more than old ice stuff right here – like a minute so many bows oh can I have a feather phone one yes you can alright that's kind of broken though sorry Oh what the heck cave spiders great oh my god don't worry everyone I'll be the hero again ice one why because I'm not a hero I'm the hero use your bone yeah my phone wonderful that was wonderful I'm gonna place this wither skeletons go where ice tide which I think was not here oh that's a good idea good omage yeah okay got to this one is I got to this phoners that's there's only two I'm pretty sure I know there's for this for two more there's type 484 I got for hey let's go up and fight your slime yeah the spiders are all up there magma slimes are up above us really yeah magma magma cream poison these spiders kind of suck though they say fallen them die oh one of the Magma's made it without Jake oh those do a lot of damage something Oh a lot of them are making it what the heck yeah die to a bone that is a great sound I'm boning them to death what's wrong with that nothing it's very oh that was cool we're done in the episode yeah see you next time you

18 thoughts on “SPLAT | 13 | Minecraft CTM – Underground Secrets

  1. I have just ended the map. You have no ideas! The first level of the last intersection is impossible

  2. Hey, what happened to Minecraft aether? Did you quit it for good? Or just forgot about it? It’s been 5 years since u posted the last one, and I’ve always wanted to know why you didn’t post anymore of it.

  3. “It’s not like I waited for Jake to die and then said, hm, I think I’ll do that too. ” Haha I love this series so much.

  4. Poet: I'm boning them to death

    Me: spits out drink you're doing what now?

  5. covers water

    JakexD fell from a high place
    Icecube3343 fell from a high place

  6. 0:57, you can hear Jake sighing after realizing, after he jumped, that the bottom is covered

  7. Omg! Amazing video. When you covered the water, I was like 😱. And when they fell to their death, I laughed sooo hard! Ice…..your explanation was 👌. Lol. I absolutely enjoyed this episode!

  8. Watching Ice and Jake die from fall damage was the best thing I've ever seen. It was so comical. XD

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