| SUMMER FUN WITH THE GIRLS! | Doki Doki Literature Club MOD "Summertime" Part 1

whereas know when your companions welcome back okey-dokey litters the club but the mod dr. gopi summertime and I read actually because it looks exactly like the original game I know at the menu and the first like five minutes of the game is completely similar and then it is changed so I guess it could change later on I hope so at least I played with version 1.1 then how this is a much happier mod and yeah lost modulate exit music was so depressing what's so good what I thought I also said to you that we're going to play a much happier one and you also requested this one and as I understand there are several routes we can take this we have routes for each of the girls but also a secret route with a secret ending that you will get if you complete all the other routes so I thought for this first for this playthrough I'm gonna try to focus on Monica actually cause she give us the first of the girls we focused on in our mods that would play were played several different mods specific for each girl and it was a long time since we focused on mana count so I thought we would want to do that and if you like the series I offer if you like it I will go back and play the other routes so you will get your favorite girls as well let's just jump right into guys here we go we're back the jail hey I see Ninoy this might be exactly the same by the way I'm not sure knowing girl one is the warden for the distance waving her arms in the air like just totally oblivious to any attention needs yeah I think that's exactly the same attagirl Issei with my neighbor and good fences we were children as I think this game is about what would happen if we didn't join the literature Club I think it's I think that's the premise of the game the mod you know the kind of friend you've never seen yourself making today but it just kind of works out because you known each other for so long we used to walk to school together one on days like this but starting around high school we she would always sleep more and more frequently and I would get tired of waiting up if she's going to chase after me like this I always feel better off running quick however I just saw an idol in foot in front of the crosswalk and let's say where I catch up to me by the way I have my hoodie on because my hair looks totally messed up because I yeah I'm tired and we're gonna have to deal with that look for now or we sleep again but I could have you to this time maybe but only because I decided to not be stopped away to play besides you decided to stop a wait for you II you say no like you weren't thinking about ignoring me that's means answer when people stare at you for acting weird then I don't want them to think we're cop or something fine fine it did wait for me after all I guess you don't have it in you to be me even if you want to whatever you say it's Larry across the street together make our way to the school I think this is exactly the same by the way but I will go through it because it was a long time since I played the original so draw near the streets speaker and become increasingly speckled with other students making their daily commute by the way sounds are we decided on a club to join yet club hold your bread I'm not really interested in joining any club haven't been looking either that's not true told me you would join a club this year did I for sure it's possible that I'd surely phosphor I did in one of our many conversations where I dismissively go along with whatever she's going on about so he likes to worry a little too much about me when I'm perfectly content with just getting on like on the average while spending my free time on games and anime sounds good I was talking about how I worry that you will learn how to socialize or have any skills before college what happiness is really important to me you know we know you know say worry I know you're happy now but I die at the thought of you becoming addicted years because you're not used to the real world trust me right but make me keep worrying about you right right give me some thought if I if it makes you happy no promises though and you at least promise me you'll try a little yeah yes I'll promise you that yay but I let myself get lectured by such a carefree girl more than that I promise as I'm surprised I even let myself relent to her yes see her worries so much about me make me want to ease her mind a little bit even if she does excite excited and everything inside of her head school that is an ordinary pepper and it's over before I know it so packed up my things I stand back at the wall looking for an ounce of anticipation clubs so it wants me to check out some clubs but I told her I will not interested in joining any indeed sorry somebody must have come into the classroom while I was spacing out we are spacing out a lot we did that in exit music – I look around and realize that I'm not I'm the only one left in the classroom I thought I could catch up catch catch you coming out of the classroom but I saw you just sitting there and spacing out so I came in honestly you're even worse than me sometimes I'm impressed you don't need to wait for me if it's going to make you late to your own Club well I thought you might need some encouragement so I thought you know what well that you could come to my club very yeah there's no way I'm going to your club I think this is exactly the same as the original but doesn't matter it's a bit it's a bit of a nostalgia trip he's vice president