Structuralism Literary Theory: Crash Course for UGC NET English

22 thoughts on “Structuralism Literary Theory: Crash Course for UGC NET English

  1. Nice lecture man thank u very much I understand this topic clearly

  2. Thanks for the video, but I think you skipped the most important concept about the structuralism that in structuralism things are understood as they are part a larger structure, i.e., they cannot be understood in isolation but as part the larger structure.

  3. Your videos are very helpful to us mam I personally request to you plz use Hindi language sometimes bhut maja aayega smjh ne me.

  4. Mam whatever u discussed in the video , i m gonna to write important points…Will it be beneficial for semester exams…

  5. Madam plz made more videos on structuralism related to it's other terminology.

  6. Mam there are rare persons who has the faculty to define something Y are gifted

  7. Thank you so much ma'am! Tomorrow it's my exam of literary theory….

  8. mam can u plz make a video on how to critically analyse a sonnet plzz mam it is an humble request to u

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