‘Sur Sohini’ by Mitha Khan Jat & Sumar Kada Jat

Don’t go Sohini,
the river is in spate
Don’t go Sohini!The river is in spateIn this dark night
What draws you to the whirlpools?
What draws you there?If Dam were to awaken
He’ll question us about you
If Dam were to awaken....he’ll question us about youWhat can Dam do?
She asked the village girls
For ages love-wrecked women
Have had business with whirlpools
I sacrifice these bones and flesh....on my beloved Mehar!These bones and flesh!Dam, your days will end soon
Yet you sit and blabber away!
The fish lunge for my bonesFor my bones!But how can I break my promise....to the one who lives on the island?But how can I break my promise....to the one who lives on the island?Take care of your own affairsNo one stop me!Take care of your own affairsNo one stop me!In this dark night……my soul whirls in these watersNo one stop me!Day and night, in every moment……Dam doesn’t let go of me!No one stop me!Oh Miyaan, take care
of your own affairs
No one stop me!In this dark night…..oh miyaan, my soul
whirls in these waters
No one stop me!Abdul Latif says…..she’ll make it
to the high ground
No one stop me!Oh lord, she’ll make it
to the high ground!
No one stop me!

45 thoughts on “‘Sur Sohini’ by Mitha Khan Jat & Sumar Kada Jat

  1. This is not just any video … It's a treasure .. Simply beautiful .. Thankyou

  2. Rather harsh on the ears (karn katu) but interesting.Also had to put up with the lady making some controversial comments.However,I am happy that others could hear beauty where unfortunately I could not. To each his own(pasand apni apni).

  3. Awesome! Thought this tradition was confined to Bhit Shah in Pakistan. I wish the tradition continues in India too. Never been a great fan of sufi music but this is amazing – can't find enough.

  4. it is sur suhni of shah jo risalo this rasalo is a collection of shah latif bhittai s verses a great poet os not only sindh but he is is poet of universe

  5. The major part of this story is omitted. When sohni got married, she prayed that her husband didn't touch her so that she could maintain her chastity for her true love and her prayer was answered as her husband used to come home lethargic and slept throughout the night every night. Furthermore, the love of sohni and mehar was spiritual in nature as mehar was a jogi or faqeer, devoted to the love of God before the love of the world and sohni was devoted to God herself. This story symbolises divine love as even in a love as worldly as that of two people, you keep God's wish before your own and guard your chastity. Sohni and mehar's drowning together symbolised their mating in heavens by God himself.

  6. Great narrative. Culture. Roots. Focus on ourselves. A great escape for me to indulge…. Thank you.

    These singers are made of gold. Passion, yearning, at the level of dirges : A barometer of emotions.

  7. Beautiful narration… it is a step towards fraternity between Sindh and Punjab. Shah Saeen wrote about Sohni Mahinwaal and Heer also. Same vast stories of sindh are sung in Punjab.

  8. I'd give anything to be able to make a documentary about these musicians and Shah Abdul Latif

  9. Their voice keep touching my heart. I hope you get more videos about them.or bhit shah faqir.

  10. This is more than music, simply beautiful. It makes people happy 😊

  11. The very gods must tremble upon hearing these singers. It’s as if a knife is plunged into your heart and a piece taken away, and you have to return again to this music to seek that lost piece that you won’t ever regain.

  12. بہت ہی اعلی مرشد شاھ عبدالطیف بھٹائی کا راگ انڈیا میں بھی گایا جاتا ہے۔
    اگر کسی دوست کو راگ کی ویڈیوز چاہیئں تو میرا چینل سبسکرائب کریں۔

  13. there's nowhere to hide from this music……..I want to spray paint those poems on the walls of my city…….

  14. Thanks for sharing this and even bigger thanks for celebrating poetry of Shah saeen. Let there be only love and peace. Love from Sindh, Pakistan :

  15. ji latif,
    mashallah at last our Indian region got United with hazrat shah r.a .
    I couldn't believe it is in India.
    hazrats poetry just reaches your soul with that tombara strings.

  16. Shabnam you speak so well; drawing words from the river of reflection to give आकार to the characters! A mighty thank you for the Kabir Project and making it a open source!

  17. Admired in Sufi world…
    Always Loved ♥️💓♥️ this…
    Hatss off to this Sufi Fakeer from Rann Of Kutch @RannOfKutch.in

  18. No words…shabnam ji ko bahut thanks. Aap ki curiosity ka koi match nahin. You are the bridge/link to folk artists. If it weren't for you and your curiosity and your efforts, It's hard to imagine to listen to these folk songs. Omg your love to Kabir runs too deep.

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