Strict Rules That Kim Jong-Un’s Wife Has To Follow

but first presents strict rules that Kim jong-un’s wife has to follow number one first lady duties the first lady in every country has a very important role they’re just as much public figures as their husbands rice all’s you is Kim Jong Un’s wife who is the leader of North Korea before her marriage to the leader there really isn’t much of her personal life that’s known according to a few sources she studied music and singing in China she even visited South Korea before she got married for a cheerleading competition it’s not strange for there to be secrecy surrounding the first lady of North Korea Kim Jong Un’s father kept his multiple wives completely out of the public eye there are many rules that need to be followed by the first lady of North Korea number two an arranged marriage why Saul’s you didn’t meet her husband during a night out with friends she didn’t meet him in college and she didn’t meet him on a bus while these are common ways that couples around the world meet Kim jong-un and rice all Jews first meeting wasn’t romantic at all in fact the marriage was arranged when Kim Jong Un’s father found out that he was suffering from a deadly illness he arranged his son’s marriage immediately the couple was married before the old man died number three a rule that everyone must follow in North Korea there is one rule that every citizen must follow in North Korea if couples want to be married they cannot marry On February 16th which is Kim Jong Il’s birthday who is the grandfather of Kim Jong Yoon they also can I get married on April 15th which is Kim Jong Il’s birthday who is Kim Jong Un’s father on these days people are required to bring flowers to their statues and wear the cultural attire number 4 it is wise soldiers responsibility to portray perception of her husband through her personality Kim jong-un was people to look at him as a moderate and progressive man because of this he often has two women by his side his wife and his sister sister represents his conservative side by wearing traditional clothing and helping to make the country’s policies his wife represents his liberal side she wears western clothing she has an expensive hairdo and she tries to portray his lighter side number 5 she had to shed her birth name when she was married of all these strict rules that Kim Jong Un’s wife has to follow this is the craziest and just about every culture a wife will take her husband’s last name after marriage but she will keep her first name why Saul’s you had to take it a step further when she was married she had to drop her first and last name this is so she can maintain her privacy and everything in her past will remain a secret number 6 she cannot see her own family most adult children love to see their parents on a regular basis families often get together on holidays and other special occasions rice all Jews situation is different her father is a professor and her mother is a gynecologist due to her tight schedule she’s not able to see her parents due to all of her responsibilities as the wife of the supreme leader it’s impossible for her to take out time in her life to see your family her family is placed under secret status to that so the government can maintain her privacy number 7 her public appearances are restricted the first lady of the United States often makes public appearances on her own that’s not the case with rice all’s you while she does appear with her husband quite often you never will see her alone her children are also never seen unless they are with their father North Korea works very hard to be sure that the leaders family is kept private number 8 there are security protocols in place when it comes to security North Korea takes it just as seriously for rice all’s you and her children as the White House does for the first lady in the first children because North Korea is a communist state all of the information given to the citizens is controlled by the government since there is always tension between North Korea and other countries the supreme leader and isn’t haier family are always targets to keep the family safe there are very strict protocols in place number 9 she visits mourning sites why Saul’s you very rarely makes public appearances but when she does it’s usually to the memorial site for her father-in-law and her grandfather in-law she is required to visit these sites on anniversaries to leave flowers number 10 for children there have been several reports that rice all’s you was forced to have a child immediately after she got married there was also a great deal of pressure for her to have a son a son is the only child who can carry on the family dynasty when she’s carrying a child she’s not allowed to go out in public some people believe that kim jeong-hoon doesn’t want people to see her when she is carrying the extra pregnancy pounds others believe that he’s worried that somebody will try to hurt his wife and his heir there’s not much information about their children at all former NBA star Dennis Rodman visited North Korea a few times he’s very well acquainted with Kim jong-un and during one of his visits he stated that Zhang UN’s daughter sat on his lap he also stated that his wife has a very soft voice number 11 her past has literally been erased when rice all’s you married Kim jong-eun the government went to great lengths to hide everything they could about her past it’s been reported that she was once part of a band and they even released an album immediately after she was married all of the CDs were found and destroyed the government doesn’t want anyone to know who she was before she was married the last thing that Kim jong-un wants is for skeletons and his wife’s closet to come out he thinks this will make him appear weak and stupid for marrying a woman with a sordid past subscribe for more [Music] you

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  2. 1:36 its kim il sung not kim jong il kinm jong il is kim fattys father

  3. i feel so sorry for her she has no control of her life she might be executed by him if she break a rule .

  4. i bet he’s constantly cheating on her. wouldn’t be surprised if he was abusive too

  5. man! .. I can just said that looking at these two couples and all im shocked even the guy who talks behind the screen hat he didnt even noticed the fact that we are seeing the bigger picture there of suffering and ,torture, demanding and commanding .Skip it to 4:27 and you will noticed all the facial expressions on the face of those poor people who were in the picture with the Supreme Leader of north Korea. Damn… on the other hand Im sending this message from the pacific islands Near the Place Where the President of North Korea Threatened to Blow up. hahaha yeah… Im on one of the Neighboring islands. CHUUK Six9OnE STATE 96942. As Long As The U.S.A iS Still Up And WELL, WE WILL SURELY bE iN GOOD CARiNG HANDS THATS FOR SUrE.

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  7. North Korean citizen can observe a red latter day on every birthday of their leaders or kim reign but looks like this communist country rule by kim dynasty is gaining respect by means of force or atrocious way so indirectly this kim reign have done nothing till date 2019

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  9. I'm soo much blessed dt I born in beautiful nation India. .☺

  10. Thanks for informing us that she is also an alien like ordinary people of North Korea.

  11. He seems so happy and he seems to be a nice person..yet we all know the terrible cirkumstances in N.Korea,how and why does he continue to keep his country with an iron grip? Isn't it time to start to loosen up a little. Russia was guite the same before,now it is much better. Same with east Germany. But N.Korea continues the same way as before,no changes.

  12. That is so stupid. People that knew her personally before him naturally know who she really is

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  14. But, is there any truth to that Kim is really a closet homosexual and that Trump, a known bisexual, just wanted to try him on for size?
    …just asking…please confirm.
    그러나 김씨가 실제로 동성애자 동성애자라는 사실과 알려진 양성 애자 인 트럼프가 크기에 대해 시험해보기를 원한다는 사실이 있습니까?

    … 묻는 것만으로 … 확인해주십시오.

  15. I have one of her CDs didn't know they got destroyed might be worth money💰

  16. I thought kim john un kidnap his kids or r they his kids

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  18. Arranged marriage is such a cheap way for ugly fatso’s like him to ever have an glimpse of a relationship.

  19. Kim Jong Il has 2 birthdays
    First he is the Grandfather if Kim Jong Un
    Then Kim Jong Uns Father

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  24. Everyone here are thankful they are not born in North Korea.

    Makes sense, as they are the ones who can see this.

  25. That would be messed up if she is not allowed to divorce him 💀😭😭☠

  26. So sad people still support him bcos they have no choice at all .
    I hope he will regret all what he was doing .

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  30. When kim jong un will be arrested for his crime she will most likely judged for it too like it was done with hitler and mussolini. Even tho she may have had nothing to do with it or maybe never had the choice. Poor woman. Marrying that pig was certainly a death sentence.

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  32. You called Kim Jun un’s grandfather and father Kim jung il

  33. So she literally has no identity, no self worth aside from “Wife”

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