Star Wars Secrets: Who REALLY Is Rey’s Father? [Documentary]

Intro The marketing for Star Wars: The Force Awakens
kept this movie’s biggest reveal a secret right up until release, when fans learned
that Rey, the scavenger from the planet Jakku was the next trilogy’s hero, to be trained
by Luke Skywalker himself. With Rey’s parents noticeably absent in the story, and after
more than a few hints were dropped that the girl was following in Luke’s footsteps,
a ton of fans walked out of the theater assuming the same thing: that Rey was really the daughter
of Luke Skywalker – a secret that would probably be revealed over the course of the
new trilogy. We’ve run down the evidence and theories
in a previous docu video, but as more and more fans have taken father-daughter relationship
to be an obvious one, we think it’s only fair to remind everyone that it’s still
just a theory for now. In fact, when you weigh all the evidence, there’s just as much reason
to believe she CAN’T be a Skywalker in disguise. We’ll let you decide for ourselves when
our latest docu video is over: Is Luke Skywalker REALLY Rey’s Father? The Evidence: Mystery Parents The most obvious clues may not be the most
convincing, but they’re impossible to ignore. When The Force Awakens begins, Rey is living
alone on a desert planet – not too different from Luke Skywalker’s childhood – or his
father, Anakin’s. Rey is obviously a fan of the Rebel Alliance, too, decorating her
scavenged home with a Rebel pilot doll, and even wearing a Rebel helmet for the fun of
it. But once she reveals her last memory of the parents who left her behind, the big hints
start dropping, as a flashback shows Rey watching as her parents fly off, leaving her behind
on a backwater planet, but promising to come back for her one day. The plot point makes it obvious that Rey’s
parents are important, since audiences wouldn’t have even wondered if the film hadn’t made
it a mystery to begin with. When her interrogation at the hands of Kylo Ren reveal that she imagines
an island in the middle of a sea when in need of comfort, the movie ending on that exact
same island – with Luke Skywalker on it – was all the evidence needed that father
and daughter were destined to be reunited. And Luke’s best pupil would be his own daughter. More Than Just Force Powers Skill in The Force being passed from parent
to child may be all the evidence some fans needed, but it wasn’t just Rey’s Force
powers that seemed to imply she had Skywalker blood in her veins. Take your pick: there’s
her knack for flying spacecraft, rebuilding and maintaining the most stubborn spaceships
and tech, and even an immediate affinity for a droid on a mission all fit the bill of both
Luke and Anakin. Her power was enough to get the attention of Kylo Ren, seeming to be an
even more powerful Force user. And if you believe that BB-8’s arrival on Jakku, or
Rey being pulled into the war between the Resistance and the First Order was total coincidence,
then it was just as random when Anakin, then Luke, were plucked from the same situation
for similarly great things. Luck, or the will of The Force – you decide. The Force Vision The most convincing bit of evidence comes
when Rey first crosses paths with Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber – the one originally built and
used by his father, Anakin, before it was cut from, and with, Luke’s hand (Empire).
For starters, the lightsaber actually calling to Rey implies she’s no random Force user
– and her childhood screams at being abandoned on Jakku being used to call her to the weapon
add even more importance to the mystery of their identity. When she actually takes hold
of the saber, she’s given visions of Luke and Anakin’s fight, Kylo Ren’s betrayal
of Luke Skywalker, Luke leaving directions to his hiding place in R2D2 – basically,
a crash course in the Skywalker family, and a sign of what comes next. But it’s the voices spliced into the vision
which also seem convincing: Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi, the powerful Jedi who trained Anakin
and Luke are both heard calling to Rey, telling her that, just as was the case with both Skywalkers,
she is taking her “first steps” into the larger world of The Force, and the Light and
Dark Sides of it. Why would simply touching a lightsaber trigger such memories? If they
were those of the new user’s father and grandfather, it would make plenty of sense
to even casual fans. And if Luke really did leave Rey behind before
heading into exile, her not just finding him, but bringing the Skywalker lightsaber he had
presumed lost forever would probably convince him that there was no use fighting the will
of The Force: helping a new Skywalker finish the battle he couldn’t. The Problems Again, it’s all just fan theories and speculation
for now. Fans have assumed that Rey is Luke’s daughter for a reason, and it’s mainly due
to hints and clues that the filmmakers have counted on the audience catching. It could
be true, but when you start thinking about the actual twist and logic, there seem to
