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so I've been thinking about some things there's been something bothering me that's been happening on Supergirl for the past like three seasons actually starting in season two it involves kryptonite let's just say that doesn't really make sense I don't know if the CW is like confused on how it works so they just make it work differently every single time because that's how it seems it always seems to affect them differently we all know that Superman super Owen any other Kryptonian that comes in contact with kryptonite will be weakened by it literally every single time it's used on the show it seems to have a different effect on the characters there's one episode in particular that stands out to me but it happens quite a bit – OH – the last children of Krypton's so Clark comes over for cistern Anton is saying his goodbyes to Cara and the tv turns on and there's a jumper on the bridge but it's not a jumper so now I've got metallo the Kryptonian killer created by Cadmus he turns around and hits Clark with a kryptonite ray and he's on the ground for a while he's just laying there then car gets hit and she's laying next to him he gets up a few seconds later that still makes sense right then she pushes the car hops on top of it and gets hit and it's immediately knocked unconscious no it's not because I think she's got some super immunities she just hopped right back up everything in five if she was knocked out every single time it would make sense but she's not keep consistency who would understand if she was like becoming less affected as time went on if you don't know what I'm referring to it's near the end of the episode when Clark and Cara both go back to their cities I mean there's no inconsistency with Clark as soon as the metallic rips it off of him he's instantly weakened then Jean runs in and helps him okay that makes sense but Cara with the amount of Kryptonite that she endured she should have been close to dead seeing is at the start of the episode she was knocked unconscious by barely being hit by it at all she seriously should have been tagged but no instead she hops up grab some tallow and pulls his arm backwards and they kill him what how did he go from unconscious at the beginning of the episode so that didn't faze me at all by the end of the episode 30 minutes this is just in the span of a like a couple of days that makes no sense and in a recent episode she was in the same room as kryptonite and she was just walking around but then in one of the most recent episodes it was either the most recent or at the second to last one I don't remember when read daughter opens the door she immediately falls unconscious it's just like she opens the door and immediately cars like down but also when she was in the White House talking to her right daughter when she was tied up she was like I've been dealing with kryptonite for 15 years and then she like punched her out jumped out the window and flew away do they not remember the pilot episode or are they just not claiming it as their own since it was the CBS's Supergirl not bears because in the pilot the de Oh hit her with kryptonite when she was flying around and she was surprised and she said she never felt pain like that before and she didn't understand why she was hurting and they told her it's kryptonite and she did not know what it was no no it hasn't it's been like four so almost five but no thank you for coming to my TED talk that is all if you think I should do more videos like this please give her this video a thumbs up and subscribe self promo anyways guys I'll see you in the next video bye

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  1. I think the reason that Kara passes out when she gets hit the first time is because in the comics there is a cover of Superman holding Kara. Anyway I loved this video ❤️

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