Spoken Word Poem #1: Solitude (Poetry by Jeremy)

hello everyone, this year I will be
reading out a poem each week. Today’s poem is called
‘Solitude’ . Engaged in a heated argument,
he rambles on .and on about something
that he read on the news 15 minutes ago. He brushes his teeth frantically,
blood spat out from his inflamed gums, his tongue continues to talk endlessly. His lips pause,
waiting for his lover to agree but his ears hear no sound. He turns around, realises, he has been speaking
to a bathroom wall. Thank you for watching
this video and I hope you liked this poem. I would appreciate if you give me
feedback, leave comments, leave me anything. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Spoken Word Poem #1: Solitude (Poetry by Jeremy)

  1. Good poem, Jeremy! You're a natural in front of the camera. Looking forward to more videos!

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