Swiss Youtuber Poetry Slam + Tubecon CH Tickets

“The Crazy Swiss Youtube Elite” I enter the room:
Many Youtube colleagues are dressed in elegant dresses and suits.
People in the smartest tuxedos, whose wording I usually associate with dirt, when I’m watching their videos on Youtube. I’m here at this event today as a Youtuber, influencer or whatever you call us. The first guests welcome me and say: “Oh, you need to get changed?”,
I look at my admittedly rather unusual patterned shirt. It’s not a mystery to me that she makes that comment.
And instead of defending my “oh so individual lookbook style”, I remain silent. The elite of Swiss online video makers has gathered, to praise their homemade video blogs and short film projects to heaven.
Everybody tries to fit in with his best fake smile.
I bare my thoughts on the internet too, well arranged as a video set. I look left and right and later up, I see my friends in the VIP lounge and wave up, but nothing comes back.
Rather I was lucky, that no spit rain fell on me. Thanks to the ticket of a viewer I’m here at least as a guest.
How to be a VIP: I’ve probably missed that.
Being well known: For me a foreign word.
I mean I just wanted to come to see my Youtube friends again. And we take it all, we don’t want to outrage anyone.
We want to belong to the group we don’t want to start a beef.
So as neutral Swiss people we’re vlogging the whole evening without thinking.
Like, comment, subscribe. Activate the bell.
We don’t want to lose Swiss Youtube Friends.
Only that makes our channel grow, right? The show starts. Moderation: Never heard of Youtube. At least that’s what it feels like.
And while Youtube slang is used in the wrong context, the evening seems slowly moving forward. Everywhere cameras in your face, that’s the behaviour that I experience. No one says anything, but quantity before quality is what I see. Whoever has the most online votings wins. That’s fair, right? Manipulating fans, turn them to vote. The plastic trophy will definitely look dusty on their shelf, but they don’t care. Even more than the bright fake faces, the applause sounds so fake, as if there was a playing tape. And we take it all, we don’t want to outrage anyone.
We want to belong to the group we don’t want to start a beef.
So as neutral Swiss people we’re vlogging the whole evening without thinking.
Like, comment, subscribe. Activate the bell.
We don’t want to lose Swiss Youtube Friends.
Only that makes our channel grow, right? The event is over, the confetti is on the ground.
The audience left, the Youtube elite is going upstairs to their VIP area.
The security is not needed anymore and lefts too.
“Guarding Swiss Youtubers, so unimportant, nobody can demand that,” they say. The wardrobe: still full of jackets, bags and other stuff.
The woman working at the wardrobe currently has a plan: End of work on the next tram. I look up the stairs, see my Youtube colleagues. Not at eye level, more a few heads bigger.
They’re upstairs, I’m downstairs at the front, in between the stairs that seem like a recognition scale to me.
I look up and see friends toasting and posing for their Instagram shots.
I look at my friend right next to me, full of questions.
I just want to go and say goodbye for a moment.
The wardrobe-woman, she’s just leaving, says: “Go! The security left and it’s true that nobody cares about these wannabe stars”, they say. Putting an end to this Creator separation, I step up.
Don’t get me wrong, I applaud anyone who has a lot of subscriber, no joke.
The people in the Swiss community are still humans and not a number. Well at least I hope so. Once at the top, along the balcony, my knees hurt.
Nice words from people who spread greetings like flyers – always the same for everyone. Suddenly from behind: “Now they’re letting anyone up here, seriously?”
I turn around thinking it was a manager or somebody tried to prank me, not funny.
But: For the first time this evening not fake but real out of her mouth: A Youtube colleague dissed me I feel hurt.
I thought she’s a good colleague, yet that tone, was apparently not a mistake from her. And we take it all, we don’t want to outrage anyone.
We want to belong to the group we don’t want to start a beef.
So as neutral Swiss people we’re vlogging the whole evening without thinking.
Like, comment, subscribe. Activate the bell.
We don’t want to lose Swiss Youtube Friends.
Only that makes our channel grow, right? Swallowing words, looking at me, despising.
I say goodbye and drive home.
On the way, the words don’t get out of my head.
We’ve made videos together. Is she twisting reality?
Or does she dream she would be something better?
Youtube friends are not real friends.
Confrontation meets humiliation without apology. And that is not the only case, what did the Swiss community become?
No “I’m happy for you”, just a “why not me”, that worries me.
And we take it all, we don’t want to outrage anyone.
We want to belong to the group…
… No, stop! Swiss Youtube-Community: Almost smothered by scrappy egos.
I’m not quiet anymore, I’m so exhausted. Videos: Not to steal subs, but to share the fun.
Videos: Not to get cash, but to encourage people to have their own opinion.
Videos: Not to make jealous statements, but to laugh about mistakes together. So let’s do the coolest video projects together and let’s not leave someone alone.
Switzerland is small but full of motivation, so let’s be the pioneers of innovation. And anyone who does not serve the “the more-clicks-the-better” cliché, is a human that deserves respect. And we’re not silent anymore, and even if it’s annoying to disturb, we’ll not just be blind anymore.
We start fair discussions.
So let’s show that Switzerland has a community and let’s vlog all our opinions.
Having fun, dig out crazy video ideas, accept others, cooperate with real friends in videos.
That brings the Swiss Youtube community forward.
Thank you. So this was my first Poetry Slam text in German.
Poetry Slam texts are small modern lyric poetry texts, they can rhyme but they don’t need to.
And I hope you like it, I wrote it in a short amount of time. It’s not perfect but it’s made with passion. What the text is about: I’m a part of the Swiss Youtube Community since a long time. And behind the scenes there was some ugly, unfair stuff going on sometimes. But at the end the text also shows hope. Because I slowly start to gain more hope again when it comes to the Swiss Youtube Community. Mainly because of the “Tubecon Switzerland”. So in this part of the video I’ll explain you what the Tubecon CH is and what it has to do with my Poetry Slam text. And stay tuned, at the end there will be a cool giveaway. Tubecon CH is the biggest Swiss event for Swiss Youtubers, Instagramers and other creators.
It’s at the 29. December 2017 at the Hallenstadion in Switzerland (it’s huge).
And I’m there too! 🙂
The ticket link is in the video description. At the Tubecon CH there are Meet & Greets where you can meet your favorite Swiss Creators.
But there are also a lot of activities, panels and workshops. I’ll be at two panels: LGBT panel & Mental Health panel.
The whole program & who will be at the Tubecon CH: So, what has the Tubecon CH to do with my Poetry Slam text? Well, there will be a mainstage show with a lot of talented Swiss singers and dancers and other creators. And there was supposed to be a small Poetry Slam section. That’s why I started writing my text. But then Cielle Noire (she helps organizing the event) had to kick it out of the program because there were too many people that wanted to be on the mainstage show. So I quickly finished writing my text so I can put it in this video instead. And I have to say, I really care about the Tubecon CH. There were many other events involving Swiss Youtubers, where they didn’t care about us. But the Tubecon CH contacted us from the very beginning and asked us to be part of creating this event. So all the panels, workshops and the show do only exist, because all the creators came together and did this voluntary. And to see how great we worked together gave me hope for the Swiss Youtube Community. And that should also show in the end of my text. And now the giveaway: I’ll give away two tickets for the Tubecon CH. Just be a subscriber of my Youtube channel, like this video and leave me a comment: What would you like to do at the Tubecon CH? The giveaway will not last too long so be quick. And make sure you would be able to come in case you would win. Also please be sure you’ve turned on the notifications on Youtube, so you get notified when I’m answering your comment or send you a message. This time I’ll also announce the winners on my social media pages. So if you win, be quickly otherwise I have to give the price to someone else. And yeah that’s it. I hope you liked my very first Poetry Slam text. And I hope to see as many of you as possible at the Tubecon CH.

