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before summer Walker would become one of
the hottest new R&B acts before she would collab with artists like
partynextdoor a buggy black rice and Taylor
uh sure jhene aiko and drank now apparently she even inspired Audrey to
write some new songs before summer would clock in over three hundred thirty five
thousand followers on Twitter close to half a million subscribers on YouTube
and more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram at the time of this recording
summer walkers quickly becoming one of the most notable new artists in the army
with her signature sound and with the success of her new album over it
well she’s proving that she’ll be around to stay but before all the fame will
summer she was actually posting covers onto YouTube just hoping to get
discovered every that is until summer Walker was
discovered accidentally by a record label exec who has the same name as her
yeah sometimes googling yourself it could lead to your neck signee but we’ll
get into that a little later in this video you had my curiosity now you have
my attention what’s going on guys did you put Michael Cretu double your host
walking through the life and careers I’m a walker prior to Fame here of you of
course them before they’re famous now we’ve recently covered other singers
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us know who’s next in the comments down below but before we start I got a little
trivia question for you guys no summer Walker she’s got a little bit of a
pre-show ritual if you can guess what it is
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Bell boom simmer more Johnny Walker was born on
April 11th 1996 in Atlanta Georgia no summer she grew up in a big family and
she was close with her cousins living with them for the early years of her
life now her father is from London talking about England and her mother is
American with the two they actually divorced no summer she began to cut
herself off from most of the people around her and she spent a lot of her
time alone no summer was always an introspective person who liked to keep
to herself but music was always an influence on her life and she felt like
she could confide in the music rather than people
she later added I love music with all my heart I just have to do it I actually
don’t have a choice it’s like how I have to breathe that’s my drug I’m addicted
to it summers mother said in an interview at
time she’s just kind of hibernates and internalize is quite a bit sometimes
when she really has deep thoughts and things on her mind well she goes and
sits and gets that guitar out and she just sits and plays and that’s how she
expresses herself early on summer she was influenced by iconic artists such as
Jimi Hendrix Erykah Badu and Amy Winehouse no summer she played guitar
and piano and she would sing in her bathroom practicing her skills but it
wasn’t just to let her thought to get out to the world
she told Billboard that she also started singing because she wanted to make money
live comfortably and felt that making music well it could bring her those
dollars one day she decided to post her work online no summer she started
posting videos on to vine and opened her YouTube channel in May of 2013 under the
name 96 tsunami I wonder if I can even say that here on YouTube and that very
same day she opened her channel she posted her first-ever cover of Elle
Varner I don’t care now even back then she had an incredible
voice and it’s easy to tell that this girl she was clearly a star now the
description of the video it read Project 18 so I’m guessing she actually had made
17 videos on iMovie prior to that release now the original song and that
was close to 100,000 views on YouTube and summer she was just 17 years old at
the time I got a funny feeling a lot of them
views they came after summer blew up people are always going bad looking at
your first video I swear that’s kind of why I built this channel no summer she
continued dropping the occasional cover and a year later her cover of Persian
rugs it ended up gaining more than 73,000 views but it was actually her
cover 2017 of dranks fake love mashed up with Rae sremmurd black beetle Beyonce’s
yes and genuine pony and in that video she sings alongside two guitarists and
the video will he gained her a lot of buffs girly it’s sitting at over 400,000
views other fake people staying fake love to me straight up to my face
in 2018 summer she moved over to posting covers onto Instagram and started
gaining your following from her unique vocal abilities combined with her guitar
playing this dre cover had more than 1 million views at the time it was posted it’s actually crazy as she was so
inspired by Drake and now he’s hopping on her songs and sliding into her dance
it’s like me hanging out at a bar with Jim Carrey which actually happened yeah
guys your dreams can’t come true but before summer would catch her big break
well she was actually apparently working in a strip club and uh well she still
practices as a form of therapy is so fun is like to me is like soothing you just
when you get home you just put on your music and when you can do and you just
get to like go in the air and slice now her life goal is to I literally just
