Switching to Pearson Edexcel A level English Literature

[Switching to Pearson – A level English Literature] [Liz Collier] I'm Liz. I'm the Head of English
at King Edward VII Grammar School in Chelmsford. I've been teaching for about five years after
I did a straight to teach following a career change. When I began teaching here the Department
had recently moved from AQA to the Pre-U specification and we are looking to move to Edexcel to keep
it in line with our GCSE curriculum and also just for the changes that they've made to
the new A level. The biggest barrier for us in moving exam
board was considering the impact on workload, planning new texts and getting to grips with
new criteria. We're really pleased with our decision to move to Pearson. We feel really
comfortable with the board we use them for GCSE. We really like the kind of transparency
and accountability around the marking process particularly.
We find the range of texts really appealing with the A level specification. Particularly
for high ability students, we find that there's a really good range of texts that are going
to be challenging and interesting. The most useful support material is definitely the
range of exemplars that you can find on the Edexcel website. They really give you a clear
sense of what you might need to address with your own students to help them move up to
that next level. We've had two subject specific specialist visits from Pearson, one for the
GCSE new specification and also for the A level specification. We found it really helpful
just to help us address any concerns around kind of timings and implementation. I think
I'm now more aware of the benefits of the network meetings. We started attending our
local network as visitors last year and really find that actually you get the kind of current
up to date information that you need. There's so much information that you can find on the
website, the network meetings really help you just kind of pin what you might need to
look at next. [Discover our full range of switching support at quals.pearson.com/switchalevlit] [Animated logo – interrobang]

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