Star Wars Author Becomes Example for Lucasfilm – Disavows The Last Jedi Sexist Fans Survey

it was like sometime last week when this dude named mark white posted the results of a survey that he did on the fandom of Star Wars the Star Wars fandom basically and basically the survey like broke down into different categories there's like it kind of like tried to pinpoint the behavioral patterns of Star Wars fans or something and their different preferences and all sorts of weird psychological type of stuff is just kind of weird so he basically broke this down into different categories where he had like the prequel trilogy than the original trilogy and then like a little to last Jedi or something and basically the whole point of this survey did was to get to the conclusion that people who were who didn't like the last Jedi were sexist that's pretty much what his the results of the survey were and kind of what the one of the main focuses of his survey happened to be so you know obviously this is false this is not true because I can you know I can point to like five women right off the top of my head who are part of the Phantom Menace alone who are fans of the last Jedi so because they are women and they don't apparently according to Mark White's logic because they don't like the last Jedi it must mean that they're sexist and they hate women even though they're women makes makes a lot of sense so yeah it's just ridiculous and it was just a complete joke and it was stupid this you know these types of surveys are really stupid especially when you get into the whole realm of like psychology and things like that because you know there's people are unique people are different people have different reasons for why they like or dislike things so but moving on from that that's just to kind of give you a backstory here in case you didn't know about that survey Star Wars author Claudia gray disavows sexist Star Wars survey before I get into this let me just say if you haven't checked out bounding to comics yet please do because they are a fantastic website they do a great job covering different stories within the entertainment so thank you bounding into comics for writing this article so that it brought it to my attention so that I could do a video on it so yeah Star Wars author Claudia gray disavows sexist Star Wars survey Star Wars author Claudia gray disavowed the recent Star Wars ERV a claiming fans who did not like the last Jedi are sexist now I don't know anything about Claudia gray I don't know the quality of her work I really don't know anything about her but she's written a handful of books on that take poison star wars such as journey to star wars the force awakens the lost stars star wars bloodline sours master and apprentice and Leia princess of Alderaan I'm sure that many of you who are starburst fans probably have read at least one or two of these books she also had a story published in the star wars anthology from a certain point of view grey has also ran her own series with spellcaster ever Knight and Firebird so she's a pretty prominent writer and and stuff so that's pretty cool but back in mag your grey promoted a survey from social scientist Marc H white the dude who came out with this survey that I was talking about attention Star Wars fans your help is needed help mark out by completing this survey it takes ten minutes and will help better understand how awesome and diverse the taste of the Star Wars fandom is female fans are especially needed so that's apparently what Claudia gray wrote and I'm putting that in quotations because we will find out a little bit here that it wasn't Claudia gray who tweeted this out so let's move on with with the article here the result of that survey were just released recently and white concluded that some people might have been predisposed to hate the last Jedi regardless at the film's quality due to main female characters demonstrating skill bravery and leadership I don't know why I rolled an L that's that's obviously not not a thing well it is a thing now because I just made it a thing in fact white and concluded that as data support of the XS anecdotal evidence tweets comments articles that sexism plays a major role backlash to Disney's sequels aha right so let me see here so basically they just kind of go into how the article is just a bunch of hooey is just a bunch of garbage pretty much it's stupid it's it's yeah it's it's ridiculous you can look more into what the actual survey was about if you want to but yeah we're not gonna really get more into that just just yeah the the survey was was really stupid it was stupid anyway so since sort of whites survey conclusions and his methods have gone public Gray's publicly gray publicly denounced the survey on her Twitter with her assistant named Sarah taking the blame for promoting it and Gray's tweet allegedly from her assistant Sarah she implies White's survey is illegitimate I thought the poll was coming from a legit source alright let's just go in and read her tweets here this is Sarah hello Sarah Claudia's assistant I take care of her Twitter account for her I was the one who posted the survey I thought the poll was coming from uh legette source though I did not take the survey before posting I did not do my due diligence on this matter and I am sorry I will work harder going forward to make sure the items we are posting come from legitimate sources and we'll do a better job of vetting things like this in the future I love the fact that she was saying that mark white survey is not a legitimate source I love that so much I'm sorry for any anger or pain I may have caused Claudia did not endorse that survey and I am fully to blame anyone who has met me or worked with me knows I would do anything for Claudia's fans I am heartbroken that I disappointed them and promised to learn from this mistake obviously you know the whole reason that she is heartbroken is because this mark white dude basically attacked the Star Wars fan base saying that they're all just a bunch of sexist sand all that stuff and people usually don't like being called sexist especially when they aren't one so yeah this is awesome actually I know this is awesome it's awesome that Sarah just taken the responsibility of this situation that she issued an apology that she realizes that she messed up that's awesome she deserves forgiveness for that and I think that we ought to support her and Claudia gray in this situation because you know this is exactly what we want Lucasfilm to do we want them to be sensitive to their fans we want them to be understanding that we want them to realize that they've messed up and to be like hey we messed up we're sorry everybody we're gonna try to fix this sub we are better in the future moving forward with Star Wars that's exactly what we want Lucasfilm to do even though Claudia gray isn't Lucasfilm she is someone who has worked on Star Wars in the past I don't know if she probably still isn't working on Star Wars because the extended universe stuff apparently is isn't canon anymore but she has worked on Star Wars in the past so she is still connected in some way to Star Wars and she is doing exactly what we've wanted Lucasfilm to do we I think this is fantastic this is this is like the perfect example like somebody should just like a screen cap these toys send them to Lucasfilm be like hey this is exactly what you guys should be doing for your fans right now so I think that's fantastic and as the fandom Metis I think that we should rally around a support Claudia gray support Sara because obviously Sara feels terrible for this and it really you know when when people realize that they've messed up and it they feel terrible for it you know part of me just wants to do to let them know that it's okay and that we that they're forgiven so you know if we if you if you were on Twitter you know maybe do something encouraging maybe tweet out to Claudia gray to Sara let them know that that they are forgiven that we appreciate the fact that they're stepping in and realizing that they've messed up and all that stuff I think that is fantastic and and honestly a round of applause for Sara for that you know Lucasfilm of course they they don't do this they just continue to attack their fans they continue to pretend like everything's hunky-dory that they haven't made any mistakes they know exactly what they're doing forward with Star Wars and they continue to to just call people who aren't who are fans of the last Jedi or whatever sexist misogynist all that type of stuff is ridiculous so an trolls trolls can't forget the trolls trolls are the big one trolls is a big one so anyway you know like I said go support Claudia Gray's go support Sarah in this situation let's be the Phantom Menace let's step up and show them that we are the positive influence here and with that being said I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did then consider subscribing to the channel and I will talk to you all very soon in another video talk to later bye