7 thoughts on “Swiss Youtuber Poetry Slam + Tubecon CH Tickets

  1. Coole text ☺️👍🏻
    Ig würd ar Tubecon mir mine Kollege d Zit gniesse, si geburi z verbringe und mit vilne Youtuber bilder mache, rede und es eifach guet z ha🙈 und natürlich würde mir gern if gameecke go wüu er mega gern zockt und ig ihm die freud möcht mache☺️ ig würd mi sehr freue wenni ihm die Tickets chönnt schenke und ihn chönnt mitnä😍 #giveaway

  2. German: Mir sind noch ein paar zusätzliche Gedanken zu meinem Poetry Slam Text im Kopf rumgeschwirrt. Denkt daran, dass es mein erster Text war, klar ist er nicht perfekt. Und klar merkt man, dass ich nicht schon 100 solche Texte geschrieben habe. Aber für einen ersten Text finde ich die Sprechweise in Ordnung. Zum Inhalt: Weil mich jemand schon drauf angesprochen hat: Nein, ich hasse nicht die gesamte Schweizer Community. Es gibt so viele nette, ehrliche und auf dem Boden gebliebene Swiss Youtubers aber eben auch ein paar Ausnahmen, wo sich gewisse Leute in gewissen Situationen hinter den Kulissen aufgeführt haben als wären sie etwas Besseres. Und der Poetry Slam Text ist literarisch überspitzt geschrieben, das heisst er ist dramatisch erzählt. Es hat z.B. logischerweise niemand wortwörtlich auf meinen Kopf gespuckt, so wie es im Text angesprochen wird. Aber die Kernaussage des Textes beruht auf wahren Erfahrungen. Und an dem Event im Text (der vom Ablauf her auch wirklich so stattgefunden hat) gab es vor allem eine Person, die sich meiner Meinung nach extrem daneben benommen hat (gegenüber mir und anderen). Und ich will nicht öffentlich mit irgendjemandem Beef anfangen (dazu habe ich weder Zeit noch Lust), darum werden im Text auch keine Namen genannt. Und ich habe nie behauptet selbst keine Fehler zu machen. Auch ich bin nicht perfekt, dennoch versuche ich mich gegenüber anderen Creatorn fair zu verhalten. Es gab einige Ereignisse, die mir schon lange echt nicht aus dem Kopf gegangen sind, weshalb ich sie irgendwie verarbeiten musste (woraus schlussendlich der Poetry Slam Text entstand). Ich bin ehrlich und sage offen wie ich fühle und denke und manche kommen voll darauf klar und andere gar nicht. Auf jeden Fall bin ich bereit eine Diskussion zu führen mit Leuten, die ähnliche Erfahrungen in der Schweizer Youtube Community gemacht haben oder sie auch ganz anders wahrnehmen. Aber im Moment möchte ich mich einfach nur auf die Tubecon Schweiz freuen.

  3. Erstmal super Video😁! Ich ha Mega gern poetry Slam & ich find das Hesch du super gmacht! & was ich am liebste wür ade tubecon mache isch efach all die mensche womer halt vo de soziale Medie kennt, mal Wükli z'treffe & gseh wie sie im echte lebe sind und das fändi Mega Mega läss! Leider Hani noed gnueg Geld für Tickets drum wür ich mit dem Kommentar gern ade Verlosig teilneh😁😘!

  4. Starki Sach. Dine Slam erinneret mich a de Event midem goldene Stern 😛 Ich cha mir sehr guet es Bild mache, was du meinsch. Mir gseht sich ade Tubecon 😉

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