Sultan suleiman urdu poetry on Mehmet’s death.| ENGLISH SUBTITLES|

Where is all that glamour and music The only music that is left is the sound of heartbeat, surrounded by chaos and all joy is gone. I am breathing in gunpowder and blood….why this earth , trees and birds are so silent. Tell them to celebrate victory, we have won and also tell them.. you will never see smile on my face again. Tell them that I am lost in darkness and can’t reach the truth and only GOD knows what truth really is. Suleiman you have lost the sun….even if its there, it will never shine or provide any warmth. The air you are breathing in is corrupted with poison , it can’t give you any life or sustenance. You want to walk on mud then why this mud don’t swallow you in. When your soul is burdened with grief, then whats stopping your body from turning into mud and vanish.

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