yeah not that I even aware that she had an interest in literature in fact I'm 99% sure she only did it because she thought it would be fun to help start a new club this was the first one to show interest after the one who proposed the club she inherited the title vice president that said my interest in literature is non-existent of peridots if I only say I'm not interested in joining a club come on please do you really care so much anyway we're kind of told the club yesterday I would bring in a new member it's nuts and not skip if you watch the exes music let's play with me or have played it yourself you know but that was another mod that's another universe it says oh this is gonna be happy one I hope not ski made cupcakes in everything I'll tell if not as I worry he is really that much of an airhead or if she's so cunning as she has that planned all of this about the way it doesn't matter sorry you're trying to bribe me with food somebody else made could you see anything wrong with that well I told you already I'm not thinking about it I'll think about it let's learn I'm not interested interested sorry okay that was different maybe or I don't remember yes that was different we planned that okay who's in the original we said okay we can just go there check it out but this is what will happen if we said no we won't join the club here we go I think this series perfect for the summer even if it's an early summer I mean I just want to do something different you know and I love the doctor dr. universe and many of you have said that this mod is really good I don't know about copyrighted music velvet usually ad usually I can't month monetize any of my doctor donkey videos because of copyrights I guess it will be with same with this series doesn't matter really that much I do it for fun you know play the games I love and hope you love – lets save now it's really starts I think it's a good premise though I love the Mars this Bishop also where the exit music where we have the original story kind of but what would happen what if moments you know what would happen if we manage to stop slavery from hanging herself what would happen if we didn't join the literary club I like those kind of side paths that creates the bus leaves me behind us arrive at bus stop not again as I wasn't appealing enough to the bus driver with this plastic shopping bag by my side this the weather's pleasant it doesn't today I couldn't bear to just sit here for 15 minutes in some of the heat waves we had last year I remember when I was a kid I didn't even care when our parents warned me about the heat one time they practically sprayed me down with a garden hose I wasn't even that upset since we were having so much fun with say Orion don't think of it I haven't seen much of her since last year Wow so it has been some time what even on the way to the school ever since she started over sleeping regularly oh it isn't my responsibility to keep her to school on time right besides I'm sure she's she was doing fine with the club activity she got involved in work we'll see how that would unfold if we didn't join as much of Monica's behavior was because of us was it again something really really related to books that's really my saying maybe some manga now now but that probably wouldn't be considered proper literature well why not Natsuki too good games now that is my thing cut wait on site go home that's an oddly familiar voice let it be didi EDD I remember this song what is it called so familiar was she so yeah sorry hey yeah I haven't seen you in a while sorry if I bothered you no other nights your timing couldn't have been better done got nothing better to do just waiting for the next bus to go home I see Hey hello hate yourselves all right hey Monica we know child wait we haven't talked much before but I immediately recognize Monica she's one of the popular girls in school smart beautiful and athletic okay ah see basically the kind of girl that chumps like me are too scared to talk to knew each other already what's fair I want to introduce you to that's all right sorry Ida class together in the past where are you two headed going swimming Monica centers having a discount on tickets for students and invited me to join her you got to grab the opportunities life gives you yes because we don't have to go to school doesn't mean we should stay indoors by ourselves also exercise keeps us fit and calms the mind too it'll be so much fun each time I record is kind of bad as I wonder what my neighbors might think when I voice I call these character it's what I like voice acting them and I think you would like me voice acting them – sounds great Monika he's Elsa what about you me what are you doing today being inside playing games and not exercising regular Monica and hesitate to blurt out some vague nonsense well I haven't really made up my mind yet really well I was just thinking you know like the song sire seems a bit flustered it was she like this before wanna join us Elsa yeah that what do you mean swimming I'm not really good swimmer that's okay not be embarrassed we're just going to there to have fun and enjoy the Sun well all right Monica I'll meet you two there but first I have to get home and get geared up you know the way brother I forgot that not exactly Monica tells me how to get to the entrance I write it down to make sure I won't get lost because what goodbye justice I see my bus arriving with Zoe being her usual cheerful self and Monica sweetly smiling at me nice I wonder I wonder if she is self-aware you know