Spoken Word Poetry – LET HER GO (poem about love and heartbreak)

You can trust and choose to believe me, or
walk away and leave me But I know that you will always know that
the love I gave was easy You could’ve had me forever, could’ve
kept me in your pocket I would’ve done whatever you asked, until
you said to stop it Except… I don’t want to stop loving you, I don’t
want to let go of the good times that we shared When it was it only love and laughter and
we honestly cared about how the other one felt And now I know that I’m being selfish… For you want to go your own way, and I’m
begging you to stay, not by praying on my knees, but by being desperate in my own way. How could you love someone so needy? So I guess I need to change. How would you like me to be? Oh, wait. That’s me being silly again. I can’t be whoever you want me to be like
some flexible friend. I am me. Always will be. And in my defense, I always was when you met
me. Now your bags are packed, the keys have been
exchanged. You’ve erased my details from your phone. As you turn your back and walk away, I guess
I’ll find my love a new home Good luck. All the best. I miss you already.

3 thoughts on “Spoken Word Poetry – LET HER GO (poem about love and heartbreak)

  1. You are sooooo good….the words are deep and meaningful…all the love from Kenya(smiles)

  2. Spoken Word Poetry – Let Her Go

    Short spoken poem about not being loved anymore by the one you love…

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