SUNDAY Live English Lesson / 1st September 2019 / USA & British English – 1 language 2 influences

are we on? yes I think we are on testing testing 1 2 3
Here I am with my little English treat just for you all on a Sunday afternoon
and as you can see the weather is looking a lot better today yesterday we
had lots of rain in fact yesterday I started off my livestream by getting
soaking wet but today we have none of that because the Sun is out it is a
little bit windy but as you can see things are looking quite nice in the
distance look at that and there you can see in the distance a live view of one
of the newly harvested fields looking over into the distance but the big
question is where is mr. Duncan where are you mr. Duncan we can’t see you hi
everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today
are you ok I hope so are you happy well are you happy I really hope so
here we go it’s Sunday everyone a fun day it’s time to improve your English
listening for a Sunday afternoon and my name is mr. Duncan and I am very
pleased to be with you on this beautiful Sunday as you can see the Sun is out
today yesterday it was absolutely pouring with rain
I got soaking wet yes it was a very memorable moment of YouTube history I’m
sure at the end of 2019 YouTube on their epic rewind video will be including a
clip of me getting wet probably not so here we go the first thing we have to do
is take a look at the live chat of course that’s the reason why we are here
it isn’t just me it’s also you as well you have a chance to get involved on the
line chat or you have to do is type something
into the chat box press ENTER and then as if by magic your text will appear in
front of me and then I can read what you have written to the whole world isn’t
that amazing I love technology I really do so let’s see who was first
oh hello to Luis Mendez hello to you you are first on today’s livestream so hello
to you and congratulations for being the first person to say hello on the live
chat today congratulations to Luis Mendez for being
first on the live chat today yesterday I had a problem with my my clapping
apparently some people couldn’t hear it so I hope you can get my clap today here
we go so Luis Mendez congratulations you are
first also Alamgir hello Alamgir Husein you are second on the live stream today
also chris is here as well Julie hello – Julie nice to see you here as well Anna
is here Mika is also here watching in Japan Massimo says hello
also grace chin I believe you are watching in Malaysia I think so also we
have Tamas here is well hello to mr. Duncan and everyone yes isn’t that nice
you might see lots of horrific stories in the news but can I just remind you
that generally speaking most people on the planet are really nice and we are
all here to prove that is the case so thank you very much to Caesar as well hi
to everyone around this small classroom I’m not sure about small I think this
classroom is quite large in fact I think actually to be honest with you I think
my classroom is pretty big because it’s the whole world isn’t that nice
Michele is here hello from southern Italy oh now I’m quite interested to
find out what the weather is like in southern Italy now a couple of friends
of ours mentioned that they met they went on holiday to a lovely place in
Tuscany an apparently Tuscany is a very nice part of the world Alamgir says
hello to everyone including Julie and Mika isn’t that nice
also Chris it is a lovely September yes of course today pinch punch it’s a
new month so September the first it’s a brand new month do you have anything
planned for September is there something nice happening in your life during the
month of September if so perhaps you would like to share it with us all today
on the live chat ooh hello also – Kunal nice to see you back again beet trees
Caesar Massimo Wow so many people already on the livestream it would
appear that many people are now putting aside their plans on Sunday afternoon or
Sunday morning or Sunday evening and they are deciding to spend it with us
all together on the live chat isn’t that nice
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else is on here today we also have r SE m– on here today Rasim Yousef
apparently Rasim is watching in Norwich over towards it’s that way over towards
the east so Norwich
is over towards the east of the UK tea asses here as well it’s very windy today
by the way I think I should mention that the wind is very strong I hope I don’t
get blown away so ts says hello to everyone and a good evening from
Indonesia of course ts is watching a head of the UK pear thin Cathy Ann or
Parthian says hello also Arash hello to be curious hello be
curious how are you today I haven’t heard you here before is it
your first time here also Ana says hello Chris once again is
here Helena hello Helena everybody mr. Duncan
we are all here together again to improve our English language today I am
talking about the subject of English and I’m going to show you some lovely video
clips where I talk about the differences between American English and British
English and there are some differences and this is something that I like to
talk about from time to time because I think it’s a very interesting subject
it’s also a subject that many people get confused about because some people
believe that American English and British English are completely different
languages but this is not true so the base of both ways of using English is
the same so the root of both British and American English is the same so there is
no real difference however as I will explain later on there are many
differences between the way things are pronounced and also there are some
differences between the spellings of words but to be honest with you English
there is only one language when it comes to the English language
just 1 not 2 not 20 so the main differences between British
English and American English tends to be the way words are spelt there are some
differences and we will take a look at those later on also the main difference
and this is something that happens even here in the UK the way in which the
language is spoken and by that I mean accents we are talking all about the way
English is spoken with different accents so when we say American English we don’t
actually mean a separate type of English it is still English it’s a little bit
like going to Scotland and hearing people in Scotland speaking with their
accent and then saying that they’re using Scottish English there is no such
thing as Scottish English there is no such thing as Welsh English there is no
such thing as Indian English so that is what I want to express first of all
because I do get a lot of people getting confused about this they think that the
two types of pronunciation and spelling are actually completely separate
languages but they are not the base of all of these languages is the same there
is only one I repeat there is only one English language there is only one I
mentioned earlier on my live streams don’t forget also next Wednesday there
is a new recorded lesson as well a new full English lesson so lots of things to
keep you entertained and hopefully I will also help you to improve your
English as well back to the live chat because there are so many people here
today thank you very much now I know I don’t say this enough so I’m going to
say it now I really do appreciate the fan
that you are willing to give up your Sunday so some people are just waking up
some people are having their lunch whilst others are getting ready for bed
