Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order writer destroys The Last Jedi – Luke Skywalker

on back roads rants on star wars if you liked this video like and subscribe join the road squadron very quickly shoutouts to tour OG death by saber Lord Callas the Westerosi ninja the dog show all have channels please go subscribe longtime supporters of me and our effort today I have something very interesting how about Star Wars Jedi fallen order Rider hates the last Jedi that's right this is from game rant when Star Wars the last Jedi released in 2017 they quickly became one of the most decisive films in divisive films in the franchise history while it mostly had positive reviews from critics still don't know what they were watching and grossed over a billion dollars box office gross is not indicative of a movies quality fan response to the film was mixed yeah thank Ryan Johnson's take on Star Wars two last Jedi detractors can rest easy knowing that Star Wars Jedi fallen order writer Chris Avalon isn't a film of the fan of the film either speaking with VGC Avallone spoke about his problems with Star Wars the last Jedi quote I thought the portrayal of Luke Skywalker was very weak I thought they gave him a scapegoat roll that wasn't merited and didn't fit with his character in my opinion Wow he added quote I like the fact that they were playing around with it but at the same time I didn't like the execution and I thought it could have been handled a lot better or differently every loan also criticized the last Jedi's use of comedy stating it went too far Avallone also didn't like this how Star Wars the last Jedi rapidly introduced new side characters Rose Tico and Merle hold o new side characters and massive deter plots well not stated explicitly it's assumed that his reference is to Kanto bite a terrible side plot one of the worst in the history of all movies it has been commonly criticized as the quote side quest it seems Avallone wasn't very impressed by Star Wars the last Jedi it seemed to assume his work on fallen order won't be influenced by the film I'm buying this game previously Avalon pointed to his inspirations from Star Wars rebels and the Clone Wars as the biggest inspiration for the game script what I do know is that the kid that plays the Joker on Gotham is the Jedi in this in this game men that's going out on a limb and I give the guy a lot of respect because he's involved doing work for Lucasfilm and he just come right and out and said you know without mincing words the last Jedi's trash okay he agreed with what we all think the portrayal of Luke how the character of now I want to be clear Mark Hamill was fantastic in the movie with what he was told to do but it was a terrible terrible storyline to have given that character in a terrible way for that character to have gone out you guys tell me what you think in the comments section about Jedi fallen order writer trashing Rian Johnson in the last Jedi piece I'm out till next time

12 thoughts on “Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order writer destroys The Last Jedi – Luke Skywalker

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  2. Wow, this is interesting. Ha ha. Decisively divisive. HAHAHA!! This was awesome to hear because I love Luke Skywalker.

  3. I really don’t have the words to describe my hatred and utter loathing for TLJ. Anybody that doesn’t like it automatically gets my respect. Sensible people.

  4. Good now it's safe for people involved with the Star Wars franchise to speak their minds about TLJ. & i hope he won't be the last👍

  5. Hey buddy. Anybody that hates The Last Jedi doesn't surprise me. Just dropped in to show love

  6. I thank God for people like him that aren't afraid to speak there mind! I'd buy his game even if I don't play it!
    Thanks for the shout out!

  7. Thx for the shout out ✌ – any normal person will hate TLJ after watching it.

  8. Rhodes I'm still in shock that these scripts were green lit by the story group and everyone who had a say in it. They gave Rogue One and Solo a hard time cause production issues and falling out between writer and directors, etc. In my opinion that's great, cause it means their trying to improve the final product. There's always room for improvement of the script, editing, final cut, scene changes, pacing, etc. I remember watching Collider weeks before The Last Jedi opened and they were saying this film is awesome and that's why Rian got the trilogy. Mark Hamil's concerns weren't taken seriously and that's a disservice to the man who knows the character better than anyone other than Lucas. Yeah! It seemed there was no improvement after pre-screenings, nor post production, nor any negative press that Solo & Rogue One Received. I enjoyed those films way better than The Last Jedi and The Force Awakens despite the backlash and production woes.

    As person whose created projects before in art competitions, music content in authentic recording studios, and video content on youtube for 10yrs. The post production is always topsy turvy. The perfect example is A New Hope, cause it was a disaster after some pre screened it and post production seemed like Mount Everest. Once the editing, composing, sound design, and special effects with the Opening Crawl, etc. This film changed Hollywood forever. My best youtube videos are the one's I almost gave up on, cause the post editing and creative process sucked lol. I can't believe during the pre-screenings, script pitch, & post production that no one at Lucasfilm voiced their concerns except Hamil about this film. Its nuts!

  9. Ya mark is great and does the best he had to work with. I like the way he looked for the part, the storyline they had wrote was trash

  10. This is such good news. I love it. This is a first as someone directly involved with creating Star Wars attacks Rian Johnson and The Trash Jedi.

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