Steven Willis – Audio Matters Slam Poetry

When I was young,
and an impressionable and pompous preteen with a tongue – too flippant and too ignorant to know it’s power, my mother would remind me… God gave us one mouth and two ears to show us that listening is twice
as important When silence, was a sound synonymous with darkness and speech stood,
as the only utensil nimble enough to extract color from chaos A “Let There Be” resonated into the psyche
of the abyss bringing all that we see into existence. Where would we be,
if the universe did not have an ear to hear? the beckoning of creation. Perhaps… we will forever be punctuated in the primitive. Stuck, in a state so elegant that the
clanging cymbals of mere survival would drown the symphony of sophistication. Or maybe… we will remain in the time
before the millennium. When the world was plagued by war,
and the measure of human intelligence was was based on how quickly
and swiftly they could destroy. A time, where intolerance was a blaring soundtrack,
used to make the voices of the oppressed inaudible. But luckily for us,
the proud heard justice call. And marched, in protest in the meter of freedoms rings, so today… when most of reality is experienced
with a seven second delay and a cell phone camera offers more
clarity than hindsight yeah… the visuals are cool, but the audio still matters. It is the irreplaceable portion
of our existence so whether a camera, a cell phone,
or a microphone, we must never stop listening. For it has always been the catalyst to our growth the reason for creation and our justification, for change.

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