39 thoughts on “Star Wars Author Becomes Example for Lucasfilm – Disavows The Last Jedi Sexist Fans Survey

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  2. Every female Star Wars fan who did not like the Last Jedi is a sexist… Towards women… Right…

  3. Me: Well time to get my priorities straight
    Actual lucasfilm author with integrity: exists
    Me: throws priorities out the window and buys the book
    Still me: a fine addition to my collection

  4. I read one of her Star Wars books (Lost Stars) and I think she's a very good writer especially compared to guys like Wendig. Seeing her act like this makes me happier I bought the book.

  5. The Last Jedi, objectively, is a hunk of dog shit. Anybody could’ve done better films if they weren’t a mega corporation that only gave a fuck about profit and instead actually cared about continuing a legendary story. We all know Disney is soulless and blaming sexism is a good scapegoat for making such a god awful film.

  6. We don't hate women we hate the character of Admiral Holdo specifically.

  7. I'm a fan of The Last Jedi?…….., Ivan Ortega's fan edit of The Last Jedi yeah. 😂

  8. The response and ownership of this legitimate muckup is reasonable and right. Ownership of mistake, and course correction are the right way to move forward and still keep your fanbase.

    I guess what I find puzzling is that in any other industry this would be common sense, but in today's Marvel/Lucas Art's/Doctor Who world's, this kind of humble approach to problem management is the exception to the rule. Weird.

  9. She’s a liberal feminist who gives a damn what she thinks the movie was shit shit shit 😒

  10. Great post man! I was concerned I was a sexist since that survey came out. Sarcasm clarification here! I didn't really place a high degree of belief in his analysis. Why just 3 categories? His methodology et cetera. I think all of it was bogus.

  11. I'm weary of most female authors in big franchises (given how many are Feminist/SJW ideologues), but I'll definitely keep an eye out for Claudia's work.

  12. They chopped her hand of and left her for dead, but she'll return with the power of the light side.

  13. She's not my favorite author in the STAR WARS lineup, but she's DEFINITELY a fantastic author who knows how to write in ths Canon.

  14. Guess she got tired of working in Hollyweird and decided being ridden out of town on a rail was cheaper than an Uber?

