Summer Writers Conference: Negotiating Place 2019

hi I'm money said novice Gemini inks registrar and operations manager and I would like to personally invite you to our fourth annual Writers Conference at Estoril paganel Riverwalk hotel in San Antonio Texas from July 19th through the 21st this conference features diverse nationally recognized authors and a host of talented regional writers for a weekend filled with workshops panels and free public readings our featured authors this year are Andrea vocab Sanderson Pablo Miguel Martinez on Alicia's othello Camille after Andres abuse a third and Ira sook run run as an attendee you can participate in 37 panels numerous readings and get the chance to study with sir five visiting authors in addition we have the booksellers market featuring small presses literary journals and warn on Friday night join us for a conversation undef initial challenging ideas we've inherited taking place at briquette booth star on Saturday evening check out wide-open spaces a discussion about writing in place at Studio Gallery at ruby city both events feature our visiting writers and are free and open to the public to register for the writers conferences to find out more about these events visit gemini ink org you can also receive discounted rates by becoming a member today we hope to see you there

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