100 thoughts on “Starting Medical School at Age 37– Terrible Idea? | Wednesday Checkup

  1. Yessss i love this guy. And it's true ageist do exist out there and sometimes ruin the experience of being a student.

  2. When people tell education is waste of time and will just put you in credit for the rest of life. The answer is this men and others somewhere there.

    This is true. I have a MS. In Drilling Engineering and I’m Permafrost researcher. I feel I still have a lot to read. Currently I’m reading a Drilling book and I feel that I still have a lot to learn, that’s why I read everyday to overcome these situations.

  3. Yo tengo 28 años, actualmente en mi 11° año de Medicina. residente de segundo año de Dermatología y la verdad si tuviera que reiniciar toooodo la verdad no lo haría 🙁

  4. Having started dental school at 34 as a second career, I feel like I really understand this guy.

  5. This man is so genuine….Dr Mike you’re lucky to have such a friend 🤠

  6. OMG, I can so much relate to him. I'm planning to enter into medical school and I've been through a lot of doubts. I have 3 higher education degrees and my fate made me a teacher in a medical school (I teach medical English). And it's been such a peculiar experience: I sit across my students at the teacher's desk and so much want to be in their place, I want to wear a white coat like them and study, study, study… And I know nobody in my family would support me in this decision but I feel like I won't fulfil my purpose in life if I won't become a doctor

  7. I would love to be a doctor but I think I’m not bright enough to do it.

  8. Here I am, surrounded myself with stupid people that make me feel bad for starting nursing at 26 years old. I love this video ❤️❤️❤️

  9. So i'll be 22 in 3 months :') and i have been thinking about retaking the admission exam which is next june, qnd go for my dream job, i thought its way too late and now… I am really surprised.

  10. This case will never happened in Indonesia cz they will automatically reject you just because the age and it's not fare! I mean come on! Age can't stop you from being awesome passionate people! Salute to you doc~

  11. This inspire me a lot to pursue this dream at this point of my age. Thanks Doc Mike! Love u! 💓

  12. my dad took the EXACT same path as Dr Espina, this is so funny for me lol. I…have an art degree…but I am really thinking about going back to school for something medical. it'll be a lot harder since I didn't do anything worthwhile in undergrad

  13. It's never late to start something new. What if you thought you are in your 40s and that it was already too late to study to become doctor and ditch the plans and then you lived until 100 years. You gonna be thinking about it for a long time … all the what ifs… I know people would like to retire at 65 and not work but it all comes down to how passionate you are.

  14. I normally really enjoy your content but this time you came off as almost rude. Let the interview be about who you are interviewing and not about them talking about you. You kept prompting him to talk about you or you brought it back to you over and over again. It kept interrupting what was an interview with an extremely interesting person.

  15. Nice vid but I'd rather burying this video in middle Earth than show it to my family.

  16. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG THIS MAN KNOWS what he is talking about . he wallah should have a TV Program .he touched my wounds .
    i would love to hear him speaking , Explaining limitlessness .

  17. ffs this guy is super smart!!! ……. me crawling away in humiliation and shame right now 🙁

  18. Wow. I can't believe I could relate to Dr. Luis. I'm only 22 and a Biotechnology graduate. What an inspiration.

  19. I sorely needed this. As a 33 year old ICU RN who graduated near the bottom of his university class and currently going through the premed curriculum on his own, this was refreshing to watch; I just hope that I am that lucky enough to be where he is now….happy with his career change and at peace with the world…..

  20. I am a second year medical student. I stated when I was 30 after completing a BSc, MRes and PhD. I still doubt myself. But this doubt is a product of society trying to push its insecurity on me.

  21. Dr. Espina "I was afraid of everything"
    It just hit me.
    I'm afraid too but I know I what in dealing with.
    I will not quit.

  22. This man is amazing. I hope to become so well educated and articulate by the time I’m his age.

  23. This is very inspirational. I thought I was very late already since I have to re-study again in France. Thanks for this video. It removes the stress on me feeling I'm running out of time.