so I really do appreciate the fact that you are here sharing some of your time
with me I I think it’s fantastic to be honest
Ricardo says hello it is a long time since I said hello hello Ricardo I must
be honest I don’t remember you maybe you could say something to remind me maybe
you could say something to jog my memory that’s a great expression isn’t it if
you jog someone’s memory it means you help them to remember something so maybe
something that happened a long time ago in the distant past something that
happened many many years ago and perhaps I have forgotten about it but perhaps
you still remember you can say something to help me remember you helped me to jog
my memory so something that helps you remember a thing from the past we can
say that it jogs your memory so jog means to move suddenly or to move
suddenly or quickly it jogs your memory it helps it to work and speed up hello
from Irene Carmen Aileen join me today on my livestream also hello to Michelle
mr. Duncan I can see behind you the trees are moving it is very windy you
are not kidding let’s have a look yes you can see in the distance the trees
are really blowing because it is windy it is a very windy day I will be honest
with you already it feels a little bit like autumn because today
can you believe it is the first day of the meteorological autumn so all of the
weather forecasters all of the people who’s specialists field is the weather
are are today studying the forthcoming autumn season so technically today is
the first day of autumn so happy autumn to everyone and it does feel a little
bit like autumn because the wind is blowing quite often during autumn you
will get strong winds you don’t normally get a lot of rain during autumn or at
least you’re not supposed to so who knows
Martha is here hello Martha in Poland thank you for joining me today
hello also to Julie Belarusian Masud also Maya hello Maya
nice to see you here today a lot of people were admiring my tie yesterday
now this particular tie represents what we call the Union Flag some people also
call it the Union Jack did you know that that is actually the incorrect phrase to
use the Union Jack is only called the Union Jack when it is being flown on a
ship and normally in times of distress they will actually put it upside down so
it will actually be reversed so the Union flag is what it’s normally called
but a lot of people also call it the Union Jack even though that is incorrect
mmm and very bossy today have you noticed I seem to be very bossy today
potage ask grandmother for details please mr. Duncan say that you don’t
support brexit while you’re asking me well 60 days there are just 60 days to
go before we leave before we leave the European Union 60
days from today we will leave Europe now this is something that was supposed to
happen way back in March on the 29th and this has been in the planning for over
three and a half years I’m not joking so it would appear that we will as far as I
can tell we will be leaving the European Union on the 31st of October which also
happens to be the anniversary of my youtube channel can you believe it oh I
see potage asks mr. Duncan please say that
you don’t support brexit so you are asking what I voted you are asking what
my vote was I see I see what you’re doing now interesting shall I make
things controversial today maybe not not just yet anyway hello Belarus er hi
Belarusian nice to see you back look the Sun has come out just for Belarus yeah
so it’s very nice to see you here also Corrie hello Cory or Corey Corey
watching in France hello to you a big bonjour from Monsieur Dan Karn very nice
also Mulla is here what is the difference
between shall will and sound and voice well shall and will are similar they are
used in a similar way I shall go I will go so both of those
phrases actually express intention something you intend to do also the
sound and voice well sound is a general term for anything you can hear so a
sound is any type of noise sound noise and voice is
something that normally produces a speech pattern of some sort so when we
talk about voice we can talk about mr. Duncan’s voice we can talk about the
voice of a group of people when they are expressing their opinions so it is
anything that is vocal voice anything that is spoken or vocal you can voice
your opinion you can tell people how you feel about
something maybe you want to voice your opinion about brexit Oh controversial
hello Maggid hello everyone this is my first moment being in live stream is it
your first time a gened well can I just say congratulations and I will give you
a special round of applause I hope you enjoyed those we also of
course have some fireworks would you like to have some fireworks as well
because I have a big box of fireworks right here so let’s have some fireworks
as well to say a big hello to Majeed kaboom do welcome
Majeed to my SuperDuper livestream on a Sunday afternoon coming to you live from
England my goodness we also have a Zahir hello teacher
how is it going it is going pretty well I must admit I must be honest with you
yesterday at the start of my livestream yesterday it was raining so much and I
got soaking wet yesterday if you would like to see something funny watch the
first few moments of yesterday’s livestream because I got very wet
yesterday hello to Palmyra hello Palmyra hello also – I think tsukete is here
hello tsukete I haven’t seen you for a while nice to see you back hello also –
satury No hello mr. Duncan you’re British Thai sounds like a hard brexit
oh I see so you think because I’m wearing this that I support brexit oh I
see interesting theory mm very interesting
Anna Anna oh thank you very much Anna Anna for your lovely comment this
morning thank you very much I was waiting for your lesson well here I am
today I think I was on time I think I was actually on time today I can’t
believe it hello also – Michelle look on the console again in southern Italy
apparently it’s very hot at the moment in southern Italy
I want to go to Tuscany I really do I want to visit to skinny mmm we have
some new messages coming up let me just skip ahead here we go to an to an our
dung asks I often make mistakes about the tents so what should I do to improve
it well what you need to do is learn some of the basic words in the English
language and then you can look you can find out you can study what the tenses
are so maybe there are tenses for certain words something that you have
done something that you are doing and something that you will do hello Chris
one mistake that English people tend to understand is the word Dorian and Jorian
oh I see well there is there is a Dorian that is a type of fruit that smells very
bad you see them a lot in Malaysia hello also to blue thunder hello blue
thunder we missed you yesterday everyone was asking where is Blue Thunder the
other question is where is petrol has anyone seen Pedro Belmont I haven’t seen
him for a very long time to be honest with you I’m slightly concerned about
Pedro where has Pedro gone Pedro is one of my viewers in Brazil but I haven’t
seen Pedro for a very long time what has happened to petrol does anyone know does
anyone know what has happened to Pedro Belmont Belmont where is he UNICEF ah I don’t know Chris morels
thank you very much for your lovely message just also we have Anna Anna Anna
says hello to blue thunder as well of course blue thunder is one of my younger
viewers I have viewers of all ages from teenage
to people of my age yes that’s all why are there so many mr. Duncan’s in the
