Strawberry Jam – Kids’ Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

strawberry jam my brother is the world’s best strawberry fisher he’ll find strawberry in any jar of strawberry jam anywhere in the whole world. From the outside the jar might look as if they’re I just one or two tiny bits of strawberry in it. I stick my knife in and all I pull out is the strawberry jelly stuff. With no strawberries in it but once he gets hold of the jar he goes dipping with his knife sliding the knife into the jam very very slowly turning it around putting probing nudging deep down into the dark red and it’s not long before he pulls out a fat strawberry there it sits on the end of his knife look at that he says. Done it again that’s not fair I say. Mum look he’s fished out a strawberry and I don’t get any and I have to sit and watch him slowly open his mouth gently lifting his slice of toast up and then see him inching it with the fat strawberry sitting on the top. Straight into his mouth look mum look what he’s doing and I hear the mulchy sound inside his mouth as he munches it up. Sometimes when mom isn’t looking he opens his mouth to show me the mushed up toast and strawberry in there sticking to his tongue and teeth. It would be great if you subscribed that is become a subscriber that way you get to see when I post a new vids

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