Spoken Word Poetry UK – HEAVY MASKS

Deep, in a village hidden in the hills,
Rests an orphanage, on a muddy slope… Inside a small child cries
For the mother who abandoned her… A young boy in tattered jeans, feigns a smile,
Last week.. his mother died…but in his world, this is normal.
An ugly old woman snaps, as her cane strikes hard, onto the bare back of another teenager. Skin whipped, another lash – the conformity
is beaten back into her. The tax some pay, for a life with less struggle
and stress Blessed still, to have a roof above their
head, food, safety and, a shared bunk bed. Francis, Peggy… now my heart hears you…. Why & how, a quiet growl, buried deep, turns
into rumbling thunder Why & how, you carry on, buckle down, still…
remain innocent with wonder All your heartbeats and elbow grease,
Motivated by the sound of a single truth on repeat… No one is coming.
No one. It is up to you now. Heaven is a construct, there’s no white
knight, no reincarnated saviour, no resurrection, no judgement and definitely no caped crusader. From these hollow ashes, the only phoenix
rising is… You. Who needs Superman, when you’re working
super hard to supercharge, Super You. The brightest lights of our world, are disguised.
Secrets emerge, faults hidden from our view. The heavy mask slips, decayed by the truth. So I get why you feel lost and alone in a
house full of people Glued to the other man on your phone, who
gives your relief and a giggle And why, you stuck around but at the cost
of your real freedom I look at you and see a body, but not the
vibrant soul I was used to. The stars of my sky glimmer yet, I can’t
help but feel a little less hopeful. Welcome to the real world, holding onto what
was, will only mislead you. I’m running away to the park, so for one
day, I don’t have to hear the abuse & the screams
Words fly around, that are wicked, vicious, and mean
I’m hiding behind the stairs, but still always getting caught in between
Years later, little wiser but the scene still repeats.
Every scar has been earned, in search of the strength to survive
Get up, dust off, show my dimples, smile for the lights. The pain some endure, as their eyes search
out for a hero. Trapped in the dirt, Believe they’re cursed,
slums, poverty, empty bellies and malaria Another day, more abuse, a tattered jacket,
working in heat till hysteria. Every cut might be deep, but battle scars
are for warriors In stormy waters, a skinny little kid learnt
only how to thrive. Of how to stay kind, how not to be nice, how
a sound from a wicked mouth can create much strife
How life is unfair, but we still hold the power to choose what is right. Everytime we feel pain, we lash out with more
hate We hold onto it, like it’s precious
and the cycle is ingrained into fate. Sorrow comes from the truth you are weeping
for And real love appears, when we realise inside,
is the real war All people need someone to look upto
But people are only projections of the fixed images we set
A memory or idea captured from a static moment in time
Until it’s safe to say, we’ve made a box, it’s all nice and neat
The only constant in life though, is that there will be defeats,
Our mental images expire, in the moment we arrange them
So eyesight you have, but not a clear vision You already know you are the one that you
need, Stop looking outside for a hero to inject
imto you more belief Cos when the chips are down, you are the one
who must lead It’s agreed, you will bleed, and you will
stumble and you will scream You will beg, you will plead
For the love outside that you are convinced that you need See the only drama is the suffering you have
practiced The Ancient Toltecs taught me one clear thing
That real self Love is a habit. A mindset to be adapted, a way of living to
be practiced And the only real way is to put your images
in a casket Imagine you’re wearing tinted glasses, so
what you see is not valid The world transforms into whatever we claim
it to be There is power in what you can do
There is strength in where you can go And there is light in unveiling the real you. Anyway… I’m done,
Back to silence, trying to find peace. This journey is all about the realisation
of who I really am.

6 thoughts on “Spoken Word Poetry UK – HEAVY MASKS

  1. Guess who's back 🙂

    Hope you guys enjoy this video, this is one of my favourite pieces taken from my new mixtape 'Dead Roots'.

    As always, leave your comments below and please share this video to help support & promote my work.

    – Keshav

  2. Powerful piece laden with truth – get rid of this unhealthy ego and discover love infinite – everything on the outside is achieved as a by product of this.

    Thanks for this and continue to revel in this truth

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