thumbnail oh yes the thumbnail is the picture that advertises today’s
livestream and you will notice there is there are lots of me and then somewhere
there is a different mean so you’ll see a different mr. Duncan and that is just
showing that sometimes being different is not necessarily a bad thing that is
something that I’m going to cover also on Wednesday in my full English lesson
talking of the English language in a moment we are going to take a look at
one of my short videos where I talk all about the differences between British
and American English so stay tuned for that
hello also to be curious again can you please describe silent words in English
when you say silent words do you mean silent letters now I have made a youtube
video all about silent letters so if you go to my youtube channel you can search
my videos just put mr. Duncan silent letters and the video will come up as if
by magic so yes I have made a lesson all about silent words silent letters so a
certain word that has some letters contained within it that you don’t
pronounce in the distance is it idioms in the
distance I’m not sure Oh in the distance I suppose in the
distance can be used as an idiom because it might be something that has happened
or will happen in the near distance or in the far distance we can use that
phrase to to say that something is pest or approaching so it can be an object
but also it can be a moment of time as well
Pedro is alive but I don’t know maybe he is very busy yes I think Pedro has other
things to do do you remember Pedro used to disappear during my Sunday
life’s dreams so I have a feeling that Pedro has something I think he has
something very important to do on a Sunday instead of watching me on YouTube
hello also to know Noemi hello Noemi Noemi I’ll saw says you have
pupils much older than you I am 64 says Noemi really well nowadays I’m going to
be honest with you can I be honest with you do you mind if I’m honest with you I
don’t think 64 is very old nowadays I think 64 is still young a lot of people
when they are 64 they travel around the world if they go on cruises they explore
parts of the world that they’ve always wanted to visit so I think actually 64
isn’t very old I think so thank you very much also to twang again
where do you live in England where do I live I live in the countryside a
beautiful place called Much Wenlock in the English countryside you can see
actually at the moment you can see some views there we go so there is one view
that is actually live at the moment and you can see in the distance many of the
many of the fields that have recently been harvested so you can see many of
the fields have been harvested all of the crops have been collected and just
behind me you can see a view of some of the trees blowing in the wind the answer
my friend the answer is blowing in the wind
I think it’s trying to rain I think it’s actually trying to rain can you believe
it is it really trying to rain I think I think we might get some rain I don’t
like that I don’t like that at all hello also to Rodrigues lose a funny
Rodriguez hello to you the sun is shining behind you sometimes so
sometimes the Sun is out and sometimes the Sun goes in it goes behind the
clouds yes neo zero makes a very good point
64 is the new middle age now they used to say that life begins at 40 so many
years ago people considered the age of 40 to be the beginning of your later
life so you can have this new this new feeling of youth and vitality so some
people believe or they used to believe that life started at 40 but I think
nowadays the attitude to getting older has changed
a lot and I think one of the reasons is more and more people of a certain age
have disposable income so they are able to save more money as they get older so
they they are more willing to explore the world that’s what I think anyway so
I think yes you’re right the age of 64 is no longer old so there is definitely
hope for me let me just see what’s happening with the weather because I
think it’s raining yes there is there is a rain cloud going across so whilst the
rain falls we’re going to have a look at the first part of my special selection
of videos and today we are talking all about the differences between British
and American English hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you
today are you okay I hope so are you happy I hope so
in today’s lesson we will look at one of the most varying parts of the English
language which seems to cause a great deal of confusion for those who are in
the process of learning it today we will look at the differences between British
and American English you when we say British English what we are
actually referring to is the way in which English is spoken in the United
Kingdom this includes Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland where English is spoken
widely for some people the term British English is a misleading one but the fact
remains that this terminology is the usual one when it comes to describing
the way in which English is spoken here in the UK these days the terms standard
English is slowly being used less and less mainly due to the realisation that
there is no real standard way of speaking English the basic academic
rules of English tend to be the same wherever in the world it is being used
it is a common question and one which is often posed to me what are the
differences between the way English is spoken here in England and the way it is
used in the USA well this is not an easy question to answer quickly it would be
better to break the differences down into sections differences between nouns
differences between spelling and grammar differences between pronunciation when it comes to word usage there are
quite a large number of words which differ between British and American
English now we will take a look at some of these words this list is not
exhaustive but many of the words here are in common use general words flat
apartment building block pavement sidewalk road route motorway freeway
Junction fork roundabout traffic circle phone box phone booth these days
payphone is used in both British and American English film movie headmaster
principal caretaker janitor photo snapshot public school private school
state school public school marks grades term semester when it comes to actually
speaking English then the slight differences between British and American
English become more obvious American English tends to put more emphasis on
the consonant sounds especially the letter R this is very apparent in words
beginning with r such as red red really really robert robert and rich rich vowel
sounds such as those made by the letter A are also emphasized the letter T is a
good one to look closely at occasionally in American English the T sound is not
pronounced the same as it is in British English for
letter letter better better bottle bottle throttle throttle metal medal
more general words tap for sit power socket power outlet power cut out inch
tin pan shopping trolley shopping cart shop store food shop grocery store
corner shop convenience store sellotape scotch-tape tippex wite-out Ceti sofa
couch holiday vacation maths math iced lollies popsicle crisps potato chips
sweets candy candy floss cotton candy cash point ATM till cash register estate
agent real tall there are many ways of finding out the differences between
American and British English most English dictionaries now point out
these variations within their word definition listings normally with the
alternative spelling being placed next to whichever word is being defined parts
