37 thoughts on “Sway Ft KSI, Tigger Da Author & Tubes – No Sleep

  1. 2013: Cant wait for the drop!
    2014: Just wait…
    2015: Almost there…?
    2016: Come on JJ, you got a haircut, who cares! Give us the drop!
    2017: JJ this isn't funny
    2018: Fine box Joe and Logan! I am still waiting for the drop!
    2019: I give up!

  2. I don't think so but I really hope he will sing this sonh on his tour

  3. Underrated song but listening to music these days this actually was alright. We used to take the piss of him aswell ffs

  4. Fifa music man this community was so good. I want this time again 💯

  5. At least every year when I have an all nighters I play this song

  6. KSI was hard, fitted good, wish he could that. Sadly didnt went that road. He can go softer, but he dosent hit good and uniqe flow.

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