Stuck: A Film-Poem (Punjabi)

Dedicated to each one of us city-dwellers that spent a good percentage of our lives stuck in traffic Looking for a space to park, we keep driving around in the city, at dusk the smart ones, they zip past ahead of you or else it’s “no parking” slow down and look for a spot, you are greeted by the impatient grunts that pierce you from behind disgruntled, we begin our quarrels yes. disgruntled, we begin our usual quarrels unable to reach where we wanted we stop where we could wandering into the wherever; purchasing the whatever’s on the sinful interests we payback in installments only for them lucky ones who have planned ahead and got to the beach the sun would have set displaying the colorful grandeur sodium lamps officially declare that it is night indeed car radio sings on: “tons of fun!” nuf is nuf, we say, let’s go back home it’s ‘no left turn’ when we’ve to go left and ‘no right turn’ when we have to go right and ‘no U-turn’ if it’s chuck let’s go back. unable to separate oneself from the traffic worm going by the red-green beats .. slower-faster we pace we crawl on.. crawl on.. on… on…

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