Suicide – A love poem

She woke up with the dim light in one of
those days in where the Sun never gets to shine completely The room, which wasn’t hers,
smelled like tobacco and she could feel her head slowly moving to the rhythm of the
breaths from the chest she was leaning on. That night’s lover’s
fingers were carefully caressing her naked body. She lit another cigarette. With a smile, her
lover’s blue eyes told her that they didn’t have to leave that bed… at all…
that day. She gladly sealed the pact with a kiss. Slowly… the ashes from their
cigarettes turned into something so dense that it fused their bodies into one. They became something so fiery that the sweat that surrounded their lips evaporated and gave way to the passion that was being born from two lovers who never
have enough. Their hearts were burning. Being able to understand each other with their hands they forgot how to speak. It was in that
moment, when words were finally banished, when
they unknowingly signed their doom. She forgot how to pronounce her feelings And he… he was unable to find a way to make her stay. No one in this world comes to fall in love. And that’s because the only successful romance is the one that never happens.

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