want to make so are you saying the word soap soap that you used to mm-hmm wash
your skin or dishes your skin but summers big break came when her covers
were discovered by someone with get this the exact same name as her yeah another
summer Walker she was engaging in a little bit of self-indulgence and she
was googling herself and she came across a woman with the exact same name as her
and this summer Walker oh she’s just so happen to have a beautiful voice now the
original summer Walker or the agent well she worked at a record label called
lvr ad and at the time she saw summers talent and wanted to work with her
immediately so she reached out thinking about all this I know a lot of stars
when they Google themselves they find me but there actually exists another
Michael crud he is a professional footballer out in the UK and I love him
to reach out to me maybe we can play some funny but I probably just go to
meet him at a bar as well just this beta news the co-founder of LV RN says that
when he first came across summers covers on Instagram that summer well she was
still working at a strip club when I first started following her Instagram
she was working at the strip club and then next
video would be her playing the acoustic guitar that’s literally two different
people that aren’t supposed to exist in one she’s just the constant push and
pull up like her trying to find herself just this saw summers talent and knew
that she had the potential to become something great no summer explains that
she was invited to the studio one night by her friend this girl brought me to
the studio okay and got me signed so that the way she makes it look so easy
now as you can tell summer she didn’t like to do interviews but however it
happened no summer she signed with Elle vrn and the label also helped launch the
careers of DRAM and black so well their track record was good no summer she
began recording her debut project last day of summer in her bedroom in 2017
where she wrote recorded and produced a record her South there was she been
working on the record for about a year prior to its release but once she signed
with the label well they helped her take things to a whole nother level she
dropped the acoustic single session 32 and people began to get curious about
the Atlanta singer who seemed to have a sound different than most of the music
that was popular at the time though she also dropped a music video to her single
girls need love later that summer no drakey saw summers video on a bowling
alley monitor which seems fitting because the music video took place at a
roller rink you know same type of atmosphere and so
Drake well he naturally slid into her DMS and told her he liked her music so
after some hesitation well she asked if you wanted to hop on her song and he
said yes my god I saw you a video on a bowling alley monitor thought it was
cool and then justice made me ask him and he said yes On February 27 2009 teen
the remix the girls need love was released with a brand new verse from
Drizzy Dre and the Sun it ended up charting at number 37 on the Billboard
Hot 100 chart becoming her first entry the song built up a lot of hype for her
next release and fan they couldn’t wait to hear what the
singer had to say next and fans they weren’t disappointed when she released
her album over it with features from some of the biggest names in music I
chose the album title over it because that is the perfect way to describe how
I feel about life right now summer says that she’s a little bit nervous when it
comes to speaking in public but when she gets on stage all of her nerves go away
and she just takes it all out on the stage I’m guessing that’s some
experience from the strip club I’m just just guessing now currently she is
dating super producer London on the track and not only do they make hit
records together but they also go on queue dates after the studio they say a
couple who works together either stays together like Jim and Pam or they end up
wanting to kill each other so wish me and care a whole lot of luck hopefully
their relationship well it looks more like the former though in terms of her
pre-performance ritual I thought my backstage rituals is that shouldn’t
that’s pretty much what I do here before they show you know it’s a lot of me
stressing myself out you don’t want stuff going the other way no shouting on
camera it’s not a good luck it’s not good for the studio uh-huh as for what’s
next well it seems like she’s gonna be calling it quits hopefully a retirement
retirement you tired yeah I’m tired but we hope that she’s just joking because I
know there is a lot more to go for summer as for the rest of the story well
I guess we’re just gonna wrap this one up here because this of course is before
they’re famous my name’s michael crichton we make all sorts every bios
here for you on this channel be sure to let us know who’s next in the comments
down below summer Walker if you’re watching this
video why don’t you slide into mydx I’m just like Drake just a whole lot whiter
way less talented and but just as popular
and drop I like one bar when Jim Carrey stands me up and the soccer player even
nelq stood me up goddamnit I don’t know what to tell you
shit see you guys another video

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