as in the main game well if that is completely gone now in this story I'm not sure on the bus I get lost in my thoughts this is really something I didn't expect to get invited to buy it invited Wow sorry I'm just keep messing up this is really something I didn't expect to get invited by two girls like this I guess I owe my thanks to say Orie for stopping to talk to me this isn't like what you try to get me involved with my club attempted to bribe me with who who then make me feel guilty because of the promises she made I don't think that's right sure this is kind of out of my comfort zone to that thinking about see Monica in the beach not gonna lie there oh boy I shouldn't let my imagination get the better of me it just swimming besides like come to me recall when the last time I went swimming home I drop off these things I've bought at the store Roberts through my drawers looking for my swimming shorts where are they has really been this long since I needed them I probably never been this happy to find a piece of clothing now just needs some some Sun lotion not going in in good shape anyway and adding a sunburn to that would make me as appealing as warm beer on a summer hot summer day not that I know what that is like the address Monica gave me isn't exactly in my part of the city so it's probably best if I take the bus even if I had to wait 15 minutes again it would still be faster than if I ran all the way like I could run all the way in and all the way there hill and run it distance from the school to our bus even if my life depended on it luckily I'm I only had to wait a few minutes before the bus arrived already early afternoon by the time I get to the entrance you don't seem to care much for the presentations inside would have easily missed it if I didn't have the address of several people in front of me waited to get in but it takes all of them less than 10 minutes to get finished good afternoon I'd like some one student ticket there's still a discount yeah 25% until the end of the month would like to buy a Monthly Pass perhaps well no thank you just let me just to let you know today we are closing a few hours earlier than usual due to maintenance we're going to announce it on the loudspeaker so you won't miss it too bad I couldn't get here earlier I could only spend a couple of hours with the girls damn well it's something your background like that so this place looks really good compared to the compared to the low ticket price I can't see the two girls anywhere I guess I'll just go to the locker room and get changed give me a few minutes that I managed to find it is I didn't bring too many things it only took me a couple of minutes to change to my shorts and put the rest of my stuff away better not forget the Sun lotion either back the pool I'm searching for say Orion Monica hope we're gonna meet all four in this first episode I'm gonna try to make them around one hour that's usually what I want and cuz I love the longer let's place or longer videos for this kind of games maybe they are just swimming I don't recognize them in swimwear I stand next to the pool flashed that's Monica sorry oh it's kind of animate it to go with a scary cell sir that's so adorable with the bow just hello chief I'm in the water dude where it isn't cold do you know how deep it is when it's shadow on this hand side it reaches just under my armpits it's really deep on the other side oh look at that yet so easily started theory Mimi she's right in huh yeah well I Sarah seems to be pondering something for a moment then I challenge you I bet I can hold my breath for longer validate accepted that's a spirit it's good practice for you what do you mean but driving what else oh wait I said holding breath and just thinking about what's I already did in the main game hanging herself I'm not I don't know if that was a nod to the main game or if money has really self-aware it kind of knows what's gonna have I don't I'm not sure I'm not sure you find me you know it might not be that oh you're right wills will see so far it's good get ready I'm coming in the long sentence was directed more towards myself than to the two of them I did learn to swim in my early teenage years but it's not like I practiced much since then one thing's for sure I'm definitely not going to be proposing any swimming with challenges to impress them it's not like I will be any more appealing for for being confident with all my abilities come on Samson just happen on the way get used to it quick it's a bit cold I'm expected then again I did get used to it in a few minutes to my dismay I already actually won that competition between us was tempted to ask for a rematch but I think it would make me embarrassed if I turn it turned out but fairly noticeable difference between our times was just me being lucky of course swimming a few laps it is almost mandatory if you're in a awesome pool like this which my swimming skills were just as awesome they retired after dust – isn't something I was proud of I was having a breather I noticed two girls leaving it those leaving for a snack bar naturally John wanted to join them turns out even if Monica looks like quite the snack she's not on the met oh that's cringe the three of us go get our drinks so he orders a strawberry and raspberry flavored one while Monica and I get the exotic fruits flavor we sit down on some lounge chairs and enjoy our drinks of the finishing our smoothie my smoothie I slumped down into the share and enjoy the warm rays of the Sun I could probably fall asleep