Spoken Word Poetry – DO THAT FOR ME (poem about love and relationship break up)

I prefer the old you, that cuddled and kissed This one is a witch that spits venom and hissy fits You say you don’t believe a word I say. Okay, Then how about you stop asking me questions every day? How about you stop sending messages my way? How about you stop accusing me… in the way…
that you do? And yes, you know it’s true. You’re hassling me, using the excuse that
I’m hassling you. You could change your number, delete mine
and be gone, But you don’t, you just repeat that I am in
the wrong, To put this back together takes doing, not
wishing, Hate lasts forever, so make a decision… You’re angry. You say I got a beautiful life, But it ain’t that pretty, so you ain’t that
right. I need something. Give me something. Or give me nothing, and leave me alone to
start living. Would you do that for me?

1 thought on “Spoken Word Poetry – DO THAT FOR ME (poem about love and relationship break up)

  1. Spoken Word Poetry – DO THAT FOR ME

    Yet another little something I wrote when thinking of a certain ex… Express how you feel, talk about your emotions, deal with your broken heart. Spoken word poetry is helping me move on…

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