Starry Eyes | Original Poem

for the girl that looked at him starry eyes don’t be afraid, tell the whole world your story, scream, write without hidden meaning, share what needs to be shared for your sake and ours don’t forget to stick the quite moments in your pocket every time the sound of what happened
won’t leave every time your screams echo back hold the moments in your hand let them warm your fingertips and use
the silence to paint your world with stillness you’ll say your eyes are stuck that they looked only for him, only for him you’ll say it again: only for him and again and he will stick and the rest will leave each letter floating away slower than the last enjoying the taste each memory leaves in
your mouth, don’t forget to watch as they disappear into the clear, blue sky your eyes won’t sparkle anymore but your eyes will always be filled with stars in an universe that doesn’t always
understand that a red giant takes it’s time to turn into a nebula
but you’ll learn that in school where the boys are sweet but not like him, nothings like him he stuck but your name was lost to the
sky long ago because his mind is light and your eyes are stars life is a city where there’s too much light and most stars are never seen but he will stick and your story will become him because you weren’t afraid to share but you don’t have to be your story but
his story has always been him and your name is a word that’s been

7 thoughts on “Starry Eyes | Original Poem

  1. Very good and very well put together. I like what you did with the focus in a few of the shots. 

  2. Beautiful! I recently discovered your channel and it is great. Keep up the great work. Hopefully you get the recognition you deserve soon. 

  3. Gorgeous! I have been thinking about turning some of my poems into cute videos like this. Using yours as an extra push to get me there! Subscribed!

  4. You, and George Watsky inspired me to write poems 🙂 I am not. uploading it on YouTube yet but I do it in my own secret seconds
    You inspired a soon to be 14 year old 😀

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