Sunrise Elem. National Poetry Month

The Teacher Show by Bruce Lansky. �I have an important announcement I want
everybody to know. On Monday, all classes are cancelled. The teachers will put on a
show. Mrs. Cribs will be juggling meatballs, Coach
Folkstead will dance with a bear, Ms.Petragon and Mrs. Liggins
will yodel, Ms. Isaac will tear out her hair. Ms. Gates is quite entertaining; she does
something you’ve never seen. If you want
a bad case of measles, she�ll paint them red, white, and green. Mr. Hardy is also
performing. He’s coming up with something quite new he’s
doing an act in the kitchen;
he’s dumping their cook in the stew. Your parents are certainly welcome but make
sure to tell them the rule: if any of them arrive tardy, they’ll all have to
be kept after school. I know that our show is exciting I wish that
you all could be there but school will be closed for
vacation I can’t wait to see you next year�. Hello to all the students at Sunrise Elementary
School and Happy National Poetry Month.

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