be some real problems with the assumption. Beginning with the biggest reason some doubt
the upcoming reveal of Rey Skywalker at all… It’s Just Too Obvious It seems pretty pointless to go the trouble
of keeping a heroine’s identity a mystery, and draw extra attention to the audience not
knowing who her parents are… and leaving only one real conclusion for every single
viewer to draw. Not just the diehard, conspiracy-obsessed Star Wars fanatics, but even casual moviegoers
who leave the theater assuming they are to believe Luke is Rey’s father. J.J. Abrams
has a better track record of twists when it comes to his other projects, and frankly,
the reveal would be obvious to the point of being boring. Luke Skywalker living out his
father’s origin story seemed poetic, but doing it a third time is wearing out the poetry
– especially if the goal is moving the series in a fresh, inspired direction. The problem then, is the conundrum at the
heart of the Rey’s parents mystery. If it is a mystery at all, then it can’t be Luke.
Because if it’s Luke, the mystery was obvious from the word go. Somehow, we think people
will actually be surprised when the identities are revealed in the future. But that’s just
our gut talking – there are other reasons that are a bit harder to argue. She Wasn’t Hidden Safely In Luke Skywalker’s case, Obi-Wan Kenobi
took Anakin’s son to a backwater world, leaving him in the loving hands of Anakin’s
stepbrother and his wife. Fans can argue that Kenobi’s move was an idiotic one, leaving
Darth Vader’s son with his own family, and even keeping his last name. But had things
gone to plan, Luke would have lived quietly and safely on a moisture farm. In The Force Awakens, Rey isn’t left with
family, or even an acquaintance likely to keep her safe: she’s left with Unkar Platt,
a cruel, unfair, deceitful scrap trader. But fine, it’s still in the middle of nowhere,
safe from prying eyes, right? Wrong. When BB-8 pops onto the First Order’s radar,
Platt tries to buy the droid from Rey. But when she refuses, Platt reveals he’s secretly
communicating with First Order agents, and sells Rey out in a heartbeat. It’s easy to think of reasons why Luke Skywalker
would leave his daughter behind: out of fear he would corrupt her, too, or that she would
be a target for Kylo Ren, as eventually does happen in the movie. But Luke leaving her
behind with nothing, in the hands of a corrupt, villainous alien who wouldn’t hesitate to
sell her out to Kylo Ren’s allies? It doesn’t make much sense. Even the idea that Rey is
a daughter of Leia Skywalker doesn’t hold water, since Leia says herself that if she
had kept her son close, she could have kept him from falling to the Dark Side. So why
would she make the same mistake twice, or let Luke make it himself? There’s A Better Story To Tell At this point, the best surprise would have
to be the biggest. And with all the rumors spinning and theories being built, the biggest
surprise would probably be if Rey’s true parents were… just some random people. Maybe
a jedi, or another character or family from the previous films, but definitely not a Skywalker.
We would be just as happy as the fans to see that twist played out with love and purpose,
but c’mon: the third time telling the same story would be… well, less groundbreaking
than fans were told to expect. And would the prophecy of the Chosen One bringing
balance to the The Force, an act completed when Anakin and Luke both defeated the Dark
Side, be better, or worse, if it was just continued for another chapter? Anakin fell
to the Dark, so Luke could save him from it… and Rey could do the same over again? The
more interesting answer is that fans haven’t seen the ending to this story before: maybe
the beginning, and maybe even the middle, but shrouded in mystery, they won’t see
the conclusion coming until it’s here. Could Rey be a descendant of Obi-Wan Kenobi
instead, with Luke forced to train his friend’s descendant, moving Luke completely into the
role of his former Master? Maybe Rey was the daughter of another missing Jedi, or even
a Rebel hero too dangerous to even name? It’s the same idea as mentioned earlier: if Rey’s
identity or lineage is meant to be a mystery, then we tend to think just a single movie
in, it still is. If we’re wrong, and Rey really is Luke’s daughter, then it’s not
the twist, surprise, mystery, or story that fans – or the filmmakers – must have hoped
for. And we can’t help but think feel that Abrams would have done a better job of hiding
it so close to the start. Conclusion So what do you think? Has the mystery already
been solved, or do you think there’s a bigger surprise in store, or something fans are missing
on purpose? Make sure you take a closer look at our previous investigation into the top
theories on Rey’s identity, and let us know your own theories and thoughts in the comments.
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100 thoughts on “Star Wars Secrets: Who REALLY Is Rey’s Father? [Documentary]

