StartleBloom: The GCU Literary Review

startled bloom is GCU student literary review we select a student editorial board and we put out a call for submissions in the fall and it's for all on ground and online students can submit and they submit poetry short fiction up to eight pages and artwork photography painting drawing the one we have now is our second volume so last year and this year we got over 150 submissions for each volume when these submissions come in they come in from across the university there are students writing poetry and fiction and taking photographs and making paintings from across the disciplines so you don't have to be an English major or an art major to be a creative writer or an artist I definitely think that the students can benefit from startle bloom in a multitude of ways it's just it's cool to be like hey like this is student based like like the professors are part of it but they just do like the legalities and stuff being an English major I have three pieces published and that's really good for my resume it can help in a multitude of ways and it's just it's really cool to like come together and be like hey like we have talent like as a student body the everyday student isn't as exposed to literature as every student might have been 20 30 50 years ago so the fact that a very modern very progressive school like TCU is still sort of reaching back into the past and allowing students to have a very simple opportunity to get published I think that that is something that's very special because that opportunity doesn't really exist much anymore personally speaking I've gotten so much out of being a part of starter bloom and a literary review just writing opportunities going into the professional world of writing being able to prepare for that just being able to express yourself and having other people see that what you can do what you can write who you are maybe outside of pre-med or maybe who you are outside of the track team you know you just get to express yourself

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