"Survive," by Era Writer. Part 1: My Latest Book About Surviving Homelessness in Denver, Colorado

hello this is Taylor Malloy from self-love literature and I am coming to you today with another update on a book I am writing um it is called working title is called survive and it is a book about my experience with homelessness in Denver Colorado I was born and raised in Denver Colorado I was born at ruse hospital smack dab in the center of Denver and I've recently moved from Denver Colorado as a result of free gentrification and changing environments what apologize to the back for the background noise if you do hear anything so let's where do we begin one of my main motivations for writing this book is to open a conversation of dialogue about our perception of homelessness as a society and our perception of other people and when we see a homeless person what we immediately think that there's something wrong with them but I want everyone to know who's watching this video that anyone can be homeless homelessness is a circumstance it is not a disease homelessness can happen to anyone it does not discriminate based off of your race class creed color or gender homelessness it's something that can happen to anyone so back to the beginning I growing up in Denver it was almost like growing up in a mountain II kind of safe very clean very welcoming very hippie very healing type of place the Mile High City is four thousand five hundred and eighty feet above above so basically you do have the Rocky Mountains and you do have tons of views that are and that are beautiful within Colorado there's lots of et to look at it is such a law and untouched beautiful and stunning mountain ranges stunning lakes and ponds running rivers and in a way I felt like it was my home again I was born there and I was raised there with my mother and my three sisters so graduated from high school college and I'm currently in my final year college and I'm living in the city Denver and I grew up in wara suburb of Denver and I ended up getting my own place now legalization of marijuana if you have if you didn't know one thing that stands out with Denver Colorado is legalization of marijuana Denver definitely legalized I believe back in two thousand thirteen or fourteen and so I'm not too long ago and the moment it legalized the city changed forever and in so many ways I felt like legalization was both a blessing and a curse and in so many ways I felt like legalization through the process of legalization denver colorado sold its soul so here we go where it is my story begin my story begins when i acquire my first apartment i lived an apartment known as shadow rich and it's my first place it was nice it had it just was nice I had the whole shenanigans nice cabinets nice counters beautiful hardwood floors one bedroom a huge bathtub I used to take like all kind of bath there I mean I lived alone it's just me and my talk and the rent at first was reasonable it was around nine hundred dollars which is still pretty steep for one bedroom but again Denver is a city so and I was working a technical support job with Comcast and I felt like I could sufficiently support myself based off of my living arrangements so I just remember that it was about at least ten thousand people coming and moving to Denver Denver was growing exponentially every corner you turned was a new restaurant or a new business or new people hanging out people in Denver Colorado prior to the legalization of marijuana you didn't see people it didn't it didn't feel like in New York or California but once it legalized the marijuana sorry about that it became very commercial and more and more people started to flood in to Denver and I just remember seeing like the traffic literally went from no traffic at all at any time the day to la gridlock traffic in about three months after weed was legalized so I was like okay Denver's definitely growing Denver's looking kind of different you know so I felt like I felt like wow my city is taking on a new leaf and it felt kind of interesting I felt kind of you know it was went from small town in major city overnight and the best metaphor to describe the transformation would be think of someone you loved and you grew up with them your whole life and you watch them laugh and learn and grow into their confidence in you you loved them nearly and you started to see them change maybe they hung out with the wrong crowd and as a result they became different that is the best metaphor that I can use to describe the transformation that the city of Denver Colorado took all of Colorado was specifically Denver now everyone's moving into Denver flooding the place now you remember going into my first dispensary it was in downtown Denver off of grape Street at a dispensary known as the green solution the very first green solution dispensary was on grape Street and they would just like sell marijuana they would like chop it on the table and very professionally chop it on the table and they would be like giving you all this great customer service like and what would you like indica or sativa in your Lake indica source he looks you know and they're letting you smell all this marijuana and I am definitely a fan of marijuana um but I don't depend on it because I know what it comes with and we'll get to that in a later video it all ties together the legalization the effects of marijuana the effects that marijuana has on a state or a person a family a community it's multifaceted and not in a bad way not in a good or bad way there are positive impacts and they are negative but I want people to understand that I didn't become homeless because of the marijuana in Denver I became homeless because of my own personal things that I'm working through and also because it became too expensive to live in Denver as a result of legalizing the marijuana so it's not the flower of marijuana itself that is the root of the corruption that that city is currently under the spell that the city is under it is though he who controls the flower he who controls the marijuana he or she who controls it ie the government who controls that whole operation of legalization in Colorado there though they're the entity the dying force that literally regen to fight the city overnight everyone who was a native in Denver is flooding the place because you're my rent went from 900 to 1500 in a matter of three years and that's okay if you actually have the support for that type of rent but again fear a millennium college student working on a fixed income I made about twenty an hour you cannot support yourself especially if you're alone so what ended up happening was I started working more jobs so I had my 40-hour job at Comcast and I started driving lived in '├╝ber um do chew like a reference from a friend and I started just saying oh I can do this I can take on this wave of prices go up alright I'll just work harder and I remember I started working way more and um