  24. Trying to convince my husband to do the same. His first choice was to be a doctor and unfortunately, he was funded to be an engineer. He is brilliant, but the problem is he still wishes he would have gone ahead and become a doctor. He just turned 40 and when I came across a doctor who started practicing at 51 I tried to convince him more, but now that we married he hates the hours. SAD

  25. I met a Dr. Who while younger lived through the 1929 crash and the great depression. It forced many to change their life plans, then WWII. So he settled into this adjusted life until he decided that he needed to return to his dream of being a Dr. That the country tragedies disrupted. He returned as an older adult student and got his medical degree with license.

  26. This has nothing to do with this video but can you please make a video about skincare.

  27. Embracing your own ignorance and being willing to always learn and valuing the human experience… Marks of a great doctor!

  28. I am a lawyer, and now a second semester medical student. Life is all about doing what makes you happiest.

  29. Watching this all the way from South Africa 🇿🇦.. I’m 24 years of age and I’m a qualified Medical scientist. I’ve always wanted to go back to school and study medicine but I’ve always had the fear that I was a bit too old. This year I decided to apply and next year I’m going back. This video has just validated my decision. It’s never too late to follow your dreams. I can never thank you enough for this video. This is beautiful. Thank you ☺️. I’m in complete awe, this left me in tears 😭

  30. I bet people told him he was having a midlife crisis. Don’t ever listen to doubt. You got this! Chase your dreams!!!

  31. I love Dr. Luis. He’s awesome. Is he Cuban? He sounds Cuban.

  32. I'm a pharmacist and i just got enrolled this year in med school at 23..

  33. "That you would have to kill me to make me quit" . Motivation recharged😌

  34. It's not nearly the same as being a Dr. obviously but I went to nursing school at the age of 48. I was worried about being so old but there was actually a woman who was 50 so I was not the oldest, lol. The other students were all in their 20's, but we all bonded through the stress and strain of nursing school! I've been a nurse now for 8 years. I don't regret going back to school, and would encourage anyone to go, no matter what their age. By the way, my daughter-in-law is starting medical school this fall!

  35. It would have a been a really inspiring video but Mike just kept disrupting during the interview.

  36. Kindred spirits!! I love this. I'm in my 3rd year of med school now, and it's tough. This gives me excitement that there is Joy and beautiful life to be lived on the other side.

  37. Has he written any books because if so I will read the living crap out them. I want to sit down with him and talk about life for hours.

  38. I'm 86 and starting medical school next week! I will be the oldest medical school entrant in the history of the world!
    No joke, my world record will be what keeps me going through it all.

  39. I did engineering and am thinking of now going into medical school. From reading the comments, I'm so glad to see I'm not the odd one out.

  40. This was just the video I needed. I’m only 27 though. I left my job in the Navy as a corpsman in 1st marine division at 24 and felt really behind the curve, but this puts things into perspective for me and makes me feel great and motivated again. I’m coming back to the school that I left for a year (due to being discouraged and disgruntled) this fall and I’m really feeling great.

  41. I could conceivably have called Mike a pretty boy and disregard his generous personality. Seeing that he has friends from different age groups, ethnicities and backgrounds, he's pretty on the inside.

  42. I worked for a medical device company for 25yrs, but one of the Electrophysiologists I've worked with served as a Marine and then got his Engineering degree and later his Medical Degree with a specialty in electrophysiology.

  43. I have my A&P license and work in aviation. I’m 53, and am considering a career change to medicine. However, I don’t think my age will allow me to obtain a residency once out of school. Also, if I did manage to obtain a residency, I’d be so close to retirement age, I don’t think I’d ever pay my student debt off.

