100 thoughts on “Spring – Blender Open Movie

  1. Can't remember who said this, but I heard Blender has almost everything Pixar's private software has to offer! It's only a matter of having a good computer that can render everything, and not the one i have, which struggles to play an unrendered fire animation.

  2. Wow. Every tool used (Blender, GIMP, Krita and Inkscape) is free. I'm just getting started on using Blender for making music videos and I'm really excited to see what is possible (given a very talented team and a ton of work, I'm sure – but knowing what's possible is still inspiring).

  3. how much time it takes to make this animation and how many people worked in this animation????

  4. When I found Blender, I was a young (I think haha). I bought a magazine with some pages showing how to make a castle on it. A lot of years has passed since then and I dont know how to make a castle or something else on Blender haha But I love that great tool, and I have it installed on all my computers.

  5. my computer rendering grass: it's a free real estate

    my computer rendering this: i fear no man, but that thing, it scares me.

  6. Something that always stands out about films like this is that. This was created by more than one person. Remember you don't have to do it alone. Reach out to other creators. Make a team, Share your ideas and follow your passion.

  7. I myseldning have blunder but i dont think i will be This Good at animation!

  8. It’s not the program that’s low quality, but my motivation to start learning 3D animation

  9. Omg wtf I can’t even make a 3D smiley face on blender, that app is hard as hell to use.

  10. Me: Wow, imagine what I'll create after mastering blender.
    Child: How long will it take?
    Me: I'm gonna start by mastering this cube.
    Me 1 month later, this damn cube is mastering me.

  11. But what configuration that needs for a computer to use this huge software

  12. moment than u are to lazy but have better pc
    lazy to make model of monster and making huge clouds
    and ye this clouds need good pc

  13. Рекламный ролик про способности блендера лучше, чем профинансированный государством мульт-пропаганда дети против волшебников 😀

  14. Damn, can't wait for the updates of the 2D animation as well.. I'm really grateful for you guys as you help a LOT of artist that don't get what they deserve!

  15. At this point the only thing limiting you in blender is your imagination, there is no excuse…

  16. Well that's just bad parenting right there.

    At least she was rendered smart enough to bring the dog to protect her.

  17. 7mins long and way more graphically advanced than the latest multi-million dollar studio movies out there… WTF lol

  18. How much time required for this animations in blender? Can anyone answer be precise, thanx!

  19. Someone send this to corridor crew and tell them to make something like this and give their thoughts on it

  20. Nobody :

    People who know blender : "It all started with a cube in the middle"

    We : Aaah😡😡 Fuck you and your cube


  22. Quando eu chegar a criar animação deste nível no blender eu serei majestoso nota 1000 parabéns criadores

  23. Can you do a How-To video on how to make something like this? I mean, I just got Blender, and I wanted to make proper animations like this. Spring gave me some inspiration. Can you do a compete walk-through video IN BLENDER of how you made this. PLEASE!

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  25. What a great short animation that shows the power of blender. I love the app and am working in regularly. Really well put together. I'm so excited for this community, and what it has accomplished.

  26. so it means i can quit after effects and use blender as a software of my choice?

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