  1. She's Han's daughter, her mother being Qi'ra, with Maul being Qi'ras direct threat, it ties perfectly together with Kenobi and Rey being so intermingled into the skywalker/solo/kenobi/maul lines. Qi'ra being a shady figure, Han being a shady figure, balancing on the edge of the darkside/lightside stands to reason. That coloring her motivation for being a grey jedi (Skywalker, rather than a Jedi) allowing attachments and the use of the darkside, for good.

  2. Rey is a Mary Sue. She doesn’t have a father because feminists don’t “need a man”

  3. Vader could have still had other children later in life. Those children would have had children of there own. That would explain everything.

  4. I think Ray is a clone of Luke from his hand. That was found and preserved along with the light saber. So in a fact Rey is Luke. but because of damage when the clone was made it was a girl instead of a boy like Luke. The seen with the mirror with Rey over and over is saying no parents, but look I am a clone.

  5. The story of this Star Wars is backwards now. Han Solo and Lea is Rey's parents. Kylo is Luke's son who was adapted by Han and Lea, so they can keep an eye on the strongest Skywalker. But Lea as seen in the movie, she has more power than Luke. She can breathe in space, psychic ability, can see past and future. Just like Rey. Pilot skills and fixing is same as Han Solo. Kylo and Luke are mostly the same. Remember like almost join Anikin (Darth Vader) to the dark side. Which Kylo already embraced.

  6. The lightsaber part is not correct thought. Luke lost the original one (which he got from Kenobi in episode 4) when his hand was cut of by Vader in episode 5. Then in episode 6 luke turned himself in on Endor and Vader made a remark that he saw that he constructed a new lightsaber, which made the cycle complete.
    I think rey is the daughter of Leia and Han, and younger sister (or maybe even twin) of kylo. Just like Leia and Luke were seperated.

  7. Walt Disney has brought Star Wars to new heights. 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍

  8. My theory is that Rey was created by Anakin with his Midichlorians. Just as Anakin was born.

  9. Han Solo and Leia are her parents kylo Ren is her twin brother they hid her the same way they hid Luke and Leia

  10. watch disney ruien this last one like game of thrones ruiend season 8 hahahaa

  11. I'ld be amused if Kylo is the Skywalker who rises, and Rey is the daughter of Qi'ra, but not holding my breath for that.

  12. What about the boy that moved the broom with the force? Thought he would become something.

  13. What if Luke is her "father" but only because she has been cloned from his severed hand? That provides a sweet little twist to the "Luke is her father" idea.

  14. She could be Darth mauls daughter because she has a double sided lightsaber and a robe similar to his at the end of the trailer.

  15. I think rey is the offspring from one of padmes sisters children from attack of the clones. Her sister had two children so there's a good chance.

  16. My first thought is Han and Leia are her parents. Rey is the twin of Ben. Now it may seem she could be a Kenobi, or yes even a child made from Midichlorians just like Anakin. Maybe even a granddaughter of Qui-Gon Jinn.

  17. Star Wars is a science fiction story
    There are time travels in sci fi stories…
    Maybe the Force can bend time for Time Travel
    Instead of searching who are REY's parents…
    Start wondering who is REY's Child….
    Rey is Anakin's Mother…. and Kylo Ren is his father
    And Luke felt that Kylo (his nephew) would be his own grandfather and tryed to kill him
    to avoid all this to happen…
    and that's why the last episode is called "Rise of the Skywalker"…
    cause Rey is the starting point of the whole Skywalkers story.
    What ???

  18. I think Rey was created by Palpatine. Maybe he was controlling her this whole time. I think she will turn to the dark side in Rise of Skywalker

  19. All I know is Star Wars has gone downhill. They shouldn’t have killed off Han Solo yet. He was one of the best actors on the series. I like the back stories like solo and rogue one. But these last couple appear to be just thrown together.

    And the prequels could have been better. Both actors who played attikan were poor choices and they could have had a better back story about atikan(please excuse my spelling) rather than him being born to a Virgin Mary. The father could have died or something. And him all of the sudden being of age to court padme just was creepy. Made her appear to be a pedophile or cougar.

    They just should have stopped with the first 3 until they could come up with better stories.

    How they remade Star Trek was genius. Which is why I was disappointed with JJ Abrams work in Star Wars. Abrams is better than that

  20. It frequently happens that the parents of a main character are killed off because they would have detracted from the hero or heroine. Most mythic heroes have dead parents or are orphaned which allows them to grow and blossom without entanglements, pardon any unintended disrespect. But frankly, I could care less for this character of Rey, and if she was a foundlng whose parents are anonymous, it has no meaning really for her character. The flashbacks merely intend to show association with Skywalker brand, and do not really offer any information about the character herself. But we do not really need them, in my opinion. Just make a preachy feminist film and be honest about it – that is my two cents.

  21. Rey being a Skywalker doesn't ruin anything. The hint drops only confirm what true SW fans are thinking, but it isn't set in concrete, yet. Helloooo..all the SW films are CENTERED around SKYWALKERS. Why would Rey need a different lineage so as not to 'disappoint'? I certainly would be disappointed if she doesn't have Skywalker blood. And I think the title hints at the fact that it will be concretely confirmed. We already know Kylo (Ben) is a Skywalker..because Leia is. No need for the double entendre or ambiguity. The 'secret' is how/why she was left on Jakku. And I seriously begrudge any commentator posting vids that deign to tell me how I feel about something in a SW movie. Especially, one who wasn't even old enough to see the originals (4,5,6) when they hit the theaters and had to wait nearly 10 yrs for the follow-ups. You kids have it way too easy, and whine about everything.

