Spoken Word Poetry about love and relationships // “makes me mad”

He makes me mad She makes me mad If he digs in his nose one more time and tries to wipe it on me.If she farts in the car and lock the windows on more timeAnd why do I
have to see his drawers all over the house instead of in the hamper?And if I come second
to one more twilight book. Contrary to popular belief I am not on my way to the kitchen I
would not like to get you something thing to drinkThis woman is so lazy how can you
not want to go up a flight of stairs and get your husband coup of water and you’re already
up And to think
and to think He has the audacity to laugh at me for complaining about sitting on a wet seat that he pee’d. He makes me mad. And I’m sick of walking around this place
feeling appreciated. I know I’m a good man and all I ever hear is, im sure glad you cant be duplicated. She dont understand in this world women are saturated, I’m given her all this meaty sexiness. I can tell you about all the women I’ve dated. There was.. well
that’s not the point. she better start watching what she say
Excuse me? Uh huh Huh oh I just said I hope you have a good
day. She heard , I said you better start watching what you
Say it ain’t so Did he really just ask me for some kisses?
I can’t even get him to do the dog gone dishes. I got something he can kiss and it rhymes
with trash that’s been sitting there for an entire week. You know it is hard to come by
a good man this way, but me, I see good men like everyday; there’s the Chestnut’s, the
Pitt’s, & the LL Cool J’s� Excuse me!
Huh? Oh I was just saying I can’t wait till you get back later so we can play. oh, okay!
He act like he ain’t hear me I’m going out to find me a good man starting…
Today was the worst do you know actually looked into buying a hearse, but first let me check
on that insurance money and see how much I get back, if they give me anything over 100
stacks I’m taking her out Excuse me? I was just saying I been doing
a lot of extra hours at work so when I get my check I’m going to take you out. Oh ok�
trying to act like she didn’t hear me, I�m trying to find a place where this woman can
just Get away for rest and relaxation. Or at least
a place where my requests are heard without hesitation. You know I need to look into that
insurance money he forgets I do all the cooking I make all the spice combinations Oh I could
just see it now: ” (crying) Mr Officer I don’t know what happened one minute we were eating
and the next he just passed out.” excuse me!
Huh? Oh baby I was just naming all of the food I’m going to order when you get your
check and take me out. Oh, se that�s why I love
I love you you always put me first
You always put me first forever
Forever til death
Do us part This man/woman that drives me crazy I just
can live without! Is that my empty bottle of juice on the table.
Is this another bleached shirt Ugh He/she makes me mad!

7 thoughts on “Spoken Word Poetry about love and relationships // “makes me mad”

  1. we have all had these debates with their significant others, Well this is how ours went. Please like and share with your significant other.

  2. This is one of my favorites! Cracks me up every time since the first time. Great job you two!

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