Star Trek Voyager – The Doctor's legal rights "Author, Author"

23 thoughts on “Star Trek Voyager – The Doctor's legal rights "Author, Author"

  1. It always cracked me up they are RARELY travelling at warp in establishing shots of Voyager. Even as a kid I was like… they are never going to get home. Nor do they actually seem to be trying. lol

  2. 1:17 The race thing didn't seem to be a main factor until America. She says most places on Earth, so thankfully she's not pulling the black slaves thing again like everyone always wants to. Before that, anyone who was conquered or of an opposing faction would become slaves

  3. I love how Janeway points out the Doctor has done some "bad" things too. He defied orders and he was punished for them like other crew members instead of being "fixed" like a machine.

  4. Just goes to show after 400 years lefty parasites among the journalists, courts, politicians and in this case publishers still exist to take advantage!

  5. The doctor is a person, as real as any flesh and blood I have ever known. – Kathryn Janeway

  6. The only difference between a machine like that and us is that we have different building blocks. The only difference between us and computers is what drives those building blocks and how complex of a final creature they make.

  7. It would've been amazing if they would've referenced Data, or even had him appear to testify on the Doctor's behalf during this episode.

  8. This episode is made incredulous due to a ST:TNG episode "Measure of a Man" in which literally the same story line was played out for Data. However, I personally disagree with the premise that AI is defined as "life" (see also the Geth "race" from Mass Effect and SkyNet from the Terminator franchise). AI lacks a soul. Sure, you can say that true AI mimics certain things, based upon its programming, but it's still not actual life. Also, when does a manufactured computer obtain the designation of "life" if my premise is wrong? Nobody can give a reasonable answer to that. And, if I'm wrong in that AI is not life, then wouldn't John Conner be the perpetrator of genocide when he destroyed SkyNet?

  9. The Doctor has my vote. Hell, he had the best character development of anyone on Voyager, bar none.

  10. Voyager BEST STAR TREK ever
    Stories acting writing directing and the closest to Gene Roddenberry‘ sidewalk of trek if not better

  11. When one looks at how the doctor evolved over the course of the series, he does become more human than Data ever did. It asks the question once more, what is life?

  12. Voyager always played fast and loose with technology and technobabble. But it didn't really make sense that an EMH would simply decide on it's own to become sentient and "grow beyond it's programming". That is meaningless marketing speak. If it were so easy (the TNG sherlock homes episodes also come to mind), creating intelligent sentient artificial life would be happening all over the galaxy every day.

    Maybe it would have made more sense if there had been some kind of mechanism that transformed the doctor from just a "regular" EMH to a person, other than time. You can leave MS Word running for 7 years, it's never going to start writing poetry all by itself.

  13. The Doctor and Data are V.I.’s not A.I.’s. Fun characters but not lifeforms.

  14. I wondered why they didn't cite Data as an example if am artificial preform, Data was sentient and he did not feel emotions except basic desire. I can only conclude that they (the writers) didn't want the EMH to have rights get perhaps to bring the idea or rhetoric that oppression still exists. Following Gene Roddenberry's model of using Star Trek as a more to bring new ideas of humanism.

  15. This would have been a perfect way to bring Data into the mix and remind them of the decision they came to in his episode

  16. This scene always makes me thinking the Voyager is already back in the Alpha Quadrant. Barclay did a great job at the Pathfinder project.

  17. Voyager should have made every episode about The Doctor: it would have been more interesting. Just as Star Trek TNG should have been "The Data and Q Show".

  18. I think they forgot that the ECH started out as a DREAM by the doctor. I think that would debunk a lot of things.

  19. He shouldn't have rights, but that guys shouldn't steal that Holo book. That's Federation property.

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