  44. Dr. Luis looks like the "man in black" from the TV show Lost…………

  45. im 65 studying for my high school equivalency. im definitely fo shizzy motivated to be a ducter. its never two lighr

  46. Wowowwoowwo! Thank you sooooo much Dr. Mike for this interview and thank you Dr Espina. I started mes school at 28 and i had to stop it for 2 and a half years and i just got back and i'm 32 and this gave me a breath of fresh air. I' facing fears and inadecuacies but i love science and medicine. Hopefully God will help me achieve to the goal. It is hard for me because i have 3 children and a husband, but God is in control and I know He will guide me through mes school and residency.

  47. Wow…fascinated by you,,doctor,,,im also thirty seven,,,and wanna start residency,,and am afraid alot,,,,,,i hope ur experience would give me more encouragement

  48. Gracias doctor me encantó el doctor hispano parece dominicano como yo gracias por traducirlo un abrazo usted es lindo por dentro y por fuera ♥️✌🙏🇩🇴en New York

  49. I've been working as a veterinary assistant since I was 20 (I'm 28 now) and just recently I decided to go back to school to eventually become a radiologist after working in the radiology department at an animal hospital. I've been feeling a mixture of emotions because I'm changing careers late in my 20s and will be starting medical school in my 30s. This video definitely helped me cope with those emotions. I don't know why I feel this way because my mom is in her 50s and she's in school for her masters. I'm proud of her and I think of her as an inspiration, but somehow I look down on myself.

  50. I’ve been a nurse for 25 years, at the old age of 47, I’m going to start degree in medicine. This is such a motivating video. Thank you

  51. “You would gave to kill me to make me quit” I’m posting this on my wall

  52. This is exactly what I needed to hear! I’m currently 23 and in Nursing School. My issue is that I’ve always wanted to be a doctor, I love nursing but I love the idea of being a doctor so much more. I’ve finally decided that once I’m done with nursing school I will be heading back to finish a Bio degree to pursue my true passion, while working as a nurse. I can’t settle on the idea of sticking with nursing when I know what I truly want to be. I refuse to give up on my true dream all because I thought I would be too old. 🙂

  53. He's done all those jobs. Is an engineer AND a doctor. Man, sometimes you just have to look at yourself in the mirror and ask "And what have you done lately??"

  54. I graduated this past May from college with a bachelor of science in psychology. I wish I had gone more into an area that has more of a solid foundation in skills and knowledge, an area to help people, and I turned 40 this summer. It is a very real and very different experience going back older.

  55. I thought I was old for trying to get into med school at 19 but k now I feel better

  56. I couldn't do it and kudos to anyone who can. I'm about to be 30 in 3 days and I'm just about to get my associates in Biology, pursuing a degree in bioinformatics in the next 2 years. But 8 to 10 years for med school?! Hell no. I need to work and relax afterwards enjoy my retirement and my family

  57. It is neverrrr too late to be and accomplish what you want , especially if the system already being flawed and public school system a complete failure………yeah go for it👍✊👏

  58. I was an engineer and decided that I wanna be a dentist it’s crazy , messy , heart racing and amazing

  59. I run the coffee shop in a medical school and there are students of all ages there. Never let your age stop you.

  60. Here’s my situation, I studied Optometry…. graduating this year!
    Butttt, I don’t love Optometry
    I’m 24 and I have plans to do medicine and specialize in opthalmology
    People tell me I’m crazy, that’s I wasted my degree etc
    Any advice ?

  61. I cant be the only one that at first he was negan from walking dead 🤷‍♂️

  62. This man, judging by the way he talks about his patients, is the ideal family physician. Is he taking on patients as a family GP? I live in Canada and that might be a problem but it would be amazing to to have him as a family doctor for my family and myself!

  63. Omg..Thank you soo much for this video, considering that im pursing the same pathway….its keeping me motivated.

  64. Inspiring…especially going back to school while carrying the responsibility of supporting and raising children, I have a kid which I support too also planning on going to medical school it will be hard but I’m sure it’s worth it after hearing your journey! You should def write a book about your journey and the love you have for medicine and compassion for the well being of the patients! Just beautiful! ❤️

  65. you were 24 when you started residency?!?! so that means you finished undergrad at 20 years old… what age did you finish high school?

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