48 thoughts on “Stand Up Comedy on Schools and Education |Comedian Maheep Singh

  1. Robert frost was an American poet.
    He used to teach English in Harvard.

    Once in final exam test he asked only one question.

    What did u learn from this class.
    O e student wrote

    Not a dam thing.

    Prof Frost gave him a 'C' with the note that he would have got grade of A if he had spelled Damn correctly.

  2. Brilliant Sir! Prayukt panktiyo me bahot kuch keh gaye aap!

  3. You seem to be a little bit from the older generation. Thats really nice. Extremely funny stuff. Good job keep it up.

  4. Kavi kya kehna chata hai 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Oh, wow, uncle ji! F…..? Wow! Tussi te naqli nikle! Ye kes, ye 5 kakkar! Pakka "maththe" tekte hoge???? Wah,ji,wah! Akaal purakh ton kujh chupya nahin! 👎👎

  6. 6:25 the road not taken class 9th ncert 😂😂😂 hit like if you remember????

  7. Sir love you paji pure act😂 👍
    And our education system is really fucked up.

  8. Poetry nhi paddhoge to song me Kya keval ghanta sunoge…🤣🖕

  9. 6:15 he was talking about the poem titled "The road not taken". ICSE boys 😉

  10. Hats off veerji..million times better than any content out there

  11. Sir I am a Tamil Brahmin and grew up in Delhi. I was six when my family moved to Delhi. So I grew up with Punjabi kids. Many of the them Sikhs. You took me back to those days. So I was initiated into chaste Punjabi galis by the boys. I used the word bhosadike very often. There used to be bullying by older boys etc. Once I got into a fight with a older boy over playing marbles. I gave him this gali and he started beating me up and a sardarni girl rescued me from him. She actually slapped him. But when she knew that I had given this gali she admonished me and told me you are a nice boy don't use such words do you know the meaning. I didn't. She was my neighbor so I was afraid of her. This was in Janakpuri ND. We were kids. But I had no option but to prove pythogarus.

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