Spoken Poetry #2 "SANA"

hi guys this is gender serrano and this is my second poetry and Nelly platinum recording Cassie navaja vicinity and at all second poetry co-op in a market and Simon at San Antonio Sanatana kapa haka CA Honda happen in Pisa Mohammed ah Etna be our King win owari nakaka Abba Eban I can internet Mondavi sana Lumiere pass me Segundo as around Ingo Walton Oh de cada economy Bonney family gloomy kya unit hello ho bisogno cotton linen is Masana became unique mahogany saina I do man be open had a fight in Nanda Baba bhai and Morita adding Mahara baking Sun and Diana came to me a key signal on ISA ro da la da da – I'm feeling it is gonna sound a little panicky black nobility be kissing Selena we live in a bubble with llama or in Mohali bucket of Nevada home on a bin window inaudible ha ha no one would suppose is located my caking people somebody knocking particulate omaha saina saina swelling and in for Kiki Marina Oh buddy young guys thank you for watching this video hundred was – and you're please like share and comment down below some a loose new episode Edna poetry don't forget to subscribe thank you guys bye you

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  1. Sana oil boss hehehe galing ng mga letra husay ng mga kataga..

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