Sydney Writers' Festival | Ed Federman ARA

well I've always been a reader ever since I was a child it was something I've always done I've always taken a great deal of pleasure in reading I used to get in trouble from my parents because I would bring a book when we went out to dinner but the books take me on such a journey it is such an important part of my life and it's there's no other activity that I enjoy more today than sitting and reading the Sydney writers festival is a great event for the City of Sydney it brings over 400 authors from around the world and all over Australia to Sydney for a wonderful six day event and our company has now been the principal partner for the past two years and the first principal partner prior to that we had been a major sponsor for two years and it's something I'm very proud that our company does reading these days I think has become somewhat of a lost art the whole world needs to read and think and learn and I think that's what the festival encourages is just so important I'm very proud to be associated with the writers festival it is such an important event giving back to the community in which you work is an essential part of a for-profit organization like ours I do believe that we're making an important difference I think art I think performance I think reading just makes life better

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