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G’day, I’m Jacob from Make Science Fun,
thanks for joining me today. I’ve got a good friend, now, he’s got a problem, he
obviously needs a haircut. I think he looks worse than that sheep that was
found the other day been lost in the bush. His other problem is he can’t stand
coal, you know that black stuff under the ground, he can’t stand that being dug out
and being burned to make electricity. We’ve got a bit of a wager, for every
thousand views that this video gets, he’ll cut off one centimetre of hair. I
don’t really know what the issue is Dick? I mean, coal under the ground, what good
is it doing there, it’s not like the ground above it’s being used for any
like real good purpose. You can plant crops anywhere in Australia, once the
coals dugout think of the landscape that’s been left behind. I mean, that
looks just like the moon or even Mars. Think of the money that NASA can save, no
longer do we have to go visit the moon, we’ll have black plenty of craters right
here in Australia. It’s not like coal is dirty or anything, and when they dig it
out and it makes a bit of dust, well it’s easy to keep that dust down by spraying
it with water pumped out of the local creeks and lakes, it’s not like the farmers need water for irrigation now is it. And when that water does eventually make it back
to the creeks and rivers, doesn’t matter if it’s a little bit acidic does it?
Wouldn’t bother the fish any! And as for mining it, as if coal mining would cause
any injuries or accidents or anything like that, honestly! And once you’ve dug
it up, you make it out like you’ve got to transport this coal like with trucks on
the road! Dick, that would wreck the roads mate! Have you not been
watching TV and seeing the latest technology. I mean Star Trek, transporter!
Hey! or even Stargate! We can transport things these days not a problem at all!
Who would need trucks trucks and once you’ve got the coal, why wouldn’t you burn it? It’s not like
it’s made out of carbon or anything. Imagine that, huh, if it’s made out of
carbon and you’re burning it air, well that would make carbon dioxide, duhhh,
as if we’d be doing that, haven’t you heard of global warming? Fair dinkum! Get
a grip. When we burn coal to make electricity. That’s thirty percent efficient!
Yeahhhh! We’re able to get thirty percent of that energy out as electricity. Only
seventy percent of it goes to waste, it’s easy to get rid of waste heat, you just pump
it into local lake! Look at the weed that grows, too bad if it stinks and builds up,
you got to give someone a job to do to like collect all the weed and stack it
up on the banks and let it rot. Ohhhh what’s that smell! And the schools in
the area! Dick, did you know that if you’re a school on the Central Coast and you
can see the ash chimneys from your school the electricity company gives
your school a thousand dollars! Do you know how many masks that’s able to buy!
Stop thinking of yourself in the environment all the time William and if
we did stop burning coal for electricity where would we get the electricity from?
I know you keep going on about these magic thin panels that make like
light into electricity. Oh abracadabra! Get real! If we could do that why would
we still be burning coal for electricity? Stupid! My backyard is not big enough for
the magical abracadabra solar things, huh! He’s been telling me that Germany
supplies most of its low electricity with these solar thingies! Well that
might be the case, there’s a lot of sun in Germany Dick. Have you seen the size
of Germany compared to Australia, they’ve got the room mate, next you’re gonna
propose that you can put like these solar thingies on cars and boats, you’re
out of your mind! What next? You’re gonna tell me you can get electricity out of
thin air coo coo coo coo, I just laughed out loud! So Dick, I refuse to do an anti – coal
video for you just so you can get a haircut, global warming, climate change,
it’s just a bunch of hot air mate! And there’s nothing that we can do
about it!

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