Stephanie Poetri Tells Us About Her First Times

hi everyone I’m Stephanie poetry and I’m here with BuzzFeed to talk about my first times I’m like dreading this honestly first celebrity you’ve ever met um I guess my mom I was in the delivery room and I turned around I was like oh hey mom can have a picture no but she’s like pretty big in Indonesia as that’s why I’m singing yeah she inspired me but like outside of Indonesia um honestly I’ve never met anyone and I’m in New York right now so I don’t know why I haven’t seen anyone first concert you ever attended when I was a kid and my family for some reason really liked Linkin Park I was like six and I watch Linkin Park but the one that I paid for twice they’re so amazing their dances hey let me go do you know I love white groups too you know I don’t discriminate first song you sing at karaoke I go with the classic Bohemian Rhapsody cuz like you don’t even have to sing it on key and it’s still like pretty lit so that’s just how it be sometimes first musical inspiration I grew up with like a lot of rock bands and like you look at me now and you can’t tell but it was probably like My Chemical Romance like I love MCR first time someone recognized you in public the first time I got recognized for my song I love you 3000 I was at the airport in New York and someone who came up to me and was like hey I love your song I was shook you know I didn’t think people like outside of Indonesia knew but they knew so I mean you really have to eat first cell phone I think everyone’s first cell phone is like an Nokia but I got the one that was like sliding in the back my dad wrote my name was like a whiteout so that was iconic and like the white I would start to like fall off so I had like a bunch of like remanence of whiteout on my phone that was not iconic first album you bought okay okay the first album I bought with my money my own money was a got7 album I loved look their comeback look I just needed album so you know first app you check in the morning probably Instagram I talked with my friends through DM Ola we have like a group where we just said means I need my name of the day like that’s the first thing I need you know – laughs first delivery first celebrity crush Oh No Oh Sebastian’s fans like I said I saw him on um once upon a time like when I was really young he was like the Mad Hatter and I was just like who who is this man yeah I was except or into him and he came out as a character in Marvel I was like oh this mom man I love seeing people who I used to like Ann decidedly they’re like big again it was nice too much wrist lyric you wrote on I Love You 3000 I wrote it like through an Instagram story like for fun I did like the chorus super quickly I would didn’t know what rhymes with thousand so I went you know and searched that out and I found husband so I was like okay I want you to be my husband yeah I’m not I’m not good at rhyming so I need help shout out rhymes ooh first time he realized your song went viral did it thing is it kind of grew really like slowly it was very like organic it didn’t just suddenly boom it was when I saw on Spotify I was like number one global viral cuz that I thought that was just big in Indonesia but really not as I was like really shocked by that that was when I thought okay this is real guys I’m lying to me first time you performed for an audience I have a funny story for this I was like for like for my mom wanted me to sing with her for like this family thing I was young you know I was dumb I sang way too quickly and everyone laughed at me and yeah that traumatized me for like years it took like 10 years for me to just be okay on stage again i’m mechana as you can sell stuff it’s good I don’t hate your mom it’s fine first thing you do when you wake up I want to say drink water but honestly it’s probably like check my phone cuz I want to see what time what time it is if it’s early then I probably do nothing but if I realize it’s late then I like go crazy and go to the bathroom and take a shower or not I use a lot of perfume so you never know first time you played an instrument I learned how to play piano and I was really young by myself I didn’t even know what u2 was back then so I was just like pressing keys even until now I play the piano like this like a velociraptor but it’s my style it’s fine I guess I can’t do class like I can’t do like the cool ones so I’m just like food first song you ever wrote I remember this super like clearly I was like nice I wrote a song about a castle and a princess and I had it in like my little notebook honestly it was iconic I should release it I’m kidding it was so bad but it was a good starting point because now I’m here and I’m excited yeah this is the last one first thing I ate when I got to America a New York Pizza cuz we were like super hungry and we heard like New York pizzas were what so went and got that it was a I really like this thank you for having me BuzzFeed it was really fun to answer questions about first time maybe after you watch this video it could be your first time listening to my song I love you to 8,000 came from my heart to all of you so you guys enjoy and I’ll see you next time [Music]

100 thoughts on “Stephanie Poetri Tells Us About Her First Times

  1. so no one is gonna talk about her glowing shining shimmering splendid skin?! dude cmon

  2. she should’ve pronounce her name the way it was as “putri” instead of “poet-tri”

  3. i worked with her before on a youtube series called Anak Artis, and she’s the most humble and positive child of an artist. she was quite and shy back then, so i’m happy to see her grow so much in both career and personality

  4. Indonesian Girl, we proud of you ❤ Her Dad is an American & her Mom is an Indonesian. Her Mom live in Indonesia, and she is a famous Singer here. Here mom is a Diva in Indonesia. ❤

  5. growing up w/linkin park & MCR -> lucky girl, you've raised at a right childhood there #LPstan #welcometoblackparade

  6. Even on her Twitter she cover fancy dance 😁 yes stan Twice
    She has a good taste

  7. yang dari Indonesia 🇮🇩 mana suaranyaaaa??? yeah we love bohemian rhapsody 😄

  8. It's rare to see Asian artists make hits in the US music industry except the Kpop idols, but now we have 88rising!🤩😇💞

  9. OMG!!! I'm from Indonesia!!! Me and my friend love her song!!! And I love you 3000 💗💗💗

  10. •Linkin Park
    •Sebastian Stan

    Gw suka semuanya yang dia sebut, selera kita sama 🙂

  11. I just found out about her a few weeks ago. I love her! Shes so sweet and has great taste 😍😍😍

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