right now and we do probably the smiles and end up listening in on serious conversation with Monica what did you have in mind for tomorrow well we commit saying we're not skiing go somewhere together our last meeting was a few weeks ago so I figured why not a whole day together with friends yay where are we going what are we doing there were this nice we could meet in the park now we could discuss what happened to each of us what happen to each of us maybe even talk about some literature if this others read something new yeah this is the summer so I guess what happened yeah just catching up on news you know so excited what if Nazca is going to bake some cupcakes for us our reunion well you can ask her yourself you know well I don't want her to work just because of me I think everyone would like to have cupcakes not just you are you right sorry anyway you could text her about it it's a great idea you always know what to do Monica she does yeah always I get bad vibes you know but Anna relieves me to hear that say it hasn't changed all that much she still had cheerful simple mind itself that she's always been I'm glad that she found friends that can appreciate her despite all her antiques her antics I wonder what the other girls are like of course I probably couldn't get myself invited to do such an all-girl meter they probably want to a Google say were indulging me on the shoulder she's gonna ask ask us she's gonna ask us a brief short misunderstanding it was established that I slept for pretty much and pretty much a pretty long time on that being bench long enough that the pool place is closing oh my god this Monica already went to change I were more like we should be going to very insisted at which she wants to come home with me which I actually don't mind at all he always found messing around with her back in the day he part ways before untrained in locker rooms it doesn't take me long to get ready so I decided to wait for say away by the female locker room door that's as I get there someone comes out now she looks up you didn't dress or blouse or you know no he sells her she seemed surprised by my presence hey Monica thanks for inviting me today don't mention it I guess it's the least I can do for sorry sorry she's almost done if you're waiting for her you know have a feeling she knows more than she says anyway I hope you had fun today's outside I've got to go home to get ready for tomorrow our first choice our first choice our first choice and I said in this first playthrough I'm gonna focus on Mauna Kea and try to go make to do her routes and if you like the series I will go back in do the other routes all the other girls too and that will make that will be shorter of course so we can get the secret of em being but only if you like this here so leave a like and a favorite this if you want to see more of it but for this one I'm gonna focus on Monica hope we'll see each other some other time Monica see me in general or just in my swimsuit our face flashes red honest I wouldn't complain if I saw her in the beginning I mean see you again in general she covers her mouth and giggles I'm just teasing you salsa it was nice talking to you anyway I gotta go stay safe oh that's Monica stores off as suddenly as she appeared a few minutes past and the door opens once again take your time the e-mini they didn't wait we did wait me after all call me Minnie all you want but I keep my world yeah thanks for waiting for me it's like we were kids and we used to go home from school together she seems to be in a very nostalgic mood all of a sudden something holding her back in the past I don't know how to talk about this since it might lead lead up to us talking about how we drifted apart yes so not really big deal since we're still a lot still lives so close now she looks like she's about to space out we're going to be standing here after that they close the place if we can't keep messing around I was like I think we can catch the next bus if we get that quick okey let's go Sal sir there is being her yourself as he always we managed to catch the bus just as it arrived ah life is here backgrounds and I have the kind of small movements on the bus we sit next to each other and chat about things a few things what are you doing this summer don't really have anything planned I'm just going with the flow sounds are you make me worried about you he at least join a club last year I looked at a few but I didn't feel like talking on taking on more responsibilities than what school requires me to do besides what are your plans for the summer that's let's say I'm not sure yet am I not surprised why am I not surprised always looking out brother savory it's what I do best yeah she really does fine fine but what about you me you want what I get me too if you want to get me to take more responsibility for my future shouldn't you show me a good example true well it's nothing to worry about Sam I'm going to be okay I mean we know she has she has all those demons depression you say so parachutes me wide smile this is our stop grab at Sarah's house she slowly turns around after reaching the gate what are we supposed to go home to our house maybe she has meant going home together thanks for coming with us today sales are what's nice to hang out with you after all this time Oh Oh ooh well I says I'm gonna try to make all the choices about Mauna Kea but mention if I had found two and it was nice getting to know Monica you know because we could eventually like this again I promise house they wake next time [Applause] don't worry sounds I'm sure she had fun regardless of that I mean talking to you relax I get it do you another time sorry my cell sir just before getting home I recall something were the two of them talking about having some kind of meeting tomorrow man I wish I could get invited to something like that I wonder what dude those other girls are like is there anywhere between say where Monica I might even have a chance still I doubt that the group of girls would work for me with an open office starting vying for my attention that sounds unrealistic I want to continue a bit longer I don't remember setting an alarm Oh someone's calling me also it's already 10:00 in the morning our mom is calling us a day rise and shine young man rise and shine morning you just woke up didn't you no no no been up since 6:00 and just finished with listen I don't have time for jokes now could you please buy the things I said yesterday okay shop closes before I finish work then I do it in the afternoon just sort it out now and you'll have the rest of the day for yourself okay yeah you're right he's safe sweetheart bye okay so our parents or at least our mother lizard our place in exit music I think both our parents lived overseas or far away at least I'll show how it was in the main game Oh mom we're not in the mood to go shopping although I'm awake enough to that I can't go back to sleep either head down to the kitchen to review my tank suite I found a brand-new box my favorite cereal in the cup or was in a bowl milk on top is strictly in that order fill that with a essentials sugar and liquid get dressed and leave the house that's not the goodness and not good breakfast there's a lot of sugar as I'm approaching the bus stop I see somebody sitting there literally looking down hmm I have a feeling when I finish this playthrough I have a feeling I want to go back and play the other house too because I want to see all the girls happy you know gosh I don't remember seeing they were like this before maybe joke would bring a smile to her face why did the chicken cross the road huh sir Sir hey expression changes as abruptly as the face of it digital clock yeah it kind of feel like it just she just puts on a smile for the public you know all right we're just spacing out sure you're okay sorry yep I'm going to the park to meet my friends it's going to be so much fun I promised overthinking things with all those friends the girls she talked about with Monika and all girls day right didn't think of it that way sure the other girls would wouldn't mind if I join us just so what about you cells are a mildly shocked by her confusing question see is she suggesting that I should join am I just overthinking this like a lot of things that are exactly as the same whatever I'll just assume the option I'd like to be true he goes nothing so you'd you would be fine with me joining what you want to meet them well if you say it's so much fun than it's worth and shot yet even have to tell you about the cupcakes if he what do you mean our bus arrives right as I say that she hops on first with a burst of joyful energy on the way there I figure that if the meetings going to be boring the girls aren't interested in me I just I can just excuse myself in the time because I still have an errand from a mom sure I like all these new settings you know there aren't a lot of people in the park some are walking their dogs others walking with a friend or a partner hey girl you aren't specifically talking to EURion right now my bay house I'm not ski here I'm glad to see you not ski really from yeah if you know and if you know exit music yeah you know finally we turn take a turn at some trees and see three girls I recognize one of them it's Monica celery runs up to one of the other girl two girls who are facing away from us not ski enough me your monkey Ali – girls giggle accessories and so here is hug attack monica smiles at me really sincerely the toilet dark-haired girl noticed this and turns around to look at me our eyes meet she keeps her gaze on me and suddenly turns to celery Hey sorry I'm glad to see you in such a good spirit I miss you girls this going to be so awesome and that's it yeah you still have some cupcakes well if you came earlier no I just want to see your reaction put to them on the side for you you're the best nuts key you know it are you still gotta see math ski happy again you know as she says that I cautiously approached the group everyone oh sorry I forgot to introduce you girls this is our the saddest Natsuki he makes the best cup it's ever iced me with furrows third browse for speaking yeah you better not have not hasn't come here just for a free sample masky seems very certain that i it was the food that brought me here I was hoping for something sweet but not necessarily edible damn didn't even know about them huh good the hora shuffles over to the other girl with cheerful haste it's fine ladies Yuri she's really smart pill they Pat her on the shoulder lightly as if it to emphasize her qualities at this point I don't even know if she's trying to make us laugh or just feel awkward say you're at told you don't I don't see any scars on your arms though I was just thinking about that I don't see any scars maybe she hasn't started at least to cut herself yeah she did that kind of late you know in the both in exit Club and the main game maybe yeah maybe hasn't started to use a knife yet if you say so she finishes her sentence under her breath so I can't make out what she's saying nice to meet all