Support Writers This #GivingTuesday

hi I'm bench pasig i'm justin paul and we are here to talk to you about giving tuesday evening tuesday a if you were thinking about giving to an amazing organization we hope that you consider the dramatists guild fund yeah the job just feels fun is responsible for helping writers in need and supporting so many initiatives like the dramatists guild fellowship program for instance which we were a part of you very very lucky to be a part we were obsessed with we got to study with some of our mentors and people that we have admired forever loud Lynn Ahrens and stephen flaherty we have to sit in on the development process of next to normal where we met Michael greif who then became the director of yerevan Hanson and everything that we have gotten from from the drummers good fellowship program has so informed everything we've written since and is such a big part of our work yeah so please consider them when you're giving and giving Tuesday and we hope you'll support writers help a ride or feed a writer and thank you very much

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