Stowe Poet #3

all I hear is schemes then it stops for about two seconds is homestead site then you hear a pounding noise my world safe to shake an eyeful when I get back up I hear someone screaming someone screaming at the top of their lungs heart starts to pound I think it just broke wait no that lease massager class without you as your tentacles worthless machine hard to find without you are your skis with a concept pounding in my chest because I'm sitting like somebody dead because it constantly what I think friends figure you piece by piece and throw me away because they don't know it's not just not their class they don't know it's me a very open no bachata classes they don't pick me up because I know I sometimes I want to figure here then I'm not here to use I did this family and we're gonna go in our each other loss and you're the one who threw rocks at me it's all a shadow so now I don't forgive you and no I don't miss you because all the English neither class you're the one who made it that way [Applause]

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