of you it's nice to meet you too glad to see you again salsa waving smile falls on her face as she knows who was at the end of her sentence so if not for the cupcakes which are amazing when you come here she's really putting me on the spot here if he wasn't so cuted feel intimidated them well so it seems exciting meeting you all of you so I assume you're a cool bunch it's nice to meet cool people at this rate I might leave out of embarrassment because of them make up their minds about me before they make out from their minds about me that's nice house aren't you might be the first one to think of our club as cool your club yeah this is kind of an friendly meetup of our members he didn't know that try to invite you during the school year we weren't interested so I didn't bother you with it after that you didn't mention all the girls or all the girls look at me quizzically I didn't know this club has such an incredible this club has such incredibly cute girls the four girls are still looking at me upholsterer think what to say yeah might be smart looking around my eyes stop stop on a ski what I mean I never imagined little Club this so much fun always thought of it as something serious I get where you're coming from what's difficult to grab other students attention during last year's festival or in the header festival as in the main oh my god yeah hmm however there are plenty of things we do in the club we discuss things we read our own writing and have group the group activities you relax to set the mood with some tea and a ski vacation they bring her own baked delicious delicious sing delicacies to the club it sounds real interesting Monica Monica super inspiring it is great leader Jose Yuri that reminds me weren't you part of the debate club Monica I was not I got tired of all that fruitless arguments we seem to have the decided to create something I could call my own the baits are supposed to be to convey ideas of feelings which is kind of what literature is for as well also I had an interesting interest in writing for as long as I can remember to say I wanted to write my own story we didn't grow much since we started the club with say or about I'd try to treat everyone like they're really matter I believe you accomplished your goal Monica is inspiring to see do so much despite all your other commitments in and out of school oh thanks now not need to treat me like nothing is special not special sure we all achieve so much more than we thought possible if we just put our minds to it we nail down the most important thing Monica that we had fun yeah daddy girls giggle independent I'm glad that Sarah found such cool friends how's everyone's summer been until now the usual I guess cooking baking housework oh I also visited the zoo they let me pet a lot of animals dolphins turtles owls if we fade the monkey some bananas he paid any koalas no they didn't let me guess you didn't have the proper qualification Wow Wow ah Sayuri let's get tries to jab say worried with her elbow suddenly see where he jumps back letting not see stumbling nearly fall over get over here there announce often not skip all sir don't think nuts I want to hurt her since she had a playful smile across her face they all seem so happy you know where ethics escalated quickly watch them run around for a while it doesn't look like nuts you actually want to hurt her they worried returns out of breath did you listen my bare hands no not ski please there has to be an after as already stacking away from us each it shifts over shoelaces and falls to the ground Hey are you okay hmm dusky extends her hand to watch the salary come on you know I wouldn't hurt you dummy so your accepts accepts the helping hand and the two of them return to join our conversation did he do something interesting in the past few weeks eerie well I've got to spend some time with my mother and I funny new author these books are usually about professionals forced to face extreme circumstances in their world when I read it's about a marriage on a peacekeeping mission for the army so that's not the book she read in the main game this is another book I think it starts with the medics squad helping civilians in a conflict zone difficulties arise when they are attacked by an unknown and unknown group they are made to help the enemy soldiers from that night on that night they experience otherworldly events which are hey you a you have a TLD TLDR version of this story no I only read the book or read the book sees me but what is Sun a tldr version that means too long didn't read URI internet lingo just easing you and I'm not interested in these kind of stories oh sorry I thought it was an acronym for sort of analysis me asking for an analysis here they're just being silly I suppose so how about you salsa kind of books do you like to read books I read got even read recalled what Ivan read last year because of quantity but rather than the long time spent with everything else between two things I read I mean the two things I read I prefer other forms of storytelling other forms like theater movies seeing everything in on a big screen right MA whatever I came prepared prepared to disappoint like games the Ori Yuri looks puzzled by Mauser not skis sideways seemed to be an enthusiastic however Monika shoots me an understanding smile so I've got that going for me which is nice no wonder you weren't interested in editor that's me manga as he glares at Monika with dismay she looks the way right after an AFOL sir on tightly come on you might be surprised but