Surah Yasin سورة يس Heart Melting Emotional Recitation

57 thoughts on “Surah Yasin سورة يس Heart Melting Emotional Recitation

  1. Please share with all your friends and family. This is an extremely powerful recitation of some very soul penetrating words from the Lord Almighty. I would love non-Muslims to watch this video. Please please share this video with everyone.

  2. Jazakallah for the Bosnian translation. Please submit translations in other languages.

  3. Please share this video so that it reaches some non-Muslims. Just imagine the reaction of a non-Muslim or atheist if he watches this video. Jazakallah for your appreciation and for your love of the Quran.

  4. bhaio mate liye duaa karo k main jaldi theek ho jaun q k mujhe falij howa tha pray for me …

  5. Mashallah this is the beautiful reasitation ever takbir alahuakbar i love it

  6. Ih Rafi don't worry write this Sura yasin soul sheltering full than add part 2 it solve

  7. this is very beautiful I almost cried you have a very beautiful voice that Allah blessed you with💖💖💖💝💞

  8. mera laya dua karna may beemar hoo please zaroor yad rakhna allaha aap ko salamat rakhay

  9. Bhai… yeh tu pori surah nsin he… barry sharram ki bat he… pls answer…

  10. As a Christian, Hi. And no I'm not becoming a Muslim because I already know the truth. You guys should study tje Jesus of History, not your made-up book.

  11. Mashaallah. This Is The Best Surah Yasin Recitation Ever. Allah Hu Akbar

  12. Maschallah!Subhanallah!Its wonderful to hear his voice with the amazing words of Allah!

  13. Masallah heart touching and very melodious voice and a hair rising video

  14. The hadith about this surah to be the heart of the quran is not authentic. But still a very beautifull one

  15. Iam crying to say that oo great Allah please give us all a hidayat before denying and rejecting your sayings


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