  15. I agree with the notion of punishing(severely in deserving cases) evil monsters like kathy and roundhead and jar jar and bob iger, that should NOT be running these companies in any aspect – at best they should be mopping the floors or let go. To let these kind of uncaring people have complete and total control over a franchise whose fanbase they DESPISED FROM THE START for absolutely no reason(because we are White Men…that's it.. That's our "crime" in their eyes, these fucking scumbags, they are the very thing they say they hate so much) and going against all good business sense, is INTOLERABLE. Disney and Lucasfilm need to be completely restaffed at the management level and up. Get rid of every sjw. Make it unacceptable to push personal politics/marxism disguised as "products" and "movies/TV/entertainment" and now in video games too. The government itself needs to crack down on this HARD. Make it happen and enforce it. The left is trying to make it impossible to be a conservative, a centrist, basically ANYTHING BESIDES a marxist/far leftist. Impossible to even LIVE. They are targeting people's bank accounts. Ya know this is how CIVIL WARS are started. The best way to deal with them would be to quickly and quietly coordinate ALL far left marxists – proved as such – and grab them in the night with swat teams or military units. Have them tried and when found guilty, either exiled to a south american, african, or middle eastern country of their choosing, or else be imprisoned for life. The ones starting it all and pushing it onwards the people like George Soros will have their entire property confiscated at the very least as well as deprived of all political power and imprisoned for life. All this is of course hypothetical if we ever come to this point. I hate that the left has made it so bad that it's come down to THIS. They are DEMONS. MONSTERS. The only people comparable to them are the Soviet Union and Red Chinese and North Korea. THAT is what the Left secretly wants, in reality, for the united States. Their disgusting treatment of us Whites will become outright genocide if they ever got the power to do so, count on it. We must BAND TOGETHER and DEFEND OURSELVES. Remember. BAND TOGETHER. Be very prepared for combat. Buy guns, join a Muay Thai gym(I train at one), or a Boxing gym, and later on join a jiu jitsu gym(I did this for 1 year 1 month), but stick with Muay Thai forever. Ive been doing it 2 years 6 months and ongoing. Be prepared, and keep preparing for every contingency. And be confident in your ability to defend yourself and others.

    That said, the door should be held open for any legit "reformed sjw" who is no longer a leftist not even a centrist but conservative. There are obvious ways of spotting fake ones of course. And any "reformed" sjw will be watched carefully and discreetly for any signs of being a fraud. But the way should be left open, because we want them to reform and join us and add to our power even more so. Its always better if a enemy legitimately joins you in good faith than fighting and destroying them, for obvious reasons. That is one of the MANY THINGS that separates us from the marxist left. They do not forgive anyone, ever, for any reason, even if the reason was false. Or made up, as is 99% of the time the case with this kind of shit. No punishment for false accusations AT ALL, but PRAISE. We do the OPPOSITE, punish and condemn those kinds of scumbags that falsely accuse others and hurt or ruin their reputation by it. The marxist left is degrading, we conservatives are NOT we are truly on the same level as each other.

  16. This movie is split into 2 categories. You look at the internet it looks like everyone hates it, you ask people one on one and to this day I haven't met 1 person that hated it, from casuals to hardcore fans most I actually talk to like it.

    With that said is it really hard to see why some didn't? You could name 100 good examples for hating it, never once bringing up gender or sex, it's not that hard. I thought it was fairly entertaining but it was sloppy as fuck, I can see why the sloppiness is a problem.

  17. Hooray! I was already really interested in Master and Apprentice, but was worried about what might happen to the prequel characters. I don't think i'll have to worry now, all that remains is waiting on paperback.

  18. Fantastic! Great author too I really enjoyed Master and Apprentice

  19. I LOVE her Star Wars books! I KNEW she was a good and genuine person! Hooray!!

  20. I'd love to forgive Sarah. There's just one problem. I don't know if she exists. I will admit I haven't done research beyond this video, but from what I saw, she didn't give anything but her first name and she was posting on Claudia's account. For all I know, that was all Claudia's doing, and she's walking back her mistake in the least embarrassing way possible because someone at Lucasfilm made her do it.
    I can't help being a skeptic. As of this moment, as far as I'm concerned, she's Sarah Doe/possibly Claudia. I can't forgive such a person. Non-the-less, the fact that the survey was disavowed indicates that perhaps someone deserves an honorable mention. I just don't know who.

  21. Look at her picture. What did you expect?

    This is the same manipulation as when they say that 80% of population is feminist because surveys. Yeah, and those surveys consist in questions like "Are you pro women´s rights?". Of course every one say yes, but they conclude that answering "yes" makes you a feminist. And that is how these retards manipulate the opinion (when is not by telling lies directly).

  22. Lol. Only sexist pro waman liked the movie. Actual thinking humans didn’t like the movie as the movie was CRAP

  23. Met coats Claudia Gray at C2E2 in Chicago a few years ago. She's a complete class act and has my support. Have a poster for one of her books she signed for me that she was giving out. Her response to this is not a surprise. Glad she didn't let me down.

  24. I have not read her books because they're all part of the Disney-verse. I prefer my Star Wars books to be EU, honestly. But good on her for calling out what was obviously a poorly-conceived but targeted attack at the Fandom Menace.

  25. She's a great author. You can really tell she didn't like writing in Holdo in the "Leia: Princess of Alderaan"

  26. If I recall correctly, Claudia named “Harloff Minor”, a Star Wars moon, after Kristian Harloff. Pretty cool.

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