of a car or an automobile bonnet hood boot trunk petrol gas windscreen
windshield number plate license plate gear leaver gear shift exhaust pipe
tailpipe lorry truck fire engine fire truck caravan trailer police car patrol
car estate car station wagon car park parking lot car journey roadtrip
overtake pass clothing trousers pants slacks pants underwear shorts jockey
shorts pumps plimsolls gym shoes trainers sneakers polo neck jumper
turtleneck sweater dressing-gown bathrobe wellington boots galoshes
jumper pullover sweater nappy diaper waistcoat vest vest undershirt and there it was so that is the first
part of our look today at the differences between British and American
English so I hope you enjoyed that something helpful now I know that some
of you have seen that before but there are many there are many many people who
haven’t seen it and there will be another video clip coming later on yes
it just rained and whilst you were watching that I was busily trying to put
the cover over my head so so I wouldn’t have a repeat of yesterday when I got
really really wet thank you very much for your lovely views today and your
views on certain subjects some very interesting questions one or two of you
are asking mr. Duncan how did you vote in the brexit referendum did you vote to
leave Europe or did you vote to remain in Europe and there is only 60 days 60
days left before the 31st of October when we have to decide whether or not it
is going to go ahead oh my goodness thanks also to Tuan also to Carlos hello
Carlos watching in Colombia nice to see you here today
hello to Lionel hello Lionel Lionel watching in Vietnam as well nice to see
you here Cory asks is your town located in the Cotswolds no it isn’t it’s a very
long way from the Cotswolds it’s about where I live is around maybe 80 maybe 80
miles away from the Cotswolds so I live quite a long way so the place I live is
in the county of Shropshire Shropshire and the town is called Much Wenlock a
very beautiful place very rural very scenic as you can see behind me when it
isn’t raining when it isn’t raining it’s lovely here also we have who else is on the live
chat Bluebell hello Bluebell I haven’t seen your name
here before is it your first time I wonder blue thunder says I like your hat
my hat I’m wearing my red hat because I want to match this to my tie
hello also – let’s have a look head in hello Henan or Henan hello Hanan now you
are watching in Tunisia I like to knizia I’ve always wanted to go to Tunisia do
you know why because Tunisia is famous for being one of the locations of one of
the Star Wars movies in fact the first Star Wars movie a lot of the scenes
especially the desert scenes were filmed in Tunisia it’s true hello Sergio hello
to you as for me there is there are much bigger differences among British accents
when I listen to The Archers do you really listen to the arches now
The Archers is actually a radio program that has been running for I think 50
years on the BBC and it is like a weekly drama so there are lots of people
involved playing different roles and the archers is actually set in the
countryside but it is a radio program that has been running for many many
years there are many regional accents in the
archers it is the second time that I have joined your live stream thank you
very much Bluebell lovely to see you here today
here is a question I get asked so many times mr. Duncan do you like football
I don’t follow football at all I think I should have a t-shirt that I’m going to
make I’m going to have a t-shirt made and on the front it’s going to
I don’t follow football because I don’t I don’t really have any interest in
football yes it would appear that everyone in the UK is crazy about
football but I can tell you now it’s only a small percentage of the whole
population so not everyone is crazy about football trust me hello – c-czar
hello Cesar nice to see you it is nice to start my day listening to
your class although I am working at the moment as a welder can I just say I wish
you could come round to my house because there are some repairs some parts of the
house are actually falling to pieces I’m not joking talking of which mr. Steve
has been very busy this morning would you like to see what mr. Steve has been
doing here we go so this is something that I filmed on my phone this morning I
don’t know if you can see that I will make my camera brighter there he is
there’s mr. Steve and can you see what he’s doing he’s actually repairing some
of the small cracks that have appeared on top of the roof above my studio so
you can see there mr. Street mr. Steve is actually above my studio painting
some special it looks like paint but it isn’t it is actually designed to to
repair cracks in the roof so that’s what mr. Steve has been doing this morning
and as you can see he has been very busy up on the roof so for those wondering
what Steve has been doing today there you can actually see him on the roof
painting he’s putting some special compound on top of the roof to prevent
the water from coming through into my studio so that’s what Steve has been
doing today he has been up on the roof mr. Steve has been up on the there was actually a song called up on
the roof there was I’m not joking for those who would like to see this
with captions don’t forget you can press this if you press this button on your
keyboard you can actually get live captions for those who who don’t know
that a few moments ago I mentioned Star Wars and last night mr. Steve and also I
settled down to actually watch a movie it’s been a very long time since we’ve
actually sat down and watched a movie together it’s been ages so we decided to
do it last night and we watched a brilliant movie called Vanilla Sky has
anyone ever seen it it’s a brilliant movie Tom Cruise is the star and it’s a
brilliant movie I’ve heard a lot about the film over the years it isn’t a new
film it’s around 18 years old but vanilla Skies is is well it’s a very
interesting film it’s like a love story but also it is also science fiction as
well so I thoroughly enjoyed it I can’t remember the last time I actually sat
down to watch a movie and I really enjoyed it
and Steve enjoyed it as well and then it made me think about other things it made
me think about when was the best period of time for movies when was the best
decade for movies now in my opinion and this is just my opinion by the way I
think I really do think the 1980s was the best period for movies some of the
best movies ever made were actually made in the 1980s and I’m going to show you
one or two of the movies that I think are not only the best movies of the
1980s but also the best movies ever made however ever and they all come from the
1980s so I was trying to think how many good movies there were during
the 1990s and I couldn’t think of many however if I think of how many good
movies were around in the 1980s I can think of lots and lots I can think of
five straight away ghostbusters the original Ghostbusters a brilliant
movie really Ferris Bueller’s Day Off a great John Hughes classic yes
have you seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off a brilliant movie all about teenagers and
some of the difficult situations that they can get into sometimes so John
Hughes by the way was a very famous film director he had a lot of big movies out
during the 1980s we will have a look at one of those in a minute in fact another
movie and one of the first movies to be released in 1980 Star Wars Star Wars The
Empire Strikes Back one of my all-time favorite movies and also my all-time
