Sydney Writers' Festival: Riding in Cars with Writers – Jeanette Winterson

hello I'm Lee lynching let's get an uber that was quick this is right us in cars going nowhere and on let's get our guests jeanette winterson becoming join me in the car if you found yourself being an uber driver which of the characters who've created would you least want in the car with you actually one of my favorites and that would be in sexing the cherry there would be the dog woman there was a kind of representation of my adopted mother mrs. Winterson she's a giant s who lives on the banks of the Thames in the 17th century I think she's the first woman in literature to make filth into a fashion accessory you come from a background which is perhaps not the ideal you were adopted hmmm by the winter sins yeah and who were very religious how did you cope listen II recently we've stopped treating children like parcels who can just be sent somewhere else but in that adopted situation you know my mother who was deeply religious and also deeply unhappy but a kind of flamboyant depressive you know this is a woman who had a revolver in the Duster draw and the bullets in the tent of polish and when things were tricky out it would come in would just lie on the table silently like a clip from a Hitchcock movie and then if things got really bad that the tin of Polish would come out and inside in embedded in the waxy substance with a six bullets once and only one a loaded gun why she fired it through the window I mean this was a woman who could go for three days without speaking to any others you know she'd be in there stirring the soup like she was looking into the waters of the deep and then she suddenly starts speaking to herself in non sequiturs that none of us could follow you know that sin that's what ruins everything people are so preoccupied especially the current and younger generation they they don't know what a bulking hmm no they don't is true it's like the bicycle everybody thought that would disappear you know why'd you need it it won't disappear because actually we like bicycles and what we're discovering is we also like books we like having this three-dimensional object it's as perfect as an apple you know what else can you just slip in your pocket take with you drop it in the bath you don't need new batteries then or to buy an expensive new one and also whoever brought anybody round to their apartment you know when you either you want to have sex with somebody you make your friend and then you look at everybody's book you look at the books on the shelf and you think wow you don't say why don't you have a look at my Kindle index for me the motivator has always been not to waste this life I feel very conscious of it every day you know here's another day and it's mine and I felt that even when I was in the coal-hole outside on the step that this is what I had and it felt immensely freshest something that I was carrying in my hands and I mustn't drop it and break it you know like a fragile porcelain bowl and I must get somewhere with this beautiful thing so that's been the motivator for me jeanette winterson thank you so much it's been lovely so thank you thank you thank you

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