Stop Wasting Time

I always put things off.
I leave things to the last minute and then regret it.
There are even times when I have something I need to do,
And it’s something I want to do, And as I’m about to see it through,
It seems like anything else will do. Because I am a procrastinator,
I put things off and say ‘I’ll do it later’; I am my own manipulator,
Tricking myself that time is on my side, When it’s not. Because I am a time evaporator,
I put things off and say ‘I’ll do it later’; I am a distraction generator,
Finding anything and everything to do, Except that one thing. I am an attention detonator,
I put things off and say ‘I’ll do it later’; I need a focus investigator,
Because I am a perpetrator of crimes against productivity. I play it as cool as a refrigerator,
I put things off and say ‘I’ll do it later’; I am a panic operator,
I wait until the last minute until fear gets things done,
But what if there is no last minute, No deadlines to make us panic,
Then what? We would just continue forward forever,
Where we’d sit distracted by leisure, Chasing goals we will never treasure. But we are all procrastinators.
At risk of living life in line like spectators. Wanting to have done things more than do them,
But we do things more once we’ve done them. So let’s stop putting things off and become
life activators, time dedicators, opportunity creators, and do more. Life is there for the taking, but you have
to take it, if you want to make it. Life can be rewarding, but there is no award
for ambitions ignored. Whether it’s that project you’ve yet to
finish, Or that work you’ve yet to start, be smart. Good things DO NOT come to those who wait,
So don’t leave it to fate, your life deserves to be great,
Be the best version of you, before it’s too late. And if your attention ever fades, focus on
this old thought, That time is a thief that never gets caught.

100 thoughts on “Stop Wasting Time

  1. Hey Gary, thanks a lot for your heartfelt videos, they mean a lot ๐Ÿ˜‰

    This one was really a great move on your part (kudos for that).. You started your own challenge of doing on new video per week on 2017 by doing a video on all the reasons you did not put more videos on before.

    Ironic? Not really! Really cool and insightful.
    Everyone relates to this, one way or another ๐Ÿ˜‰

    ((kind of)) See you soon my friend, on the next video, (or not), if I decide not to procrastinate ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe
    Big hug!

  2. I want to learn to play acoustic guitar! And #TeamNikon!!! And, You are so dreamy!!
    Okay…Procrastinating now…. Bye! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Awesome lines. You're an inspiration bro. Keep up the good work. Love from India ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Thanks bro.
    I feel your words cos I kinda relate to it. it was as if you were talking about me, I keep putting things off a lot!
    That last line though .

  5. I needed this. I have such a big project and have been putting it off. Now I am in a rush to get it done. Never again.

  6. Thx for posting such an inspiring video. Your words are great and it inspire me a lot! Thx a lot Gary

  7. "There is no reward for ambition's ignored" – so powerful and a good reminder that I wrote it down in my bullet journal for a theme for March. (even though I watch this procrastinating writing a paper for university)

  8. i just watch this video but i dont know why i wanted to share my friend directly in front of me or media social but they all ignored.

  9. "Life can be rewarding but there's no reward for ambition ignored" perfectly said. (How true it is that I'm a "distraction generator"!)

  10. just wanna say thank you very much monsieur for this powerful and inspiring video. Am indeed nth% guilty of being one.

  11. Only just recently discovered you Gary Turk.
    Love your videos so much.
    They make me want to change so much.
    I just can't seem to find to strength.

  12. In my life experience no matter if you do something or if don't do it, something will happen. I don't question in class because they are going to be answered either way with time. I know it's a flawed way to think about life. But hey. Aren't we all living in our own subjective interpretations of reality.

  13. Peace be upon you. Your Videos is very beautiful and useful. Thank you , Greetings hafida from Algeria.

  14. And yet we spend 13 years in school wishing to get out

  15. Hi Gary, It's my pleasure having your videos in my playlist. I'm working on the British accent, and your videos are one of the most helpful resources to me.

  16. Why put off something for tomorrow when you can do it after tomorrow? -Mark Twain
    Time is not wasted if you enjoyed it. For all I know, I can die tomorrow. I would want to enjoy these maybe last moments.

  17. Leisure is venomous for goals. Respect from me to Gary. Thank you for your message.

  18. I'm actually procrastinating by watching this right no. I should stop watching now. Nice video though! Like it Alot!

  19. Gary a couple of your videos made me cry, I'm one month free of Instagram because of u helping me seal the coffin of that horrendous site. Thank you and God bless

  20. ฤฐ would find dozens of videos about procrastinating and then tap "watch later" button.But it's very compact and directive.Thanks!

  21. You said you'll make a video every week!! But it's been 3 months since your last video?

  22. That was so SO damn good, omg!! I feel like shit for months because of procrastination, but this gave me hope really thank u

  23. I am going to make time mine to do the work that i wanted to do not what youtube makes me to watch

  24. I am so depressed and filled with anxiety. I totally fucked up my life. I wanna die.

  25. So many of us fear progress because once you progress you can't turn back. The idea of leaping without a net below your feet is a fear some refuse to overcome–Because once you take that first step you never know where you'll land.

  26. I knew the beggining of this video was a lie detector because your home was too cleaned and organized for you to be a procrastinator.

  27. Dude don't know who you are,but It never hurts to say thank you to a stranger that might help you get to the stars..

  28. A day wasted now, is a day less at the end of your life, that you get to enjoy all the things you worked to achieve.
    Remember that.

  29. :C this wont be enough to save me, decade in and nothing not I has succeeded in fixing me. I'll just booze and smoke, erase my dreams as there are people more worthy and loved than I.

  30. Fell in love with this channel after watching ''look up'' I swear this channel is so underrated

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