favorite Star Wars movie so I love the Empire Strikes Back and most people
think that this is the best of the Star Wars movies and I think so as well
so this movie 1980 this was released in the UK and around the world so this is a
1980s movie it really is The Empire Strikes Back a classic maybe one of the
best movies ever made also another one also from 1980 here is another movie one
of the best movies ever made this is a biography of a person who lived during
Victorian times and his real name was Joseph Merrick and a movie was made
about his life a tragic life the name of the movie the Elephant Man and this was
made in 1980 still one of the best movies ever made I
think this movie is incredible if you haven’t seen it I suggest you do because
it’s fantastic it stars John Hurt Anthony Hopkins John Gielgud
so so many great British actors of course we can’t talk about the 1980s
without mentioning this movie you know which movie I’m on about if I was to say
Harrison Ford and lots of robots we are talking Blade Runner also from the 1980s
one of the best movies possibly possibly the best science fiction movie ever made
so the original Blade Runner 1982 this was released very successful there are
many versions of this particular movie apparently the original version of this
movie had lots of narration because the studio executives were worried that no
one would understand what the film was about so they had this terrible
narration with Harrison Ford talking all over the movie but this particular
version doesn’t have it later versions of Blade Runner had all of the awful
narration mood removed at the end so there I am proving my case already that
the 1980s the best the best decade for movies and there are so many Back to the
Future Back to the Future the original Back to the Future released in 1985
right in the middle of the 1980s so there are so many great movies and
that’s the reason why I believe in my own opinion that the 1980s is definitely
the golden era of big expensive but also brilliant movies I think so anyway
another movie from the 1980s this from 1982 it is yes robert de niro well then
well spotted there he is Robert De Niro a film called
the King of Comedy now this is a very interesting movie because it talks all
about or the story explores the world of celebrity so even though this was made
in 1982 it still seems very relevant now so a brilliant movie starring Robert De
Niro and also the late great Jerry Lewis as well playing a talk show host
brilliant movie one of the best movies one of one of Robert De Niro’s best
movies as well before he started making those terrible dirty grandpa movies why
did he do that Robert De Niro why did you do that why did you make such a
terrible movie like dirty grandpa when you were making classics like this
so I really do like 1980s movies can you tell here’s another one from the 1980s
another one you may or may not have heard of this is called national
lampoon’s vacation starring Chevy Chase and Beverly
D’Angelo a very funny movie it’s a comedy about a family going to I want to say
Disneyland but of course it isn’t Disneyland so in the movie the place
they are going to has a different name but national lampoon’s vacation a fantastic movie very funny
so many great movies from the 1980s some good suggestions here from you as well
an officer and a gentleman a brilliant movie love lifts us up where we belong
Richard Gere Richard Gere now I’m trying to remember who else was in an officer
and a gentleman so there was Richard Gere but I can’t
remember the lady who was the lady that he carried off at the end from the
factory I can’t remember her name isn’t that terrible life is beautiful with the
excellent Benini life is beautiful I have heard of that film and that is on
my to watch film list so yes that is one film I would like to see life is
beautiful as I understand it it is a very serious film but also a very
heartwarming film as well I’ve never seen it myself
Irene is going oh I have to go now bye mr. Duncan and everyone okay Irene see
you later catch you later hopefully you will be
able to watch this later on Belarusian says I can see you love
movies mr. Duncan I used to watch movies many years ago but nowadays I have no
time that’s true well the same thing happened to me and also Steve as well so
last night we sat down to watch a movie that we wanted to watch for a long time
called vanilla skies and it’s a brilliant movie starring Tom Cruise
Tilda Swinton is in it as well can I just let you in on a little secret Tilda
Swinton really to scare me a bit I don’t know why whenever I see her in a film I
always feel a little afraid do you know who I mean Tilda Swinton she has bright
red hair and she has a very stern looking face but yes a brilliant movie
called vanilla skies it’s a love story but it’s also science fiction as well
Alexandra says my favorite movie is The Green Mile now I don’t think that’s from
the 1980s I think the Green Mile was the early
1990s maybe 92 or 93 I might be wrong but I don’t think the Green
is from the 1980s but it’s still a good movie
hello also to sue Kat says I am also afraid of Tilda Swinton good thank
goodness for that so it’s not just me so other people feel
slightly afraid of Tilda Swinton have you watched Harry Potter
well of course Harry Potter is not from the 1980s so sadly he doesn’t make it
onto my list I’m afraid however this movie does one
of my all-time favorite movies it’s also from the 1980s made in 1985 this
particular movie pee-wee’s big adventure starring pee-wee Herman so I absolutely
love this movie very funny movie have you ever seen it and did you know that
this is one of Tim Burton’s first ever movies that he edited so this is Tim
Burton’s he produced he directed it and it stars the ever young pee-wee Herman
and it’s a very funny movie as well hi mr. Duncan oh that looks like is that
Korean or Japanese I can’t tell the difference sometimes I’m sorry about
that koto says I want to watch movies during the week or at the weekend but I
have no time either I know I don’t know what’s happening at the moment I seem to
have no time to actually sit down and relax because I’m always busy I’m always
preparing or filming or editing or presenting like now so I always seem to
have very little time to sit down and watch a movie
yes tsukete Tim Burton has made some very good movies Edward Scissorhands is
one of my favorite movies also from the nineteen eighties you see
it is so easy to to name a good movie from the 1980s because there were so
many there were so many who remembers this movie and also its sequel as well
this is a movie that makes you feel both happy and a little sad as well cocoon
who remembers this movie cocoon and also the sequel as well so there was actually
a sequel to this movie cocoon and this is also a science fiction movie all
about some aliens that come back to rescue their friends that have been
under the ocean and these elderly people find these they look like shells or eggs
and they are actually in a swimming pool and all these elderly people from a
nearby elderly care home find these eggs in a swimming pool I think in the movie
they call them pods pods and it makes them young again so they become young
and lively and they have lots of energy but it also has a very sad story as well
that is definitely a film that will make you cry a little bit I think so so as
you can see there are so many great movies from the 1980s classic movies
we’ve already mentioned Back to the Future in fact there were three three