as a result I was literally working like 65 hours a week and I had little time to dedicate to school which was really my main focus it should have been my main focus my focus the pricing the pricing and number went up so bad that my main focus of finishing my final senior year I got FS that whole year because I didn't care anymore I was going through so many different trials in my life trying to pay my rent trying to keep my lights on trying to feed myself off of $30 a month after I paid all my bills and worked my 65 hours it would be one thing if I wasn't working expecting to survive and even that is questionable you know certain things should be provided for all human beings regardless of whether you're bringing and come in or not who who controls all of this and why do they control it is where I'm going with this book but I was working my 65 hours a week and I was still below like like as if the water was here I was just trying to stay afloat and I remember all I did was work I didn't even I'm not the type of person who parties anyway but I just didn't go out anymore I just work work work work and my grades were just slipping slipping slipping and now I started to hate my job at Comcast because I felt like Comcast was just a machine it was like a cyborg that basically relies on the lowest level agents to support the business while the guys at the top do the least amount of work and the lower level agents are treated horribly so I just started to get really depressed and I was also writing a book at the time I'm always writing books and I just remember I got depressed and I went under I gotta stop giving a like I just stopped caring and um my performance at my job went like all the years that I worked and I gave my all did not matter um my job performance I stopped trying to shoot for bonuses and I just realized it's all a pyramid scheme no matter how hard I tried at my job to move at Comcast to move to the next level and get promoted I couldn't get promoted they wouldn't even promote other people who are more qualified than me they wanted to keep us on the floor taking inbound calls getting cussed out all day so I couldn't handle that I couldn't handle I was the person you're called when your internet went out and that's very very frustrating situation but um what most people don't understand about these major corporations is their technology is built to fail so that they can charge you money for their service calls it's a game and you'll know this when you work for Comcast you'll start to see it's all the game so um you shouldn't even have cable in my opinion in today's time you can just stream from the internet so that therefore you can just get like a package for a 100 megabytes per second for like 40 dollars a month but that's another video but my recommendation if you do have like a triple play with Comcast or quad play cut that thing off and just stream all your stuff cable is dead the new thing is streaming but I got fired for telling somebody that and so Luxor shirt yeah I got fired from Coco's and I ended up like trying to work this other tech support job for Apple and they didn't pay me didn't pay anything they paid like 13 an hour and expected you to jump through so many hoops to fix people's stuff that it was impossible to jump through those hoops so I knew that I was sinking when I had that job I had you didn't know what to do it's like oh I could work lyft and uber more this is fine but uber started to really mess up my car and it was just unsafe for a female I would often like have pepper spray or bats beneath my seat because you would get hit on so much driving uber and lyft and um there's just Ross so long story short ended up I described homelessness as a process of walking on ice so you when you're actually considered homeless it's not when you have nowhere to go you don't have a home to go to you're already homeless when you're in my situation that I just described when you're working a job that leads to nowhere or when you're innocent you a controlling relationship and you have no independence and they can pull to pull the works away from you at any point in time you're already homeless if you are not financially independent in this society and nine times out of ten none of us are from birth we are programmed to work for corporations through school and let's say that that corporation you know they tell you to get a pension and 401k and all this stuff but what if that corporation isn't around when you're old guess what happens sorry for you so whether you're working or you're in a toxic situation you are already homeless if you're in one of the decision this the the scenarios that I've described and I didn't know that I didn't realize that if you're living above your means you're already homeless and you have no savings you're already homeless so that was one of the biggest lessons that I learned was oh my god this happened so many things led up to this one dark incident being homeless going under the ice falling sinking to the bottom now watching the world drift above you as you float so I had explained to you how important it is to see the bigger picture when Denver this Denver is just one city in this equation when the prices rise when the those who control the prices when they raise it one penny two pennies three pennies $1 $2 $3 $4 $100 $500 when those prices rise they literally play with the equation of a person's life and they don't care so this book is about seeing the greater picture of what's one shift in a city's financial system or in a country's financial system or in a household financial system can impact so much more on one price rises it Rises the price or or the cost of living from so many other things which can lead to where I exactly where I was so and why homeless at the moment today nope but I believe that home exists within I am in a process of becoming completely independent at the moment I'm living with my family for the next four months so that I can um move to the next level but I just want to let you know homelessness can happen to anyone and if you're working a dead-end job day in and day out and you only have $100 left to eat you're already homeless if you're in a toxic relationship where the person can snap their fingers and take everything away from you and you have no savings you're already homeless if you are programmed to remain loyal to a society that only tells you to work and do nothing else you're already homeless so I just wanna let you know that in this along this journey I'll be updating you about my newest book survive and I'll make sure that I leave the link for that down below when it is right thank you Chris

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  1. My apologies for the background noise. I live near a train so the train was coming and I had to cut the video short. I will be recording part two of this video shortly.

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