  22. His father is MICKEY MOUSE!! Disney made star wars is a joke!! Not watching it!!

  23. Its was leaked a while ago that it was obi wan. they probably have changed the story by now to "subvert our expectations", but the "evidence" was supposed to be her force powers were exactly the ones obi wan used in A New Hope.

  24. The last trailers

    So do you guys think papaltine is her father
    Os some how the noise from vader and palpatine can it make it seem

    Some how when he put anakin back together and made vader that he wasent that powerfull… could he have taken some of his force and his

    And some way sone how….

    Created Rey

    Or by the words

    Yes is in" cuote

    Dose it mean he made a posesssion of Rey

    And made his force and vader posible to posses rey

    And may the real fight be how palppatine force and Vader fight within rey to who will her choose to control her the light side or dark side

    Reply me please this is allsome

  25. Reys parents are Darth Maul and Kira. It came to me at 5am in a force induced dream.🤣

  26. Star Wars needs to end. 40 years and 9 movies. It's been a great run, but everything that has a beginning has an end. All these children with force powers carrying on a legacy that only shows their affinity for disobedience. Was it not a main rule that Jedi Knights were not to have families or offspring?

  27. Rey wasnt left with Unkar Plat. She ended up working for him after whomever she was left with died.

  28. Stolen from Luke’s wife! And sold to a junkyard owner!! He bought the millennium falcon why not Luke’s daughter. The whole time Luke turned the force off. He couldn’t feel his wife and daughter needed him. So bounty hunters got paid to take her. That would be very cool!

  29. This is going to sound messed up, but what if before Luke and Leia discovered they were brother and sister, they had sex and she got pregnant and she didn't know she was pregnant until after Return of the Jedi ended? I know, I know… But considering Ray was just dropped on jakku and left there, wouldn't it make sense?

  30. A Palpatine. Illegitimate Daughter of Ken and Great Granddaughter of Emperor Sheev Palpatine..

  31. I know the truth rays mom and dad are laiya and hons they had twins kilo and were split up do to the empire and the new sith lord and they knew that kilo was evil and ray would come and kill her brother kilo

  32. Sorry if I take actors' ages too seriously but…Daisey Ridley (Rey) is 27 years old and Adam Driver (Ben Solo/Kylo Ren) is 35 years old. Rey is too young to be the daughter of either Luke Skywalker or Han Solo. Sooooo, what if Han Solo had a child (son or daughter) that he did not know about with Qi'ra? And THAT child had a daughter that was Rey. It would explain why Luke, Leia, and Han never recognize Rey when they meet her. What if Rey's mother was Han Solo's daughter and Rey's father was a descendent of Obi Wan Kenobi? (Or of course it could Rey's father who was with Obi Wan Kenobi's daughter) Hmmmm. It would explain her abilities with the Force and why she isn't recognized, but would still give her a backstory that explains why she is so important. It would also explain why they made the Solo movie!

  33. What if Jimmy Smiths character, who raised Leah, be Rey’s father. Maybe she was left because it was too difficult to keep the secret of Leah’s father wouldn’t work, because something happened to Smith’s wife and she couldn’t bare another child. It’s probably not what’s happening, but it’s a theory.

  34. Mara Jade is Confirmed so Luke is her Father And Kylo Ren Lied about Them Being Nobodies To Make Her turn to The Dark Side or a clone from Luke's Hand

  35. A solo for sure, I even wrote a short story on it free no smash words called Vader's sister.

  36. Rey is the product of a Union between, Admiral Thrawns top imperial destroyer commander(with high medyclorian avg.) and the Jedi she came to love,after the fall of the Palpatine&his 1st. Galactic Empire. It has been written &done,but, Not revealed or filmed…

  37. I know it’s predictable and unpoetic but I really want her to be a skywalker

  38. Well they abandoned her on the planet, right? That’s what she remembers. Lol

  39. I had always believed her parents were … Han & Leia … Leia is a Skywalker duh (Aniken and Padmay had twins Luke and Leia! Leia was only an Oganna by adoption she is a Skywalker by birth!

  40. jabba was the father and salacious crumb the mother or other way around i think

  41. Ray has two possible outcomes….
    She a daughter of no-one one..
    Or her grandmother (Satine Kryze) father is Emperor Palpatine & her grandfather is Obi-Wan Kenobi.

  42. Ray has two possible outcomes….
    She a daughter of no-one one..
    Or her grandmother (Satine Kryze) father is Emperor Palpatine & her grandfather is Obi-Wan Kenobi.

  43. Is it not in the title? The Rise of Skywalker? If Rey is not a Skywalker then what skywalker are we talking about?

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