Back to the Future movies there was Back to the Future one where he goes back in
time then there was Back to the Future 2 where he goes forward in time to 2015
can you believe it 2015 was four years ago I I don’t
remember seeing Michael J Fox running around on his hoverboard to be honest so
yes there are so many great movies ET the
extra-terrestrial a great movie starring Henry Thomas as Elliot I will be right
here sorry that was terrible although I do look a
bit I look a little bit like et don’t you think so right we’re gonna have a
look at another clip from one of my English lessons and this is talking all
about the differences between British and American English and then after that
we are back with the live chat the British slang word for a cigarette is
fag while in American English this word has a very different and offensive
meaning it is a derogatory and insulting word for a gay man or homosexual so
asking an American for a fag may at the very least cause some confusion and at
the very worst a great deal of offense past simple past participle the
following verbs have two acceptable forms of the past simple past participle
in both American and British English however the irregular form is generally
more common in British English and the regular form is more common to American
English burn burnt or burned dream dreamt or dreamed lean lent or leaned
learn learnt or learned smell smelt or smelled spell
spelt or spelled spill spilt or spilled spoil spoilt or spoiled in present
perfect temps there are some slight differences
for example I’ve lost my wallet I lost my wallet possessive clauses there are
two forms to express possession in English have or have got do you have a
car have you got a car he hasn’t got any friends he doesn’t have any friends she
has a beautiful new home she’s got a beautiful new home while both forms are
correct and acceptable in both British and American English have got have you
he hasn’t got are generally the preferred forms of British English while
most speakers of American English use do you have
he doesn’t have they don’t have the verb get the past participle of the verb get
is gotten in American English for example he’s got much better at playing
tennis he’s gotten much better at playing tennis there are some words
which are unique to American English a good example of this is the word busboy
which means a person in a restaurant who collects the dirty plates and cutlery
from the tables not to be confused with a waiter who takes the orders and serves
the food there are some differences between the spelling of British and
American English words for example words ending with E are such as centre
and meter and words ending with C II such as license and defense words ending
in i sv such as minimize patronize prize recognized specialize there are some
differences in the way prepositions are used for example at the weekend on the
weekend in the team on the team write to me soon write me soon some
words are pronounced differently between British and American English for example
aluminium aluminium basil basil data data duty duty oregano oregano process
process tomato tomato tube tube VARs vase and there it is part 2 of our look at
the differences between British and American English and it is a Sunday
afternoon live English with myself mr. Duncan and there you can see a beautiful
view of the English countryside live on a Sunday afternoon and it’s myself mr.
Duncan as well I hope you’re having a good time today we have talked about so
many things we are talking about classic movies from the 1980s and also American
and British English as I said at the start of today’s live stream the main
differences between British and American English are in the spelling of certain
words and also the pronunciation of certain words but generally speaking the
root of both languages is exactly the same there is only one there is only one
English only one English apparently the co-star in officer in the gentlemen was
Debra Winger how could I not know that of course
Debra Winger whatever happened to Debra Winger it appeared that she was going to
be one of the biggest super actresses of the 1980s and then she sort of
disappeared Debra Winger whatever happened to her
hello also to Blue Thunder Oh blue thunder apparently feels a little bit
tired today slightly tired by the way I will be going in 15 minutes so if you
have something to say or ask do it now please
another classic movie from the 1980s all I can say from my own point of view the
1980s was the best era the best period of time for great successful classic
movies and here is another one I mentioned John Hughes earlier because
John Hughes was a very prolific director sadly no longer around
unfortunately but John Hughes directed many great movies including home alone
as well which I think I might be wrong I think home alone might be from the 1980s
but I think it was the late 1980s so I think home alone the first movie was was
the late 1980s it might even be the early 90s but I think home alone the
original one was in the 1980s and it was directed by the late great John Hughes
here is another movie that John Hughes directed one of my all-time favorite
movies trains planes and automobiles starring Steve Martin and John Candy I
absolutely love this movie released in 1987 this movie stars two comedy legends
as I’ve already mentioned and the story concerns two businessmen trying to get
home for Thanksgiving and it has some great moments of comedy also some very
sad moments as well it is a brilliant movie one of the best movies of the
1980s but then most movies from the 1980s were really good John Hughes also
directed another one of my favorite eighties movies
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and also The Breakfast Club as well so he often
directed movies all about teenagers and the problems they face in life but sadly
no longer around unfortunately hello also 2ts once again Pedro isn’t here as
I mentioned earlier what has happened to Pedro where is he
Pedro we are all missing you so much where are you what are you doing over
there in Brazil grow up grow up oh hello there apparently home alone ah
home alone was made in 1990 I thought so you see I thought so I thought it was
the late 80s or early 1990s so yes sadly home alone is not from the 1980s but it
is still a good movie it is still quite a good movie another one and this is the
last one no I’ve just made a mistake here I was going to show you this movie
I was going to mention this but of course this is not from the 1980s it
isn’t from the 1980s a lot of people believe that Groundhog Day is from the
1980s but it isn’t Groundhog Day is actually from the 1990s it was released
in 1993 but even I sometimes forget that Groundhog Day is actually from the 1990s
I always think that this is from the 1980s I don’t know why I really don’t
know why and once again a very good movie though so even though it’s not
from the 1980s it is still a really good movie starring Bill Murray and also and
the McDowell what is Andie MacDowell doing nowadays the last time I saw Andie
MacDowell she was advertising moisturizer for your
face I think I should do that I think I would be a very good
spokesperson for for male cosmetics I think so I would be brilliant at that
that’s what I think anyway home alone is a fantastic movie they show it every
year at Christmastime can I just mention something while we’re talking about
Christmas can I mention something to you there is a TV channel here in the UK and
