Spoken Word Poetry/“Black Sheep” by Dustin W. Basham

“Black Sheep”
Hello, My name is black sheep. I stand in the corner alone half the time. No, I don’t do it because I want to, I do
it because I’m forced to. While everybody Else is having fun, I know
nothing about it until it is all done. Hello, my name is black sheep. I invite others over, but they make it clear
they don’t want to come. And I see where everyone around me was invited
here, but my invite must have gotten lost in the mail. All these white sheep around me just keep
on huddling together and grazing the fields. But, I’m still standing alone, in my corner. Hello, my name is black sheep. While the rest of them are out there enjoying
the sun, I’m left here by myself wondering, what’s wrong with me? All these sheep who claim to be my flock,
but never am I ever invited to join. I get excluded quite often unless I “baaaa”
loudly. What ever happened to loyalty to your flock? Hello, my name is black sheep. Sometimes I wonder if the other sheep would
even care if I disappear, then I think about how I’d have to make my absent presence
known, but how do I do that when they don’t even recognize I’m here? I even tried to “baaa” my way through
to them today, but no luck. Hello, my name is black sheep. The Shepard comes out and tells the others
to play fair. But once he goes inside, I’m met with mean
stares. Back to the corner I go all alone, while the
white sheep play and once again, just run along. Hello, my name is black sheep. I’ve been the black sheep for 34 years. Why I thought this would change is beyond
me. Maybe, it’s because my nature is to find
positive in my reality. It’s time to just accept it though, I’m
not like the rest of the sheep, my wool isn’t white, my wool is black, and I’m alone in
my corner, and it will always be that way. Hello, I my name is black sheep. I met another black sheep, and now I’m happy,
we get to be black sheep together. It’s not necessarily the best to be the
two black sheep In such a big flock, but we are together forever and i believe being black
sheep is what drew us together. Hello, my name is black sheep and I’m here
to let you know, I am the black sheep, and I have accepted that I will never glow. And that’s ok with me. Because I don’t just have my own little
flock, I have my own little family. So I just want to say, Good bye, from the
black sheep.

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