Spoken Word Poetry – You Destroyed Me (poem about love and heartbreak)

You say that I destroyed you I think you destroyed me I held my breath ’til I was blue, waiting eternally I needed you to change I don’t mean that in a bad way But we needed to arrange to meet at least a couple of days But you never got back to me and never shared your number So is it a surprise I went elsewhere to feed my hunger? I am a man with needs, desires and “wannados” You don’t want to hear it I know but when I fucked her I thought of you You’re the only one that I want, but not the only fish in the sea So I’ll wait no more and you let you go, just like you did to me We used to want a baby, Anglo-Bulgarian crossbreed But then you changed your mind that day, the reaction; I got angry And then you changed your number And then we didn’t speak For day, after day, After week, after week. You broke all of your promises, what I didn’t want to see You say that I destroyed you I say you destroyed me.

3 thoughts on “Spoken Word Poetry – You Destroyed Me (poem about love and heartbreak)

  1. Spoken Word Poetry – YOU DESTROYED ME

    Life has to continue after a breakup

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  2. "Just like you did to me." That line hit home. I loved the way you read this piece and the visuals were on point as well. Really well done. Keep writing.

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