at the moment you might not believe it but during September they are showing
Christmas movies I have no idea why why are they doing that
so there is a movie channel here in the UK so we can actually get it on
television here and during September I don’t know why they are actually showing
Christmas movies and one of the movies they are showing is home alone but I
don’t know why why are they showing them during September it doesn’t make sense
tsukete says oh my husband and I watched ground OCH groundhog day a thousand
times and we’ll be watching it all over again ah I know what you did there yes
very clever I like that so to watch Groundhog Day over and over is very
similar to the actual plot of the movie because Bill Murray has to live the same
day over and over again I like that very good yes very good
but have you ever seen vanilla skies it’s a brilliant movie if you haven’t
seen it please see it it stars Tom Cruise can I just be honest with you
here I I don’t mind Tom Cruise but there are certain things certain movies that
he’s been in where he’s being terrible yet in other movies he’s really good if
you haven’t seen another brilliant movie from the 1980s starring Tom Cruise do
you know which movie I’m on about in fact it’s the first movie he was ever in
risky business if you’ve never seen risky business starring a very young Tom
Cruise you have to see it it is a brilliant movie and in fact it is the
movie that made Tom Cruise famous so one of his first-ever movies called risky
business also made in the 1980s you see so it would appear that there are many
good movies around in the 1980s talking of acting
there is a person that I know in my life who enjoys acting very much do you know
who that is it’s mr. Steve yes he likes acting very
much and today I was wondering whether mr. Steve was going to show up because I
thought maybe he was but it would appear that he’s not here at the moment so I
don’t know earlier he was on the roof fixing the roof but I don’t know what’s
happened to him before we leave we will have part three of our observation our
close look at the world of English the differences between British and American
English in fact more differences between spelling the most well-known difference
between British and American English appears in words ending with oh you are
such as color favor flavor honor neighbour and of course words such as
coloured favorite dishonor neighborhood when it comes to word definitions there
are not that many serious variations between words used in England and those
used in the USA it is not as if you are having to learn two new languages I know
that when someone says mailman they mean postman I know that a freeway is a
motorway and I know that pence are trousers when it comes to basic grammar
British and American English are almost the same it is also worth remembering
that word usage can vary even in one country a word used in one part of the
USA may not be used in another the same rule is also true here in the UK more general words property or land real
estate supermarket assistant clerk bank cashier teller postman mailman chemist
pharmacy drugstore label tag helicopter chopper injection jab shot rubbish
garbage trash waste bin garbage can trash can mobile phone cell phone TV
erial antenna wardrobe closet curtains drapes mortuary morgue coffin casket
prison penitentiary child kid mum or mother mum
pew line believe it or not English is one of the easiest languages to learn
but it can also be one of the most confusing the differing uses between
British and American English may appear to make the language very complicated
but in oral English the differences are far fewer if I were to visit the USA I
would have very little trouble understanding what people were saying in
fact when it comes to speaking the only real difficulty may come from the
misconception or negative thinking that there will be a problem I may imagine
that there will be difficulties when in fact there are virtually none the real
differences tend to exist within the various regional accents rather than the
type of English being spoken when it comes to speaking English be it British
or American there are many accents around that
subject we will save for another lesson there is one important word which I have
left up for long lives and I have decided to leave it to last in British
English you go to the toilet all of the lavatory in American English you go to
the washroom men’s room or bathroom the British slang words for toilet are
FARC or loot why are the American slang words for toilet are jar and though it
was I hope you enjoyed that so I hope things are a little clearer now the
differences between British and American English and there are many many
different types many differences indeed you are watching live English and it is
Sunday afternoon with myself mr. Duncan and maybe perhaps I’m not sure maybe
joining me very soon maybe mr. Steve will be lurking around after 3:00
everybody shout where is mr. Steve 1 2 3 where is mr. Steve where is mr. Steve
where is mr. sir oh there is mr. Steve he’s lurking around behind me mr. Steve
has returned once more with his wheelbarrow his wheelbarrow your
wheelbarrow and now mr. Duncan hello well hello to everybody what have you
got in your wheelbarrow Berbera can you smell it I stink
I smell I smell of fumes nothing new there different lives on today Mister
Donut then these gloves are very interesting yes now it looks from these
gloves it looks as if you’ve been handling as
material what is true hazardous hazardous if something is hazardous it
means dangerous or harmful I need them when I’m near mr. Duncan
because he’s contaminated yes so what have I been handling mr. Duncan what
have you been doing I’ve been on the roof on my knees well what you what you
don’t know Steve is earlier I was secretly filming you what calm down
secretly filming me mr. Duncan I don’t like being spied on oh so that
there was Steve earlier I will turn the light up on the camera there there was
Steve from earlier he was actually on the roof doing some repairs so what what
are you actually doing there Steve well mr. Duncan this is the flat roof the
flat roof as opposed to a pitched roof this is that this is a flat roof so a
pitch roof is pointed and a flat roof as its name suggests is flat covered in
felt and that felt unlike the tiles on a pitched roof
probably only got a 20 25 year lifespan okay I’ve noticed and this flat roof is
above mr. Duncan’s studio yes we don’t want rainwater coming into my studio
exactly so I’ve been monitoring this very carefully okay over many years and
I’ve noticed a deterioration a deterioration a deterioration yes cracks
have been appearing and the top coating is as withered away in the Sun I know
the feeling and yes and so what I’ve been doing is I’ve been scraping all the
moss off okay all right and then I thought well I’ll give it a coat because
it’s too expensive I don’t want to have it repaired yet by a ruthless pastor
somebody who repairs your roof is a roofer we call one okay and you know I
are there’s no short stories with me mr. Duncan well other is because we’ve got
like four minutes before we go right okay I’ll speed it up so yes basically I
found this compound that you can put onto the
roof to extend its life so it’s very clever it looks like paint but you
actually paint it onto the roof and then magically it fills all the cracks yes
it’s got like fibers in it and some kind of sort of a DS if the other thing I
know the other thing I know Steve it absolutely stinks I’m on a high mr.