we actually played games a couple of times in the club remember who st. hey man our too many hints there are too many hints so far oh my god didn't like that one of course you didn't only the only cause you were bad at finding right words remember that I brought crosswords a few times was there anything else Monica there was a time with anagrams write and ski but oh I see I see whatever my point as he pushes her on the nose to imitate the note pig's nose Natsuki please show some decency we could play something like that him would you guys think keep proposing this to make me feel more involved not even part of the club he's gone a lot better than I expected the pens and pencils what you had in mind don't want to play hangman this time I feel you girl I feel you don't worry I got a great one for this occasion you may reminded me of the of it with that didn't misunderstand a tldr let's call it the acronym game it shown we have given an acronym that everyone tries to guess what it means after everyone makes their guesses we vote on the one that we like the most the person who got the most votes wins wins there's our answers have to be the correct meaning of the acronym somebody might like the official meaning but everyone can vote on announce that they like this actually sounds like a fun game on again I try to do my best as nice as this sounds I don't want to take it personally after all it's not like these girls would want to gain my favorite just because I mean I'm the only guy here those kinds of things only happen in cliche dating Sims right okay everyone good think of ten acronyms that we each write down our guesses before in casting our votes let's get started so that's save so I read that these minigames I think these are the minigames and this makes you it's like them we had in the main game you know we picked words that fit each girl and that will change the different drugs so I'm gonna try to pick things that are similar to Mauna Kea and also read that she likes and like like computers data you know technological firms I didn't get spoiled I just know that guess what acronyms mean each girl will like yeah okay like certain thing kind of guesses if you're uncertain the right choices don't be afraid to save a little game okay he's asked the waiter this is a waffle piece of water his personal war the URI okay EMU rescue emergency room Munson rice immersion room no Ortega with Monica now graphic user interface okay safe or library llamas life library yes URI okay Taurus material Siri to the ham okey-dokey little cloud ass morning it was no one jumped non-self flashing waterfall as if you work as a uri again basic logic experiments yeah I was I don't know if that was good or bad I don't remember how much that really man it did for the main game actually one I don't actually play the game like this Monica it's a surprise to be sure I'm gonna try to play until we have to pick one of the girls too because I know we have to pick girls each day kind of to spend time with don't try to play on to them it's a surprise to be sure but a welcome one it will make a fine addition to your collection what how does she know I have a game collection looks into my eyes for a few seconds before letting out the breathe breathe a big oh nothing I had a feeling she's self aware I only thought highly of Monica but it looks like there's more to her than meets the eye what to see what kind of person she is beneath the image of the perfect schoolgirl Who am I kidding it's not like I can just get close to someone outside of my league like that how did everyone else like it so how did everyone else like it it wasn't right and I need more than playing hangman I know I can see the creative potential in it Monica looks at me expectantly salsa oh yeah I never played anything like this before I kind of liked it glad to hear it everyone feels included I said everyone wanted around to yeah but not today that maybe another time I agree personally I would prefer talking about other topics okay I think Monica wasn't only asked it with a light it looks like she actually enjoyed it herself the minute of silence between us URIs the one who interrupts it here reminiscent General Mills she Raymond something over the book they read during the school year reminisces yeah I never watch was much of a read about I it wouldn't hurt to listen in for a bit maybe I can join in at some point no what did you think about the twist halfway through the story I would say it he came out after the bluud but they build up to it was well executed the characters were established just enough to get to be invested missing was a little too quick the youngest girls back story felt like it was lacking proper explanation maybe the author intended to leave it to the reader's imagination was so sad it's really sorry for her when she died like why didn't somebody do something she had friends and all it was revealed in last chapters let's remember sorry hey I only read a few pages after the Gulf Maiden oh shoot sorry see all cells might want to read it himself went on to spoil it for him right hey I didn't read it either you're right I'm sorry if you say you're not going to read horror novels Natsuki well yeah I can't change my mind can't I that's not ski glancing at me for moments decided to take the hint and act upon it just question do you sometimes read manga in the club hit barely trust his eyes lit up like a fuse on a stick with the of dynamite and she explodes with an energetic sneer seriously we should read them more often did