Duncan I’ve been breathing in fumes all morning it’s taking me back three hours
up there I’ve been working hard as you know well the roof the roof is only just
above my head so so for the past hour and a half I have also been breathing in
all of the fumes a very messy job stinky as well fully we’ll get another five
five or six years life out of that roof but you have to have it let’s have a
look before we go then because we are going soon there we go look you can see
by the outside of this cam and it’s absolutely horrible stuff to use it sir
it stinks it stinks of solvent oh I wasn’t going to give the name lots of
products like this on the market this one’s called roof fix so this I love the
name of this because it’s called a roof fix so it really does tell you
everything that it does it’s used to fix your roof to fit fix your flat roof and
just keep it going for a bit longer because it’s only around the edges that
where the water collects that the deterioration in the felt have taken
place so if something deteriorates it means it becomes worn or damaged
something deteriorates over time it becomes damaged that’s the problem with
flat bruise and many people if you’ve got to if you work in buildings or live
in buildings with flat roofs they’re always prone to leaking and you’ve got
to take the moss off and you’ve got a repair that’ll keep them going well in
some countries they have nothing but flat roofs so the roofs don’t look like
this they look like this they’re flat so yeah I think having a flat roof is not
is not necessarily a good thing because you can get leaks you can get more to
drip being through water pools in areas and
then the felt rots away and then you get a leak and we don’t want a leak in mr.
Duncan’s studio because he won’t be able to continue doing his important work
teaching English to you lot around the world as I think now there will be
people on the roof of my studio drilling holes in the roof to sabotage everything
because the rain if the rainwater goes through it will damage all of my lovely
equipment yes and I can turn my and all types of work okay then I don’t know why
why do you announce everything like you’re on a stage applause applause for
you I’m is Alexandra Watson aleksander been
doing that deserves applause well awes for you so here are some applause for
mr. Steve I deserve it yes as usual working very hard unlike
some of us now you’re working hard in a more
intellectual way I’m working hard in a manual way manual labor hmm and of
course I’m fighting fit as we know because I’m doing all these jobs however
I’m hoping not to get liver cancer from all the fumes in 20 years time okay
that’s so so if you’ve white spirit or Terps white spirit to take all this off
my gloves you should have seen them and I came down I was covered in this goo
it’s got all over my clothes it’s disgusting it stings you act you
absolutely stink of this stuff it says that to me all the time even when I’m
not on the roof there can I go mr. dent okay they we are about
to wrap things up what does that mean well if you wrap things up it means it’s
time to end well I meant what happens after you’ve finished the live stream Oh
after we finished the live stream we are having a cup of tea and the tea cake we
are everybody saying oh everyone saying hello hello and good night please we’re
going to bed of course I haven’t seen Jeff on here today Jeff yes Jeff is here
and hey anything to me yes he did he said yeah it’s mr. Steve there it is
I’ve got at least one fan yayyyyy I think Jeff really does like
you I’ve noticed one thing that Jeff only says something when you appear mice
most my things falling down technical problems but mr. Duncan is clever he can
fix all those technical issues I heard him coming inside earlier because it was
raining it started raining I was panicking earlier I thought I was going
to have a repeat of yesterday when I got soaking wet we can’t have rain because
because father was no forecast for rain and I did the roof because you’ve got to
leave it 12 hours without any rain before it dries mmm so we don’t want
that right I’m off to make the tea cakes bye to everybody lovely to see you all
and hopefully see you again next week with some mystery object in my
wheelbarrow I wonder what will be in mr. Steeves wheelbarrow next week Oh to be
you ha that was mr. Steve of course he likes to drop in and relax too he likes
to drop in and say hello and that’s it that’s almost time for us to say goodbye
it is almost time to say goodbye to everyone I hope you’ve enjoyed it yes it
is a very interesting there he goes it is a very interesting type of paint
so it looks like paint but apparently apparently it has lots of fiber inside
like almost like material that you make clothes out of so you paint it on and
then it seals everything up so the water doesn’t go through so it’s actually
quite good thank you very much for your company today we’ve done quite a lot of
things a very busy 90 minutes today I will see you next Saturday
of course here are the times Saturday 12:00 midday UK time Sunday 2:00 p.m.
and also full English a new recorded lesson every Wednesday and you can also
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to Helena see you Rose Thank You rose I hope that next time I get a round of
applause well rose rose bush I love your name by the way just before I go I will
give you a round of applause I hope you enjoyed that time to go time
to say goodbye see you next week and of course I hope
you have a great week stay happy it is September enjoy yourself have a
super-duper time and of course until the next time we appear all together here on
YouTube this is mr. Duncan saying thanks for
watching see you later and of course you know what’s coming next
yes you do… ta ta for now 😎

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