read some manga you know yeah once or twice but it doesn't really turn out the way I wanted masky looks over to me clearly passionate about the topic if I was looking in for from the outside I think she's telling all of us off I'm convinced to it I convinced you to read manga once once and you know what his that shows his bloody horror thing that's about it zombie monsters with superpowers you know there is not zombies but rather flesh-eating humanoids think it shines light on the battle between our humanity and our deepest animalistic urges there's this scene where the protagonist finds the court I don't care Yuri is disgusting into whatever I grieve in at Sookie you should try really some stuff that's not so edgy but Monica quit the debates are not I'm not the named it yeah I'm open to finding new horizons and exploring different genres well I'm asking forests is a set of messages that go beyond magical friendships and story based recipe books emphasis emphasizes on those last two things makes it sound like she's being sarcastic I'm an adult after all I don't argue I'm a teen to the ski shrieks in acute high-pitched voice all while stomping her foot I also feel a sense of relief for some reason masking we're all the same age there is just a bit too serious for some reason yeah she's not so stuck-up I usually I know what's going on here you is trying to press somebody yeah what'd you say Natsuki maybe you should look up what they call projection in psychology projection not doing that there's so much going back and forth now you know what that means now ski been over this before exactly it's absolutely fine that you two like different themes and forms of literature this diverse range of approaches make our club something special would it be as spontaneous if we were all sipping tea and dissecting metaphors all the time you wouldn't yes thought-provoking if we were just one up in each other with clever rhymes likewise it wouldn't be the same if we didn't mess around sometimes I'm helping gosh it would be particularly it would be particularly different if it was just me and a companion talking about reality as the ending of the main game I have a bad feeling about this all in the whole view you're all important for this club please don't forget that all clear the aim is president yeah and don't call me that all the hype around Monica seems to be grounded in reality she knows to interject and what to say to keep the peace this was up to me I'll probably just get nervous and try to get somebody else to come back tides of the breed pass Europe fixed time I'm sorry but I have to go now sorry I'm I recorded stopped every could stay a little longer yeah Yuri little stuff is sometimes but there's still our friend I would love to stay but my mother's texting me just glad like it spent time with her hope you can understand I sure we all do have fun Yuri yeah two girls looked visibly dejected are they really going to miss you that much sure that they can hang out some other time they as well yes we'll see each other and all the time right I guess we'll see you at each other than that time right I promise I'll make time for it I didn't touch with Monika since she can organize it so well see you next time Yuri bye bye girls goodbye everyone yeah take care Yuri the real Monika talks about things they are reading no nowadays fortunately unfortunately I don't know what I could add to such conversation where the topic is as alien to me as literature what would I ask tell me something you liked about the book that's way too generic here's an idea why don't we all go to the cafe this one I like to visit nearby become irate this day Parviz on me do they have cookies I don't know sorry who helped you come and see for yourself can I get the one I had last time put honey on it right yeah honey yes I want to take along this looks exactly like one of the opportunities Monica was talking about it's a shame I have to go by that IP phone mom yeah why does a problem what would that be fer go with them I might not make it to the shop unless but there is this place six what is this explai place exactly like a discussion whether she kept it is with landmarks and all that jazz likes to be close to the shop I have to visit I would have time a lot of time before I have to leave but that's still better than turning down such an invitation so sad did you figure it out lead the way Monica let's get let's get caffeinated yay let's go okay everyone make stop coffee shop went to the public trans button set next to your salary to spend so much time apart we give each other summaries of the past year she tells me about all the things to do in the club sounds like they have a good dynamic going on no wonder she didn't try to look for me someone's tapping on my shoulder every child destination this is stone's throw away now okay actually I think I gotta end it a pass the video would be too long if I continue and I hope you don't it's safe let's say I hope you enjoyed leave a like leave favors and also hope you liked this outro music that I chose for this series and I've seen an ex parte this is much happy one so far happier mod then it comes number two think about it and I'll see you soon never ever forgets the awesome

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  4. 12:30 That's Heart and Soul; there's also a little bit of Autumn Leaves sprinkled into that track as well, it's good stuff. Hope you're enjoying the mod, there's lots of great music!

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